Top 10 Most Expensive Lawyers In India

The lawyer or an advocate is one who is well versed in law and good can take hold of any case that he gets. If he is good enough he can even save a criminal. That is the power of a strong lawyer. We have seen some critical and tricky cases with some of the historical judgements ever in the country. In such cases, it totally depends on the lawyer to present and execute the case in the right way. For any court case, one needs to approach a lawyer. He thinks about the lawyer’s fee, experience and success rate before approaching him. The fee of a lawyer is set by himself/herself according to his/her experience and success rates. One with more experience and success rate is obviously costly. Since lawyers are very much important they are very costly.

Here is a list of the top 10 most expensive lawyers in India 2019 who have high success rate and are well-renowned in the country for advocating some of the historical cases in the country.


Most Expensive Lawyers In India 2019

He is the most soft-spoken lawyer in this lot. He is the soft cannon in the Supreme Court. He is a former solicitor general and attorney general of India and working as a senior advocate in the Supreme Court. He charges more than 2 lakh for a 5 minute argument. He enjoys the confidence of the bench and has the ability to entertain his petition. He is ethical in his practice and donates to the society rather anonymously. He has been awarded the Padma Bhushan for his noticeable work.


Most Expensive Lawyers In India
The lawyer with super argument skills and super constitutional knowledge is Rohinton F Nariman. He is the son of Fali Nariman. He has an extreme high success rate in corporate cases due to which he is called the king of corporate cases. He is also one of the top lawyers of India. He never likes to be under the shadow of anyone, even his dad’s. To be a senior advocate, the lawyer must be at least 40 years old and has practised for 20 years. But in the case of R F Nariman, SC made an exception due to his phenomenal talent, and appointed him as a senior advocate at 36. He charges about 2 lakh for 5 minute arguement.


Most Expensive Lawyers In India
K K Venugopal is an eminent Indian constitutional lawyer. He has a phenomenal knowledge and every time an important constitutional issues com before the Supreme Court, his services are rendered. He is serving as a senior advocate there. He had been hired by the government of Bhutan to consult him while drafting their constitution. He is one of the recipients of Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan. K K Venugopal charges 2-3 lakh for a 5 minute argument.


Most Expensive Lawyers In India
He is the present attorney general of India. The national daily, Times of India has called him as the lead vocalist because of his volume big as his stature. He doesn’t depend much upon the law. He always recounts a public sham that is almost similar to the case that he is handling and persuades the judge to understand his point of view. That special ability of him works well for his business. Most of the times he shouts down the adversaries irrespective of their stature. He was appointed as additional solicitor general by Vajpayee government. He charges approximately 5 lakh per appearance.


Most Expensive Lawyers In India 2019
He is a politician now rather than a lawyer. He is a member of Indian National Congress Party and a Member of Parliament of India representing Rajasthan in the Rajya Sabha. He became the youngest additional solicitor general of India at the age of 37. His legal brilliance has never been questioned. He is relatively calm in reasoning when compared to other lawyers. He is known as the Buddha of the bar. His fee is approximately 6 lakh per appearance.


Most Expensive Lawyers In India
This lawyer is the favourite of the UPA and is known to have the trust of Congress heads. His arguments include citations and he is an articulate advocate. But he seldom speaks outside the courts. He is also ethical and states the case as high as it can be put. But he never goes unethical. Complicated constitutional issues are so easy for him. He charges 8-12 lakh per appearance. He is one amongst the top 10 most expensive lawyers in India 2019.


Most Expensive Lawyers In India
One of the famous names among the community of lawyers of India is Soli Sorabjee. He loves to be called the former attorney general. The old and well experienced lawyer has a success rate above 80% which is a dream of any lawyer. He has also fought and won many of the international cases for India. The lawyer who is one of the top lawyers of India charges 1.25-2 lakh for admission days and 10-15 lakh per appearance. He is a superstar in his business.


Most Expensive Lawyers In India
Fali Nariman is a very good lawyer. He has a unique style of questioning that makes the opponent dumb. He has an awesome argument skills and a high experience. Fali Nariman is very well versed with the constitutional knowledge. He represents political parties and business firms. He is also the lawyer for the State of Karnataka. He charges about 2.5-3 lakh for a five minute argument and a daylong hearing may cost you above 25 lakh. He has been around since several years and is known to be one of the most successful lawyers in the country.


Most Expensive Lawyers In India
Harish Salve is a great lawyer who has appeared in top 10 lawyers of the world by multiple forums many times. He is the Legal Robot. He effortlessly argues and is never breathless. He has served as the Solicitor General of India for 9 long years. The big man is ranked as 18th most powerful man of the country. His clients include Reliance, Tata, ITC and Vodafone. He charges up to 30 lakh per day.


Most Expensive Lawyers In India

The most famous criminal lawyer of India is Ram Jethmalani. Even though he is in his 90s, he argues elegantly and formidably and makes the opponents stammer. He has a very good knowledge in criminal and constitutional law. He is sharp witted and phenomenal in the courtroom. He is an ever smiling guy. He is not that active now but he is most expensive charging approximately 25 lakh per appearance. It is notable that he has fought many cases for free also.

This ends the list of top 10 most expensive lawyers in India 2019. They win justice for the good and punishment for the unethical. We have to respect these lawyers who have done so much for our country especially in cases related to terrorism.

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