Top 10 Most Beautiful WWE Divas in The World

WWE is one of the most interesting wrestling shows to ever be organised in the world. It is very famous even in terms of entertainment as well as a sport and is recognised worldwide as one of the top shows, which is one of the reasons why a lot of kids to a very interested in lifting weights and improving their body, after a particular level such that they can fight other people who try to bother them. It is no surprise that a lot of kids even have most of the WWE stars are there role models.

Most of the men like watching the WWE Divas rather than the men’s wrestling shows because, these women just not show their strength but are also very attractive to look at, and many men go crazy when they look at these beautiful ladies wrestling. Even though WWE was more famous for the male wrestlers it is no joke that most of the female wrestlers are the ones that have ruled the show in the recent past. So, here is a list of the top 10 most beautiful WWE Divas 2019 without whom the World Wrestling Federation would never be a possibility, let alone the World Wrestling Entertainment.

10. Natalya

Most Beautiful WWE Divas 2019

Her full name being Natalie Katherine, she has converted into Natalia after she entered WWE. She is a Canadian American Professional female wrestler and is from the third generation of the famous Hart wrestling family. She was trained by her uncles, Bruce Hart and Ross Hart. She is gorgeous and is therefore very attractive to impress the public even outside the ring in Wrestlemania. She is one of the very few wrestlers who has the title of Supergirl and it is her perfect agility that combines with the fitness of a body that gives her a charming and charismatic look. She won the WWE Divas Championship in 2010 being one of the only female wrestlers to do it at such a young age.

9. Layla young

Most Beautiful WWE Divas 2019

Layla young is one of the most famous English professional wrestlers, also in the very famous dance group with Brooke Adams and Kelly Kelly. It was in 2008 that she was finally drafted to the game where she won the WWF Women Championship for the first time in the year 2010 she also won the WWF Divas Championship in the year 2012 after making a very successful come back from CVR injury. She has a very amazing figure and her beautiful body was focused on the cover of the very first issue of the liquid magazine. Charismatic and graceful, she is just placed at the number 9 rank in the list of top 10 most beautiful WWE Divas 2019.

8. AJ Lee

Most Beautiful WWE Divas

AJ Lee is a former WWE Divas champion especially famous for her beautiful personality. She also made some very unique records by becoming a WWE Divas champion for 3 years and also won the team of the Year award. After she framed her contract with the WWE in 2009, she was assigned to the Florida Championship Wrestling. It is her beauty and the charismatic looks that made her very popular among the fans of WWE. Soon, she has become one of the hottest Divas in WWE and she is one of the only wrestlers who has reportedly been inspired by the female debut WWE wrestlers from her childhood. However it is also known that she has taken part in the WWE NXT which is a very popular wrestling competition and she finished fourth in this competition.

7. Lana

Most Beautiful WWE Divas

Lana is actually the professional wrestling manager of the very famous WWE superstar Alexander Rusev. Although, this pair appeared in the WWE NXT program, Lana also became Rusev’s social Ambassador. Using a very famous Russian accent that is remember throughout in the history of WWE, she has got a very gorgeous and glamorous appearance which also makes her one of the hottest and most beautiful WWE Divas in Wrestlemania.

6. Renee young

Most Beautiful WWE Divas 2019

Renee young started her career as a sports broadcaster. Belonging to Canada, she began working for the score television network in 2009. She later signed with the World Wrestling Entertainment in professional wrestling promotion and became one of the most beautiful WWE Divas. Her funny and magnanimous personality interests a lot of people and it is something that shines throughout the record of her career. She also built a reputation by interviewing with a lot of professionals like, the Rolling Stones, Randy Orton, and Big Show.

5. Paige

Most Beautiful WWE Divas

This beautiful WWE Diva is a 2 times WWE Divas champion, and takes number 5 in this list of Top 10 Most Beautiful WWE Divas in The World 2017. She also made a unique record by being the youngest Divas Championship winner at the age of 21. She is remembered in the history of the WWE for this unique record. She is one woman who is totally meant for breaking a lot of records as she also became the only woman in WWE to hold both the NXT women’s championship and WWE Divas Championship. She put the whole world into shock at her debut match by defeating AJ Lee which made her one of the most interesting wrestlers. She will be remembered throughout, for being one of the most professional wrestlers in the ring after WWE all time.

4. Rosa Mendes

Most Beautiful WWE Divas

Rosa Mendes is one of the most famous Canadian professional wrestlers to also have a career in ring announcing, and as a model. She is one of the boldest wrestlers of WWE and is also famous for a lot of courageous acts in the ring. She became very famous after engaging in a problem with the security guards at the WWE after which she was offered for an internship in the WWE and now is undoubtedly one of the top 10 hottest WWE Divas 2017 in this list. Obviously being beautiful, Rosa has also managed the former Tag Team Champions Epico and Primo. She won the slammy awards and also the queen of FCW. She is also famous for her recent victory in the Ohio Valley wrestling women’s Championship.

3. Brie Bella

Most Beautiful WWE Divas

The other half of the beautiful Bella twins in Wrestlemania, she made her debut on smackdown in 2008. Twin magic is one of the most interesting moves in WWE history in which Brie hides and her sister Nikki secretly switches places during matches. They defeated their first competitor Victoria with the same. This devious trick also help Brie to defeat Eve and when the first WWE Divas Championship. The twins are gorgeous enough to make anybody stop and stare at them. Brie had recently got married to former WWE heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan and they also got the best couple of the Year Award in 2013 as well as 2014.

2. Eva Marie

Most Beautiful WWE Divas

Natalie Marie Coyle, aka Eva Marie is one of the hottest and most beautiful redhead wrestling Diva, very uniquely, called the red Queen of the WWE. She is an extraordinary and gorgeous wrestler, also considered to be a Bombshell of the WWE industry. It might be surprising to notice that she has performed in a lot of matches including Monday night RAW and Friday night Smackdown. She especially came to Limelight when she was along with the cast of total Divas and hand slapped Jerry Lawler demanding a name for herself. She has formed a duo with Nia Jax in NXT. This team is widely regarded as one of the most powerful alliances in WWE.

1. Nikki Bella

Most Beautiful WWE Divas

There are two Bella twins who rule the WWE world and Nikki Bella as one of them. She actually wanted to become a soccer player and make a name for herself playing football, but her dream didn’t come true as she had leg injuries due to which she had to quit her career. She followed her twin sister and landed in the WWE. Nikki has won the WWE divas championship 2 times in a row and also created a unique record for the longest title reign of 301 days. In 2015 she was also awarded the diva of the year. She has been dating John Cena since 2012 which is quite an interesting gossip in the WWE industry. She is therefore the number one in this list.

So here was a list of the top 10 most beautiful WWE divas 2019. Hope you enjoyed this list and this inspires you to watch WWE.

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