Top 10 Most Beautiful UAAP Volleyball Players in The World

Volleyball is one of the most interesting games as it has a lot to do with passing the ball from one phone to another it’s no surprise that most players of Volleyball have to be very urgent and make sure that the way in which they play is good enough for the team to win it is also true that most of the players of Volleyball have the ability to succeed in most of the exercises such as plyometrics and jumping high, and diving low, to retrieve the ball are some of the most important skills they need to master.

UAAP stands for University Athletic Association of the Philippines. This is one of the most famous athletic associations from the Filipino Nation. But what makes it very interesting are the beautiful women who play volleyball in the tournaments organised by this association. These women have gained worldwide recognition especially because of the charming and sensational beauty as well as the extraordinary skills on the court. So here is a list of the top 10 most beautiful UAAP volleyball players of the world in 2019.

10. Leuseht Dawis

Most Beautiful UAAP Volleyball Players 2019

This beautiful charming lady is not only one of the best Volleyball players of the Philippines but is also a mother of one child. But what makes her so alluring are the most beautiful curves gifted to her in all the right places. She made the best possible use of athletic figure and made a very strong comeback after her pregnancy. Is also known for some of them very characteristics shots she delivers inside the court.

9. Kim DY

Most Beautiful UAAP Volleyball Players 2019

One of the most charming and elegant Volleyball players of the world this beautiful lady name Kim, has made her presence clear enough with some of the most beautiful games she has played. She has very beautiful long and lean arms that make anyone want to go to her and hold her. She has a very consistent history in this game and has been rendering better performance with a lot of improvements in her skills.

8. Jema Galanza

Most Beautiful UAAP Volleyball Players

Before becoming one of the most beautiful hotties of a UAAP volleyball team, this beautiful charming damsel played for the Adamson University which brought home a lot of fame, strong enough to make her no less than a star. She is one of the boldest and wicked of all the Volleyball players of this tournament. And, by the way, we mean a charming form of wicked. Her sugar and Spice mixture of emotions makes here one of the most unpredictable players in volleyball.

7. Princess Gaiser

Most Beautiful UAAP Volleyball Players

As her name suggests she is really no short of a princess, her mesmerizing looks have made her the talk of many towns. She first played for the University of the Philippines as a libero, and was especially famous for the rigorous training she gained from her coach. She has one of the cutest faces among all the Volleyball players of this country. Some of the cute expressions she delivers are undoubtedly mesmerizing for most people. She is also known for her charming optimism which is bound to her like a part of her.

6. Maddie Madayag

Most Beautiful UAAP Volleyball Players

This beautiful Volleyball player is undoubtedly according to a lot of people one of the most charismatic and cutest of all the Volleyball players. She when you look at her reminds you of some of the cutest and most beautiful princesses of Disneyland and it wouldn’t be very wrong to call her The Rapunzel of the real world keeping in mind the beautiful long hair she has and also charming and admirably beautiful personality she runs around with. Her presence in the court is what assures most people, that they have made the right decision to be there.

5. Carmela Tunay

Most Beautiful UAAP Volleyball Players 2019

This beautiful lady is undoubtedly one of the most active and sensational of all figures in the history of the volleyball tournament. She has made quite a name for herself as a magnet that attracts a lot of people inside and outside the Taraflex court. She is one of the most inspiring players who have made a long line of newbie Volleyball player fans who consider her as no less than a role model. She is one amongst the top 10 most beautiful UAAP volleyball players 2019.

4. Therese Gaston

Most Beautiful UAAP Volleyball Players

She is one of the soft spoken and ideal women among all of the possible Volleyball players in the tournament. She is especially famous for the combination of ultimate grace and soft spoken intellect the make one of the most desirable people to any man listening to her. It is also said that most of the man who listen to her are completely lost in a different world altogether. Her soft wavy hai, and a very graceful smile add up to most of the charming characteristics she has.

3. Amanda Villanueva

Most Beautiful UAAP Volleyball Players

She might be one of the most famous Volleyball players in the history of the tournament but what makes a very important in this list is her beautiful porcelain like skin. She is one of the most welcome Volleyball players willing to lend a helping hand to anybody in the team. Another very interesting thing about this beautiful lady is that her facial expressions usually border around a gloomy sense of sensitivity that add up to her charming looks.

2. Denden lazaro

Most Beautiful UAAP Volleyball Players

She is one of the best UAAP Volleyball players till date, and yet seems to be at almost the top of this list which implies alongside her duty which is very well maintained she has also worked hard enough to make herself one of the most skillful players of the game she plays and people like that are very rare to find. She is a very charming and ecstatic girl who plays for Ateneo lady Eagles volleyball team since 2011 till 2015.

1. Mike Reyes

Most Beautiful UAAP Volleyball Players

Who can forget the sensational charming and adorable damsel who ruled this volleyball tournament for quite a very long time, and her enthusiasm and energy to play consecutive matches have made people wonder if she is even human. Her skin reminds us of one of the freshest forms of human tissue and forever charming smile adds up to have beautiful personality. She is also known to be very optimistic on the field not giving up for petty reasons.

So here was a list of the top 10 most beautiful UAAP Volleyball players as of 2019.

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