Top 10 Most Beautiful NFL Cheerleaders In The World

Football season is undoubtedly a time to celebrate for many people across the entire United States. This game is a giant success in the US and has some of the most enthusiastic fans around. The start of this season is like springtime come alive to NFL fans. And what’s this Christmas like festival without decorations and presents? Certain components make the game feel that much better. From beer, to grilling good meat, to wearing the right gear, being a football fan has numerous items that become a must. And, after all, what good is a game of football, without a bunch of the most exquisite women of all, the cheerleaders, who make it all happen?

The cheerleaders learn their art of sensual eye pleasing at a young age and perfect it through high school. Often times, during their high school years, cheerleaders carry great pride and create their own team bonds. They are a big part of the halftime show and when games aren’t close, many fans can be seen checking out the cheer squad and their talents. By college, football cheerleaders are a special group of athletes who get special appearances on national television prior to, and after, commercial breaks. Anyways, making it all count, here is a list of the top 10 most beautiful NFL Cheerleaders in 2019.

10. Ashley P. – Dallas Cowboys

Most Beautiful NFL Cheerleaders 2019

Ashley is a member of the famous Dallas Cowboys cheerleading team. She has been cheerleading since a long time. She started in the fourth grade and entered competitions all the way through freshman year in college, winning the Worlds with Cheer Athletics in 2009. She also cheered at Baylor University for about four years. She is described by herself as an charismatic, outgoing, witty, compassionate and congenial girl who just likes having fun.

9. Candace – Denver Broncos

Most Beautiful NFL Cheerleaders 2019

Candace is originally from the town, Richfield, Ohio. She has been with the Denver Broncos for about four years. She has traveled all over the world with the Broncos squad and has visited soldiers at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center and the Wounded Warrior Project in Germany. Other than being an awesome dancer, Candace can hang drywall, insulation and do roofing which is quite sensational already for those of you who are reading.

8. Liz – Texans

Most Beautiful NFL Cheerleaders

Liz has been here for four years as a Texans cheerleader. The Texans’ cheerleading squads are always impressive and Liz leads the way. She is a hairstylist who loves the color orange and her favorite holiday is inherently, Halloween.Liz can’t live without her toothbrush, a necessity she must cling on to, at all times. She is one of four girls in her family and her favorite food is donuts.

7. Katelyn – Chargers

Most Beautiful NFL Cheerleaders

Katelyn is a San Diego Chargers cheerleader on NFL sundays and when she isn’t showing herself on the football field, she is a gymnastics instructor during the other days. Katelyn hasn’t moved far from her hometown of Yorba Linda, California. This California girl definitely does a nice job and looks more than fit to handle both of her gigs. Her gymnastics training works good enough with her moves on the football field.

6. Charo – Redskins

Most Beautiful NFL Cheerleaders 2019

Charo is originally from Columbia, Maryland. She is one of the captains of the Washington Redskins’ cheer squad. She was madly in love with dance at the age of five. She attended the Ballet Royale Institute of Maryland and began her career with classical ballet. She continued on to contemporary dance, jazz, tap, modern and hip hop. She is a well-rounded dancing beauty and shows it for the Skins fans. The good news for Skins fans is that Charo is still dancing the sidelines giving them something ecstatic to look at while the team plays consistently on the field.

5. Sara – Rams

Most Beautiful NFL Cheerleaders

Sara began dancing when she was just five, and has since studied tap, jazz, ballet, contemporary dance, hip hop and musical theater. She continued all the way through her 18th birthday. Sara is focused on becoming a pediatric nurse in the future, citing her love to help children. Her hobbies include dirt biking, boating, tubing and fishing. The Rams may want to adopt her extraordinary spirit on the field because it’s been a long while since they’ve made an impact in the standings.

4. Alicia Marie – Eagles

Most Beautiful NFL Cheerleaders

Alicia Marie is a cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles and everyone pays attention when she hits the field. She has been on the squad for three years now. Her second job is quite interesting as she is also a history teacher. She attended college at Villanova University. Look out for the stunning Alicia heating up the field Sundays in Philly along with Chip Kelly’s up-tempo offense.

3. Jessica – Jaguars

Most Beautiful NFL Cheerleaders

The Roar of the Jaguars is an impressive group of cheerleaders that collectively rank as one the hottest cheer squads in the league year after year, and surprisingly enough, even this year too, they are everywhere . Jessica is one of those “impact” players that makes the rough Jaguars season that much more palatable for Floridians. She has been with the squad for three years and is a regular fan favorite. In addition to her time dancing on the field, she spends her days as a babysitter. Now, which baby, wouldn’t want her?

2. Cynthia – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Most Beautiful NFL Cheerleaders

This is Cynthia’s second season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Outside of work, she is a project engineer for Power Design. She is a very clear example for the saying “reach for the sky.” Cynthia stays in shape by hitting the gym six days a week. Outside of her jobs, Cynthia is a tournament bass fisherman. She loves the competition and the water. She believes her greatest accomplishment thus far is graduating from USF. She hopes to someday be a CEO of a company and oversee operations.

1. Patricia – New England Patriots

Most Beautiful NFL Cheerleaders

The champions of the NFL seem to have the No. 1 of this cheerleaders list. Patricia is the captain of the Pats cheerleading squad on the field. Off the field, she is an environmental engineer. She was always a fan of math and science and graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. ‘Trish,’ is what she is called, and she has been dancing since the age of 5. She was in numerous competitions throughout her life. In addition to her engineering courses in college, Trish tackled dance courses and was captain of the dance team there. Her collegiate dance team finished second place in a national competition in Daytona, Florida.

So, here was a list of the top 10 most beautiful NFL cheerleaders as of 2019. These cheerleaders have definitely grabbed the attention of the spectators and are definitely some of the most beautiful and gorgeous ladies on the planet. They are very attractive and their celebrations cheer up the fans in the ground.

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