Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Singers in The World

There are a lot of beautiful singers who sing beautifully to but then, it becomes a very important thing to notice that not all the beautiful women sing beautifully. That is why this list plays a very important role in determining who is beautiful as well as sings beautifully. All this might sound like a tongue twister, but it is actually is meaningful. While we think about a wide range of singers who are female as well as beautiful, it is their presence that makes the music industry quite an interesting place to look at, as we all know a lot of musicians are especially known in this world also for their beauty and that is why a lot of music albums nowadays have gained International recognition especially because of the singers showcasing the beauty and their sensual way of singing. So, here is a list of the top 10 most beautiful female singers in the world 2019.

10. Carrie Underwood

Most Beautiful Female Singers 2019

Carrie underwood was born in 1983. She is one of the most stunning and brilliant singers of all time and her audition in the American Idol that she performed, completely changed her life and she finished fourth in the 2005 season. She became the youngest member of the Grand Ole Opry in 2008 when she was 26 years old even though her first album Some Hearts was released in 2005.

9. Demi Lovato

Most Beautiful Female Singers 2019

Demi Lovato one of the sexiest singers born in 1992 in America. She is also a songwriter and a model. She started her career as a child actress in Barney and Friends, which is very similar to that of Selena Gomez. She also worked for a film from Disney known as Camp Rock. Demi Lovato is especially famous in recent times for her fifth album named Confident which was released in 2015 and sold a total of 98,000 copies in just its first week of release.

8. Katy Perry

Most Beautiful Female Singers

Katy Perry is undoubtedly one of the cutest and beautiful female singers 2019 with one of the cutest pair of Eyes. She is especially famous for her expression that involves of widening of her eyes and this is one expression that makes a lot of men crave for her silently from the inside. She started her career as a Gospel singer and has ever since become a very important singer with some very successful albums. She is considered as a sex symbol and was also ranked first on the Maxim hot 100 in 2010.

7. Shakira

Most Beautiful Female Singers

Shakira is one of the musicians who is also very talented dancer. She made her appearance in a lot of songs that related to the FIFA soccer World Cup and she is only one of the reasons as to why the FIFA World Cup was so successful. She is a Colombian singer and also record producer songwriter and model. She is also one of the hottest dancers in the world and also has a great body. She is also famous for her great efforts in the UNICEF and a lot of other philanthropic activities.

6. Avril Lavigne

Most Beautiful Female Singers

Avril Lavigne is on number 6 of this list of the top 10 most beautiful female singers in the world. She is a Canadian French singer who was born in Canada in 1984. She also multiplies as a musician, songwriter and as an actress. She has beautiful eyes and has a great facial expression that makes most men instantly fall for her. Her first album Let Go became one of the most popular albums ever published, and she has also worked on television and feature films. Her versatility ranges upto a certain extent and also stays so, because of her working as a fashion designer too.

5. Jackie Evancho

Most Beautiful Female Singers 2019

She is an American classical singer and is one of the most beautiful female singers 2019. She was born much later, which makes us quite young amongst her counterparts. She is one of the most beautiful girls and was spotted with her talent at a very small age of 11. In 2010, she became the bestselling singer when her album Holy Night EP released. She is also one of the youngest debut artist of US history.

4. Jennifer Lopez

Most Beautiful Female Singers

Jennifer Lopez especially famous as one of the most beautiful actresses, needs no special introduction into the field of singing, but then, it is to be considered that she is one of the most beautiful as well as the most talented singers to ever walk into Hollywood and has made quite a name for herself with a lot of hot songs. She is also famous for her performance in the 2014 Fifa World Cup opening ceremony.

3. Beyoncé

Most Beautiful Female Singers

Beyoncé Knowles is especially famous for that one beautiful song named The Closer I Get To You. She is one of the most famous singers especially known for her beauty as well as her talent to sing songs at very high ranges of pitch. She made her debut with the album Dangerously In Love which broke all the records and sold around 12 million copies. She is also reportedly said to have earned 80 million in one year.

2. Taylor Swift

Most Beautiful Female Singers

Taylor Swift is one of the most beautiful female singers in the entire world and not only is she considered beautiful, but according to a lot of people, she is also one of the most gorgeous and successful women in the world. She was born in America in the year 1989, and she also has an album that is named 1989. Quite famous for practicing singing with the karaoke, since a very early age, Taylor Swift has been taming her talent differently from most other singers. She is intelligent, gorgeous and flawless in every possible kind. She is an amazing talent with expertise in various instruments too.

1. Selena Gomez

Most Beautiful Female Singers

If there is anybody who can be considered as the cutest singers of all time, Selena Gomez is one of them. This Disney girl not only features as one of the most famous singers in the world but is also a very famous actress as she has played a varied set of roles in several movies. She is especially famous for her movies like, Wizards of the Waverly Place And Monte Carlo. Her hot chubby cheeks remind a lot of people of any Disney princess herself come alive. She has gained popularity in recent times with her latest album “Revival”. She is the most beautiful singer of this list.

So here was a list of the top 10 most beautiful female singers in the world in 2019. These singers not only have mesmerised with their voice, but also by their elegance and beauty. They are stunningly beautiful and appealing.

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