Top 10 Coolest People in The World

There are just some people that are born to be cool. They have the look ,the style, and the attitude to make them appealing to most people and to make people want to be around them. Coolness does change from year to year but a person that is born cool can attract attention for a number of years and make people envy them. These people are just cool and have a lot of fans. These are the top 10 coolest people in the world 2019.

10. Eminem

Coolest People 2019

This rapper , actor, producer, talent agent has sold over 172 million records all over the world. He is considered to be the best selling rap/ hip hop artist of all time. He has his own look and style and does not give a (blank) about what people think of him and his actions. He gets personal on his records and shares the most intimate details of his life with his fans. He has other songs that people can relate to and keeps the attention of his audience. He is a talented rapper and is a cool person even in 2019.

9. Chuck Norris

Coolest People 2019

Chuck Norris may be in his 70’s but he is an all around cool guy. He is in great shape and can kick the butt on most 20 year olds. His karate moves are what made his fan and his tough yet approachable attitude draws the attention of fans. Chuck is an all around cool guy and is still very popular today.

8. Vin Diesel

Coolest People

Vin has a cool and tough sounding name. in his movies he showed that he can kick butt. Off the stage he seems like a nice guy and someone that would be fun to hang around with. His action movies have made his a start and his look has made him tough. Not too many people can pull off the bald head and still look cool but Vin Diesel can.

7. Tony Hawk

Coolest People

Tony Hawk is said to be one of the best skateboarders on the planet. He has a lot of talent and can do things with his skateboard that armatures can only dream about. He has a laid back personality and seems like a very easy going guy. He is someone that would be fun to hang out with and learn some skating moves. Even as Tony ages no one can come close to him on a skateboard.

6. Seth Rogen

Coolest People 2019

He is the creator of several animated cartoon shows with humor that is meant for adult. He is not afraid to poke fun at popular figures including the government, actors, and other that are in the media. He is able to write his comedies and is able to do the voices for many of the characters. He is an all around good guy as well. Along with his wife they set up a non profit foundation to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s and donates their time and money to this cause. He has a curly hair look and he can pull it off even though it is a hard look for many men. Due to his talent and his sense of humor Seth is a cool guy to hang out with.

5. Christian Bale

Coolest People

This actor is a cool guy. He got to play the part of Batman and many fans said that he was one of the best actors to play in this famous role. He is confident and has even appeared in a number of musicals and did a very good job with his performance. He won an Oscar for his role in The Fighter and still remains a down to Earth guy. Many people think he would be a cool guy to hang out with.

4. Angelina Jolie

Coolest People

She is not afraid to do her own thing and does not care what people think of her. He has won a number of awards and dedicates her life to helping those in need. She is an all around humanitarian. She has six children and still looks great. She does not apologize for her thoughts or idea making her one very cool lady. She has also shown her toughness in a number of action movies and she can kick some serous butt.

3. Brad Pitt

Coolest People

He may not longer be with the coolest woman in the world but he is cool in his own right. Brad has started in a over 60 movies and has received rave reviews for many of these movies. For a number of years he was considered to be the most attractive man in the world. He is in his 50’s but he is still looking good. He seems like he would be a good guy to go out and chill with. He is also the ninth cousin to President Obama which is pretty cool.

2. James Franco

Coolest People

This act is cool. He is not only an actor but he is a film maker as well. He is a funny person and his characters are funny and entertaining. After the movie are over Franco still seems like a good guy to hang out with and that he would be a lot of fun. Many people love his characters on and off the screen and that is what makes him so cool.

1. Jason Statham

Coolest People

This actor is new and cool. He may be English but he is an action hero and that makes him a very cool guy. He has been in a number of crime movies and kicks butt in all of these movies. He takes action roles that make his appear to be bad and he always get the bad guys. He is a little funny in these movies as well. He is cool on and off of the silver screen.

These are some of the coolest people for the year 2019. These people do not care what others think and are not afraid to do their own thing. These cool people are making their mark on the world and making others want to be able to hang out with them as well.

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