Top 10 Best Selling Authors in The World

Books have been a close companion for mankind due to its amazing property for enticing people to read its contents. They serve as terrific partners especially when we are alone or need some recreation. Books bring out the feelings and emotions of the authors and touch each reader with their persuasive words. These Authors have been receiving worldwide appreciation due to their fantastic books. Here we have the list of the top 10 best selling authors in the world 2019.

10. Richard Flanagan

Best Authors 2019

This Australian novelist is the finest author in his generation. Every novel he produces receives worldwide appreciation and praises. He is also the recipient of many awards and honors. Richard has also directed and written many movies. Flanagan also was rewarded the Man Booker Prize in 2014. His works include Death of a River Guide, The Sound of One Hand Clapping, and The Unknown Terrorist. His Non-fiction works include The Rest of the World is Watching and Parish Fed. He was the director and scriptwriter of the movie The Sound of One Hand Clapping and was the co-writer of the movie Australia.

9. Sophie Kinsella

Best Authors 2019

She is an English author who genre is Chick lit. Her original name is Madeleine Sophie Wickham. Shopaholic series were her notable bestselling series. Her works are so popular that they are translated over 30 languages. The latest addition of Shopaholic series, “Shopaholic to the Stars” was released on 21st October 2014. Her standalone novels include The Undomestic Goddess, Remember Me?, Twenties Girl, I’ve Got Your Number, Wedding Night, Finding Audrey.

8. Emma Healey

Best Authors

Emma is a citizen of Britain and has won the annual Costa Book Award for her first best novel “Elizabeth is missing”. Healey was born in the capital of England, London and completed her MA in prose fiction in the University of East Anglia in 2011. Emma had her first degree in bookbinding. She was also awarded the Baileys Women’s Prize for fiction and Betty Trask Award in 2015 for her novel “Elizabeth is missing”.

7. Philippa Gregory

Best Authors

Philippa Gregory was born on 9th November 1954 and has been a writer since 1987. She is one of the best-selling English novelists whose genres include historical fiction, romance and fantasy. One of her popular works is the “The Other Boleyn Girl” which received the Romantic Novel of the Year in 2002 from the Association of Romantic Novelists. She was titled as the “Britain’s Queen of historical fiction” by the Audio File magazine. Her Wideacre trilogy includes Wideacre, The favored child and Meridon. She also wrote a short story called Bread and Chocolate. Some of her Nonfiction works are Baldwin and Michael Jones and The Women of the Cousins’ War.

6. David Baldacci

Best Authors

David is a popular American Novelist born on 5th August 1960. He is one amongst best selling authors 2017. His early career didn’t have much success. But later he became the best seller internationally and known for his notable work “Absolute Power”. His genres are children’s literature and thriller. His first novel “Absolute Power” was turned into a movie in 1997. “Wish U Well” movie was also made from his novel and was screen played by David himselfSome of his children and adult novels are The Finisher, The Keeper, Day of Doom, The Camel Club, Stone Cold, Divine Justice, Hour Game, Zero Day etc.

5. Val McDermid

Best Authors 2019

She is writer of Scottish origin and is best known for her crime suspense novel series. McDermid initially worked briefly as a Journalist as well as a Dramatist. Her works are categorized into three series: Kate Brannigan, Lindsay Gordon and Tony Hill and Carol Jordan series. Kate Brannigan plays the role of a private investigator, Gordon as Journalist and Tony Hill as clinical psychologist. Some of her books from Gordon, Brannigan and Jordan series are Report for Murder, Hostage to Murder, Dead Beat, Clean Break, The Mermaids Singing, The Last Temptation and The Retribution.

4. Caitlin Moran

Best Authors

Moran is an English author, journalist and broadcaster and was born on April 5th, 1975. She was awarded the BPA Columnist of the Year in 2010, BPA Interviewer of the Year in 2011 and BPA Critic of the Year in 2011. She showed signs of becoming a writer at the tender of 13. She was awarded 250 pounds of book tokens for writing the best essay on ‘Why I Like Books’. Some of her works include The Chronicles of Narmo, How to Build a Girl, Moranifesto, How to Be a Woman and Moranthology.

3. Santa Montefiore

Best Authors

Santa is a British author born on 2nd February 1970 in Winchester. Before starting to write novels, she worked for the outfitters for Swaine Adenev and later for jeweler Theo. Every year she has producing at least one novel since 2002. She also taught as an English teacher in 1989. Some of her works include Meet Me Under the Ombu tree, The Swallow and the Humming Bird, Sea of Lost Love, The Affair, The Summer House and Songs of Love and War.

2. Paula Hawkins

Best Authors

Hawkins is a Zimbabwean author born on 26th August 1972 and is the top 2nd best selling authors of 2017. Her notable work is “The Girl on the Train”. Prior to writing any novels, she worked as journalist and later also in a number of publications on a freelance basis. Her book “Money Goddess” gave advice regarding financial management for women. She faced a lot of financial problems in her career and had to borrow money from her father. Her famous works are Confessions of a Reluctant Recessionista, The Girl on the Train and The Money Goddess.

1. Alfie Deyes

Best Authors 2019

He is an English author and a YouTuber who runs Pointless Blog Games, Pointless Blog Vlogs and Pointless Blog. He has published three books from Pointless Book Series since 2014. He was nominated for The Teen choice award for choice web, Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice award and BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards.

These authors have rendered incredible literature works along their career and which have recorded brilliant number of sales around the world.

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