Top 10 Most Famous Magicians in The World Ever

What makes a magician fascinating and able to captivate audiences of all ages is abundantly clear. They are able to do magic acts like no other. They have a special talent like no other and deliver it to their fans all across the globe. Who are the top ten most famous magicians of the world? They are these.

10. Hans Klok

Most Famous Magicians

Hans Klok is one of the top rated and most awesome of all magicians in Holland. However, he also gets the spot internationally as well, as being one of the top 10 greatest and famous of all magicians in the entire world. Why is that? The answer is clear. Hans Klok isn’t just a leading Dutch magician. He is also an actor too. He was born in 1969 and has managed to give us some outstanding disappearing performances on camera. What are some of these performances? One of Klok’s most famous of all disappearing performances was when he made the Football World Cup Trophy for 2006 completely vanish. The 18-carat gold trophy was contained inside of a glass cage when it disappeared.

9. Franz Harary

Most Famous Magicians

Franz Harary is an American magician who takes the number 9 slot. He is a magician that is also, described as being, someone who is an outstanding inventor as far as magic does go as well. This wonderful and gifted magician has been given the distinct honor of being the Greatest Magic Performer of the World. Some of the most notable of all Harary’s magic stunts do include him vanishing completely from the Space Shuttle and from the London Bridge.

8. Mac King

Most Famous Magicians 2019

Mac King was born in 1959 and can only be described by two words. What are these two words? They are no other than magic and comedy. When you put these two words together, you get the essence of what does make Mac King special in the world of magic, and that is because he is number one when it comes to delivering as a comedy magician. He has been a much loved magician on television for decades. However, he is just as equally loved and appreciated on stage, and in front of a live audience as well.

7. Penn & Teller

Most Famous Magicians

Penn & Teller have always performed magic together and as a team. They are truly an amazing duo who know how to blend the elements of magic with other elements that make them outstanding as magicians and entertaining performers in every sense of the word. What has managed to make this pair a worldwide sensation and household name is clear. They are able to perform illusions and magical stunts side by side. There aren’t many magicians that can do what they can do as a performing duo for countless people everywhere. They are very famous in Las Vegas and lots of other places across the nation and world.

6. Lance Burton

Most Famous Magicians

Another top magician in the industry is no other than Lance Burton. Lance Burton is a magician of the very best kind and that is with good reason. He is every inch the most magical of all magicians out there. Why is that? The answer is clear. He is, and was, every inch a truly amazing stage illusionist of his time. He was born in Columbia in 1960 and he attained nationwide fame not long after appearing on stage. He also performed for President Ronald Reagan and Queen Elizabeth.

5. Doug Henning

Most Famous Magicians 2019

Doug Henning was born into the world as Douglas James Henning and he was originally from Canada. However, no matter where he was from, he was meant to be a premium grade magician of the best kind and was just that. He was a magician, an escape artist, and much more all combined into one very special and talented performer. Henning was outstanding when it came to doing escape stunts that no other magician could do as good as he could do them.

4. David Blaine

Most Famous Magicians

David Blaine is another magician of very high quality, uniqueness, and magical voice/presence that is one of a kind in the industry. Blaine is able to do things magically that no other magician can seem to achieve like he can do it. Simple as that. Blaine is far more than just a magician. He is also every inch an illusionist of the very best kind and an endurance artist of the finest caliber.

3. Criss Angel

Most Famous Magicians

Criss Angel is also another magician that is beyond a magician. What makes him stand out is clear and that is his many awesome stunts that only he can seem to do. He has the power of mystifying and holding audiences at bay with his many out of this world stunts that don’t seem humanly possible to achieve. Criss Angel puts many elements together, which work as a whole force, and these elements don’t just include stunning stunts. They also include hypnotics, music, and illusions as well.

2. David Copperfield

Most Famous Magicians

David Copperfield is another top magician in the field of magic. He is a magician of the highest caliber and grade. Known for his many out of this world magical feats, Copperfield remains in a class by himself, and has managed to achieve fame beyond fame where magic is concerned. What makes Copperfield so great is abundantly clear and is all to do with his magical wonder performances that capture an audience and hold them captive literally.

1. Harry Houdini

Most Famous Magicians

Harry Houdini was a Hungarian American magician who did manage to earn worldwide fame for himself as a magician. However, Houdini was far more than just a magician, he was also a showman of the best kind when it came to performing for crowds of people. He was a human wonder to behold in the 1890’s. There was no magician like him. Some of the most famous of all magical acts, which were distinctly his and his alone, were no other than the milk can escape, the mirror handcuff challenge, buried alive stunt, and suspended straightjacket escape are just some of the most notable of all his magical performances.

The list of top ten magicians that are listed here are true talents in their craft for sure. They haven’t only mystified and mesmerized audiences everywhere. They are also names that are synonymous with magic for all that magic is all about.

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