Top 10 Best Miss World Winners of All Time

When we hear about Miss World, we think of the most beautiful women in the world. Most of us dream to be ‘that’ girl the world loves. But these chances are for the chosen few. They reach this position of fame because of their combination of beauty, brains, body and determination. Miss world winners are an inspiration to ladies in the whole world. They have created a name for themselves as the World’s beauties who are willing and able to make a difference in the world. Each year, beauty pageant competitions are conducted and it attracts women of substance. The list below gives you the top 10 best Miss World winners of all time.

10. Megan Young

Best Miss World Winners

The winner of Miss World 2013 is more than just a pretty face. Megan is multi-talented since she is an actress, VJ, television host and model. Lauren Young is her younger sister. Megan is also part of ABS-CBNs star magic. She was born in Alexandra, US despite the fact that she is from Philippines. She started her entertainment career while she was 15 years, in a Filipino talent show. Currently, she is taking a course in digital filmmaking in Manilla. She won the Miss World Philippines and got crowned for Miss World in 2013. She was the first Filipina to win the Miss World title.

9. Maria Julia Mantilla

Best Miss World Winners 2019

She wanted to become a high school teacher and had plans to do another degree in Tourism. This is because she had aspired to promote her home town and country. Maria happens to be the niece of Miss World of 1969. Beauty runs in her genes. After waiting for 40 years, she eventually became the second title holder in her country. In the time she was Miss World, Julia visited several countries and got funds for several charitable causes. Julia therefore lived up to the motto of Miss World.

8. Priyanka Chopra

Best Miss World Winners

One of the best reigning actress of Bollywood is Priyanka Chopra. She received her crown in the year 2000, only at the age of 17. Chopra comes from an army background, since both her mom and dad served as army doctors. This made her to travel a lot and change schools severally. Priyanka is not only an actress and a model but also a singer. She has launched a music album featuring Pitbull.

7. Rosanna Davison

Best Miss World Winners

Davison is a daughter of a well-known musician. She received her crown in Dublin 2003. This created history since she was the first Irish to have won the title. Davison was committed in modelling campaigns and this allowed her to tour the world. She has also acted in movies and done a shoot by playboy magazine.

6. Jacqueline Aguilera

Best Miss World Winners 2019

She is from Venezuela, and they are known for producing beautiful ladies at the pageants. Aguilera won the Miss World title in 1995, this is after Aishwarya Rai. She also won photogenic award the same day she received her Miss World crown and this is at 19 years. Venezuela declared her the top model holder.

5. Aishwarya Rai

Best Miss World Winners

With her beautiful eyes and her amazing looks, Rai stunned the world. It is with no doubt that she is among the most beautiful Miss World contestant ever. She was crowned the winner in 1994 and she continues to be attractive even today. Rai is not only a Bollywood actress but also acted in Hollywood movies. Aishwarya Rai is a brand ambassador to a number of International brands.

4. Agbani Darego

Best Miss World Winners

She is the first Sub-Saharan African to win this crown. Darego is a Nigerian model and comes from a family of eight kids. She spent her childhood life in hostels and unfortunately lost her mother to cancer. She is a dedicated and committed to whatever she sets her mind to do. This helped her to attain her goal of winning the Miss World crown in 2001. Darego was voted in as being among the most beautiful women in Nigeria. She is the first black ever to be in the top 10 in Miss Universe competition.

3. Zhang Zilin

Best Miss World Winners

She looks like a Barbie doll and has a unique innocent face. Zilin is a Chinese model. She got her Miss China Crown in 2007. Zilin stands out since she is the first South-east Asian woman to win this title. Her drop dead body is attributed to the fact that she was an athlete. Her innocent smile and radiant face has won the hearts of many all over the world.

2. Diana Hayden

Best Miss World Winners

She is a true Indian beauty and lives to the purpose of Miss World “beauty with a purpose”. Hayden is gorgeous and has an amazing figure. She is photogenic and was crowned Miss India back in the year 1997. She also received the Miss World crown the same year. Not only does she model but also hosts programs. Hayden has been featured in a number of oversees projects since she is an actress. She has written a book on personal development and intellectual capabilities. She was recently seen on the television with Show-Big Boss.

1. Ivian Sarcos

Best Miss World Winners

With a face to die for, this Portuguese beauty has everything it takes to win a beauty pageant. Initially, she intended to be nun little did she know she had a passion in the world of fashion too. She competed for Miss Amazonas at the nationals. She got crowned Miss World in 2011 held in the Earls Court Exhibition Centre and also declared the face of the year by L’bel. Sarcos holds this title at number 6 in Venezuela. She not only has a pretty face but a good heart too. Sarcos was orphaned when she was 8 years. This is because she started an organisation that helps orphans in her country. She was a student at Central University of Venezuela.

To be a Miss world, you not only need a pretty face and tone body, but you also have to be highly intelligent, committed, and work really hard. This means that the ladies listed above have worked really hard, and have overcome many different challenges to get there. Why not give these ladies the respect they deserve?

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