Top 10 Best IT Companies in India

The 21st century is known as the era of IT and BT where there is a competition each and every day. India, being one of the frontiers of the IT industry has always been a very good producer and also service provider which in return helped it to gain worldwide recognition in the IT field. There are hundreds of companies, startups being born every day in the country. India has a plenty of human resources and it is very essential it is harvested properly. In that case, as one of the leaders in IT industry, Indian companies have been successful in gathering the resources and getting the best possible results. Here is a list of top 10 best IT companies in India 2019 that have been rendering great services and products and are renowned worldwide:


Best IT Companies in India 2019

This Tata based company, headquartered at Bengaluru, was first started in the year of 1989. It is known for its services in the field of systems integration, technology, content development and also in the field of visualization. Besides these services and products, they also serve people with automotive, health and medicine, consumer electronics. Because of the wide range of the service provided by them, they have attained a market capitalization of about Rs. 5,961 crores.

9. HEXAWARE Technologies:

Best IT Companies in India 2019

This company was awarded with the prestigious Golden peacock Award for its excellence in corporate governance. Hexaware, headquartered at Mumbai, is not only confined to India, but also serves in multiple countries with numerous clients across the world. They are very well known in the fields of food manufacturing, banking, travel, finance, insurance and also in retail marketing. The company has recorded a market capitalization of about Rs 8,143 crores.


Best IT Companies in India

Started in the beginning of the previous decades, the company MPHASIS stands in the 8th position in the year 2016, because of its expert client satisfaction, within short period of time. This company works not only in India but also in Europe, Australia etc. The service provided by them are business process, testing services, application development and network services. It is estimated to have a market capitalization of about Rs. 10,316 crores.


Best IT Companies in India

Headquartered at Bengaluru, this company was founded in the year of 1999, it has reached 7th position in a very short span. This company is presently working in over 10 countries all over the world. Banking, finance, hospitality, manufacturing and travel are the types of services provided by this company. The reason behind its success is its strong ability in the field of data analysis, application management, cloud computing etc. Its market capitalization is estimated to be about Rs 11,162 crores and is considered to be one of the successful ventures based at Bengaluru.


Best IT Companies in India

Oracle financial services is one of those few companies in the field that have been successful in establishing as this big ventures. Headquartered at Mumbai, it was founded in the year 1990. OFS being one of the leading IT Company is a part of Oracle Corporation. Its operations are spread in over 100 countries all over the world. This venture is said to have a market capitalization of about Rs. 29,262 crores.


Best IT Companies in India 2019

The company founded in the year 1986, is the winner of the prestigious Power prize. It is now serving over more than 50 countries all over the world. This company provides variety of services including business applications, web content management, and network management and also in the sectors like banking, telecom, insurance, retail and others. This venture is based at Mumbai and its market capitalization is estimated about Rs 47,670 crores.


Best IT Companies in India

One of the big names in the Indian IT sector HCL technologies that is based at Noida features at the 4th place. The company even serves over 25 and more countries all over the world. Company being found in the year 1976 provides services in various fields such as electronics, telecom, retail and also serves government organizations. Its fields of expertise are cloud computing, business process outsourcing and also testing services. This company is estimated to have a market capitalization of about Rs 1,16,133 crores.


Best IT Companies in India

WIPRO, founded by Azim Premji ranks 3rd in the top ten of best Indian IT companies 2019. It is renowned for various services like cloud management services, data integration, testing services, digital services. The main sectors offered by Wipro are banking, retail, transportation and manufacturing. This venture based at Bengaluru is estimated to have a market capitalization of about Rs 1,35,058 crores.


Best IT Companies in India

This is one of the fastest growing companies in the world and stands at 2nd position all because of its prolificacy and efficiency. Found in the year 1981, INFOSYS has been successful throughout its journey in providing services and has satisfied clients can be found all over the world. The services provided mainly include management consulting, software testing, engineering services and others. Apart from all these they also provide services in the field of construction, communication, hospitality, education and insurance and has actively taken part in various social welfare and charity programmes.


Best IT Companies in India

TCS which was founded in the year of 1968, now stands 1st position in the field of IT in 2017. It had always been providing great services all the time in various fields like IT services, business processing, consulting social computing businesses intelligence. Besides these they also have major hands on travel, health care, insurance, hospitality, banking etc. This is why they are in 1st position this year. Its market capitalization value is estimated to be Rs 4,78, 265 crores.

This is the top 10 list of companies in the field of information technology in 2019. Besides its services it also helps a lot in the field of employment and also helps in the increase of countries GDP. The healthy competition of these companies will surely help in the increase of India’s economic development.


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