Top 5 Most Read Business Magazines in India

India is a country with more than 125 Crore of population. Media plays an important role in a country like India because knowing length and width of the country would be impossible without the help of NEWS media. The media provides reader an input in various form, one among them is magazine. They are periodically available and they play a major role in knowledge distribution in the country.

Business magazines is a separate section of magazines which are basically focused on the business and economics part of the country. They are more into how different companies and different sectors of the country work. These magazines are very useful for all those business people in the country and also for the foreigners. Thus this is an attempt to bring the top ten 5 most read business magazines in India 2019.

5. Business World

Most Read Business Magazines in India 2019

Business World is one of the most famous business magazine of the country. This magazine is published by ABP Group which also publishes The Telegraph. Business World, the weekly magazine keeps you updated on a range of issues linked with Indian economy, Marketing and Advertisement, Retail, Aviation, IT, Corporate, Telecom, Personal Finance, banking etc. Thus this lies in the top 5th position in the list of magazines.

4. Business Barons

Most Read Business Magazines in India

This is one of the most appropriate magazine for all those people who are seek absolute affairs in the field of economics. The magazine basically aims to create future leaders, Business Barons is exclusively meant for corporate leaders. Business magnets, industry professionals, consultants are only some of the illustrious profiles that the magazine aims to reach out to. It provides valuable insight into the various industries of India, informs you about the latest trends by management personnel from eminent sectors like education, software etc Thus this magazine is in the top 4th position in the list of top five list.

3. Outlook Business Magazine

Most Read Business Magazines in India

This is another most famous of all the magazines Like Business Today, Outlook Business is also a fortnightly magazine. Banking industry, economy, finance, money, stock markets are some of the business related topics covered here. Thus this magazine is in the top 3 rd position out of top five list.

2. Business Today

Most Read Business Magazines in India 2019

This is one of the recent magazines introduced in the country. Only a few years in the field (since 1992) and this magazine is already a favorite with Indian entrepreneurs. It is published by Living Media India Limited,is a fortnightly magazine and is regarded as one of the most reliable sources for updates on BSE, stocks, NSE, top companies . Thus this magazine is in the top 2nd position in the top 5 list.

1. Business India

Most Read Business Magazines in India 2019

This is one of the most famous magazine in the country. Known as India’s first business magazine, Business India was launched way back in the year 1978. Till to this day the magazine has been able to retain its enviable position among readers despite the foray of a range of new magazines in the field. Primarily a brainchild of Mr. Ashok Advani, whose main aim was to accentuate India’s business ambiance in such a way so as to make it a permanent fixture in the list of world economies, Business India deals with the analysis of trends, promotion of business viewpoints, celebration of entrepreneurship and reporting on financial markets among other stuff thus this magazine is in the top 1 position in the top five list.

Thus this completes the list of the top five most read business magazine in India 2019.

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