Top 10 Logistics Companies in The World

The logistics companies in the world are crucial for a lot of global movement, transportation and deliveries. If we didn’t have good logistics companies, we probably wouldn’t develop as they handle a lot of import and export around the world. Logistics companies have become so common that we don’t take too much time to think of their importance. They are responsible for bringing events to our cities, bringing materials to large construction projects and even responsible for getting your parcel on time. Logistics handle a wider domain of movement.

Some of the companies here handle land trading, delivery, transportation, shipping, export, import and a lot of other aspects. They have partner companies with some of those listed at. It takes a lot of skill and responsibility to make sure everything goes smoothly and is delivered on time. The companies that are listed here are world-class and they are known to have international reach with offices located at different parts of the world.Without these companies, a lot of smoothly flowing deals all around the world would be left without anybody to do it, and it is therefore worth considering the importance of these companies and their services to making the world a Global village. Below is the list of top 10 logistics companies in the world 2019.

10. SDV

Best Logistics Companies 2019

SDV is an auxiliary company of the Bollore Group. SDV ranks in the top 10 of transport and logistics when it comes to overall revenue and quality of the delivery of goods. They’ve undoubtedly been one of the larger providers of air and sea transport services and have quite earned a name just for that. Recently, they’ve been taking steps into the supply chain management part of logistics and have been increasing their domains based on customer demand and better insights from professionals.

9. Panalpina

Best Logistics Companies 2019

The Panalpina Group prides themselves in excellent supply chain services and solutions. They’ve even recently expanded into IT and Energy Solutions. They are located in over 70 countries and have partners reaching in other countries where they don’t have offices. They are renowned in the world for their handling of air and sea freight as well as logistics services.

8. Sinotrans

Best Logistics Companies

Sinotrans is one of the companies that have also expanded their services in recent years. Their current services now include freight forwarding, air and sea transport, trucking, and storage. The company says that they extend their services worldwide and is also one of the main logistics providers for China.

7. DSV

Best Logistics Companies

DSV has a lot of reach in the transport department with air, road, sea, and rail transportation available. They offer different supply chain solutions and management and have a broad clientele from large organisations and even small companies and groups. They also have offices and partners worldwide.

6. CEVA Logistics

Best Logistics Companies

CEVA operates in 17 regions around the world handling different supply chain management and solutions. The employ around 42,000 in these offices and have clients from different sectors like technology, industry, healthcare, retail, energy and more. They pride themselves in employing world-class services and solutions used by the best logistics companies in the world.

5. C.H. Robinson

Best Logistics Companies 2019

C.H. Robinson is one of the oldest logistics companies in this list having been established during 1905. They have offices in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. They provide different services like freight solutions, outsource and product sourcing. According to their website they have 66,000 transport partners offering different types of transportation services.

4. Nippon Express

Best Logistics Companies

Another global company to make it to this list, Nippon Express calls themselves a logistics consultant that provides services via land, air and water. They had one of the highest revenues in logistics and transport companies last year and specialize in international transportation.

3. DB Schenker

Best Logistics Companies

This Dutch company was previously second in this list being one of the highest performers in the industry. Last year though they dropped to the third spot. DB Schenker is part of the DB Group and it is responsible for more than 50% of the owner company’s revenue.

2. Kuehne + Nagel

Best Logistics Companies

Founded in Germany during the 1890’s, the company is named after their founders August Kuehne and Friedrich Nagel. Since then they’ve expanded to 100 countries and 1000 offices. They provide different services like air and sea transport, as well as contract logistics and overland transport.

1. DHL

Best Logistics Companies

DHL is undoubtedly a giant in this field of Logistics. Being the biggest company and the one with the highest revenue last year, DHL is the one to make it as first in this list. The company provides customized supply chain solutions, handling everything from contracts, design, delivery and even reverse logistics.

So, these are the top 10 logistics companies in the world 2019. Hence, it makes us all wonder, what would we possibly do without all these Logistics companies around to lend a helping hand.

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