Top 10 Best Event Management Companies In The World

Event management is a very important application of project management to the creation and development of large scale events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies, formal parties, concerts. Event planning can include budgeting, scheduling, acquiring necessary permits, site selection, and arranging for speakers, security, catering services, etc.

In the global level, the program is not going to be all that simple and easy. There will be humongous programs. Which will include the working of thousands of people for sectors such as food, stage, electricity and a lot others. Thus it is hard to manage all these at once. Thus this is the list of the top ten best event management companies in all over the world 2019.

10. Dreamsmith Events Team

Best Event Management Companies 2019

This company is a luxury event planning company which specializes in creating bespoke luxury events across Africa, the Indian ocean, central and South America. They are known for their work producing spectacular celebrations by applying their knowledge to create holidays, weddings and many more. Thus making this company to be on the top tenth position out of ten.

9. Debi Lilly & Co.

Best Event Management Companies 2019

Based in Chicago, USA, Debi Lilly is an entertaining and design expert and author who specializes in celebrity party planning and stylist tips. she was named the best wedding planner 2015 in the US by Martha Stewart weddings , top event innovator 2014 by biz bash , top pintrest expert 2015 by refinery 29 Thus Making it to the top 9th position out of ten.

8. DavidTutera

Best Event Management Companies

This company is a New York based designer and planner , david tutera is an american celebrity and wedding planner , bridal fashion designer , author and a professional speaker . his planning list includes film premieres and parties for royalties , politicians and socialities . he also designed events for charities including the prevent cancer foundation , the alzheimer’s association , DIFFA ( design industries foundation fighting AIDS) and also nature conservancy . Thus making it to the top 8th position in the top list.

7. David Beahm Design

Best Event Management Companies

one of America’s top event designers,he is known for his creative and inventive work. he has designed countless weddings for various high profile clients ,celebrities and fortune 500 corporate events. an expert at transforming various venues all around the world, some of his events include wedding ,honeymoon and much more. some of his work has been published in the new york times , the New York magazine , the wall street journal and also architectural digest. Thus making it to the 7th position in the list.

6. Colin Cowie

Best Event Management Companies 2019

Founded by Colin Cowie, this company has maintained a gold standard in their work for more than 25 years. they leave no stone unturned in ransforming the world of wedding, events and other functions. Thus making it to the top 6th position in the top list of top ten best event management companies in the world 2019.

5. Bubble Food

Best Event Management Companies

It is a London’s event production based company which provides catering services with outstanding services. Thus it is in the top 5th position in the list.

4. Bompass and Parr

Best Event Management Companies

founded in 2007,this company specializes in culinary research , architectural installations contemporary food design. they are prominent in their work in jelly making . their team collaborates with different artists,scientists,musicians and engineers to create breath taking events. Thus it is in the top 4th position in the list.

3. Bluefish

Best Event Management Companies

another company worthy in this list is bluefish.they provide various exclusive services to the rich and famous.they specialize in concierge ,travel services,accommodations and chartering flights all around the world. Thus it is in the top 3 rd position.

2. Berkeley City Club

Best Event Management Companies

founded in 1927,California USA. it was fomerly known as berkeleys womens city club and was organised by women . although it is now no longer restricted to women.this company is available to the public at a large scale for various occasions such as weddings. Thus it is in the top 2nd position.

1. Basset Events

Best Event Management Companies

This is an event management company sepcializing in professional meetings,site/hotel selection and its contract negotiation .it has over 15 years of experience in the event industry and leaves no stone unturned to please its clients. Thus it is in the top 1st position in the list.

These above are the top ten best event management companies in the world 2019. To sum up, all these companies leave no stone unturned to create the perfect event be it wedding or a corporate party of your dreams relieving you of your headache to create them.

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