Top 10 Best Indian Recipes Websites

Food bloggers are known to be the best people across the globe as they offer individuals blick hope and teach them never to give up on food.They provide reasons for people to love food over and over again.

These writers are committed to providing regional recipes , techniques and various ingredients.Indian recipes have been known to widely creative ranging from the spices used to the ingredients. Here we enlist the top 10 best Indian Recipes websites 2019.


Best Indian Recipes Websites 2019
Blogger :Anushruti
She blogs on vegetarian recipes and saatrik recipes that ingredients such as onion and garlic are not included.The blogger has adversely researched on the Ayurvedic foods and their cooking. The recipes in her blog are informative and extremely mouth-watering.To add on that , she has also demonstrated her passion for photography in her blog.


Best Indian Recipes Websites 2019
Blogger: Rachel
She`s innovative and creates her own cooking style. The blog is known for its original recipes. She has dominated various social media platforms such as facebook whereby she`s able to communicate with her readers.The writing format she uses on the blog is not only simple but also understandable. Her blog demonstrates massive creativity and that makes it stand out.


Best Indian Recipes Websites
Blogger: Priyanka
Her recipe on Mutton Rosha is great tasting. The author aims to provide an excellent Bengali recipes.The blog has non vegetarian recipes which include snacks and appetisers.


Best Indian Recipes Websites
Author: Richa
This blogger uses healthy supplements of vegan for the traditional recipes of the Indian cuisine. Gluten fee ingredients are also used to make authentic Indian foods. Moreover , the author also provides a list of gluten free supplements that can be used in recipes for the festivities such as Diwali


Best Indian Recipes Websites
Blogger: Deeba Rajpal
This blog is entirely composed of cooking , food photography and cuisines from different cultural dimensions. The author also explores new ingredients.

The blog majorly consists of outstanding recipes which not only contain creative and innovative recipes but also mouth watering ones.


Best Indian Recipes Websites
She brings the spicy hot Andhra food to light for most individuals. The blog posts comprise of different Indian cuisines . However her recipes are rare to come across. Additionally , she has a section for Ayurvedic cooking.


Best Indian Recipes Websites 2019
Blogger: Rajeswari Vijay Anand
This is an ancient blog as compared to its counterparts as it has been running for 7 years. It deals with vegetarian recipes and the baking is egg-less.The blog also contains pictures alongside the recipes and further provides instructions for assistance.


Best Indian Recipes Websites
Blogger: Thasneen
This blogger makes cooking seem effortless as it contains visul aids inform of pictures alongside the various recipes posted.It not only has Indian cooking but also those from across the globe . This blog celebrates the variety of foods available.


Best Indian Recipes Websites
It is famous for its collection of vegetarian and vegan baking recipes. The blogger uses pictorial format as visual aids . Various traditional recipes are present on this blog. The blog boasts of experimental ideas with great results. If you are the experimental type, Vegetarian Recipes of India has you covered.


Best Indian Recipes Websites
Blogger: Padhu Sarkar
The blog utilises over 700 recipes.The focus is mainly on the vegetarian baking and cooking. The steps are easy to follow and understandable. Padhu’s blog showcases great mastery of the subject matter. Reading and following the blog will leave you greatly enlighten. It is a wonderful blog to say the least.

The blogger is passionate about cooking, travelling and gardening. This blog is frequently visited by beginners.

Most Indians are natural cooks. However there are a few who have taken a step further to record ,post and share their expertise on their blogs .The criteria used in the selection of these websites include :

  • how often the author posts and updates
  • the communication on the social media platforms
  • creativity and the variety of dishes
  • the focus of the blogger primarily on the Indian cuisines
  • the speed at which the comments are responded to by the blogger.

These top ten best websites of 2019 focusing on Indian recipes are a good starting point for those of us who want to prepare awesome Indian cuisines. With a vast collection of recipes, you will be spoil for a choice.

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