Top 10 Most Popular Best General Knowledge Websites 2019

We live in an age where technology has revolutionized everything we do. A person reading this article will be using technology so as to be to read this article or will have used technology so as to be able to read this article for instance a printer. This has made knowledge to be easily spread everywhere in the world. You can easily use google to get to know the latest news in the world.

In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 most popular best general knowledge websites in 2019. These websites are out to make sure that anybody who visits them is made knowledgeable on whatever issue he or she wanted to know. These websites are: Here we enlist the top 10 best General Knowledge websites.

10. Britannica (

Most Popular General Knowledge Websites 2019

If you have always been wondering where you could find an easy to read general knowledge website, try out Britannica. This magnificent website will not leave you disappointed as it contains almost all knowledge concerning anything you would what to know about.

It is a general knowledge encyclopedia that was made with the intention of making knowledge easily accessible to anyone. Truly they have managed to make this knowledge accessible to anyone.

9. TodayILearned (

Most Popular General Knowledge Websites 2019

The awesome feature about this general knowledge website is that people share any interesting general facts and knowledge they know about or any they may have found. It is different from the usual norm whereby the website owners post general knowledge information.

This has a demerit towards it because if a reader spots an error he or she can’t rectify it immediately unless he or she sends an email to the website owners.

8. WikiWand (

Most Popular General Knowledge Websites

We all know about Wikipedia. It is usually our main source of information concerning just about anything. We search anything on our search bar, the first results are usually from Wikipedia. WikiWand is a simplified version of Wikipedia with a new interface.

Usually the knowledge we get from Wikipedia is usually a lot for us to process. WikiWand provides this information but in a more simplified and easy to read manner.

7. Daily Curiosity (

Most Popular General Knowledge Websites

Just by the name of this website you can easily deduce that it is a website for providing a person with general knowledge information. If you are a person who wishes to know on the particular day you’re in what happened on that day, visit

The fantastic feature about the website is that it also has an app. If you feel visiting the website is too much for you, just download its app.

6. Quora (

Most Popular General Knowledge Websites

Who doesn’t know about Quora? If you are a person who is interested in current affairs or just about anything in the world, Quora is the website for you. It is a question and answer website. It has a community of users where a person asks a question, the question is answered, edited and later it is then organized.

Any person can join the website, it’s much like an online community.

5. Facebook (

Most Popular General Knowledge Websites 2019

Apart from Google, Facebook is the most visited website in planet earth. Facebook is an online phenomenon that is used by more than a billion people in the world. Information concerning just about anything can be found in Facebook.

This information can be found be easily found because someone has updated his status on the issue being searched on. Facebook has certainly increased the dissemination of information to everywhere in the world.

4. Twitter (

Most Popular General Knowledge Websites

This website is sometimes referred as the brother of Facebook but from a different mother. Twitter does exactly what Facebook does but in a different way through tweets. An event can be trending in world because of the number of times the event has been retweeted.

Hillary Clinton let the whole world know she had accepted the elections results by tweeting about the 2017 election result. That’s how massive twitter is.

3. YouTube (

Most Popular General Knowledge Websites

We all know about YouTube, it is the website that contains videos on that about anything you would what to know about. It is an exquisite website for getting general knowledge information. If you want to know the new music video of Katy Perry or Justin Bieber or the new speech by Donald Trump, YouTube is the website you get that information.

The importance of YouTube is astronomical, we only sit back and marvel.

2. Wikipedia (

Most Popular General Knowledge Websites

The one feature that makes Wikipedia excellent in information dissemination is that one can get a free account on Wikipedia and then be in a position to edit any information the person feels is wrong. The other awesome feature about Wikipedia is that it is absolutely free to use.

Wikipedia was founded to be used completely free and that is the reason why its founders always ask for donations because Wikipedia online is quite expensive.

1. Google (

Most Popular General Knowledge Websites

Everyone who has ever used the internet knows about Google. It is the search engine that most people in the world use in order to get know just about anything in the world. Google also owns YouTube, this makes google an excellent website for anyone who wants get general knowledge concerning any topic.

Google kept its users around the world in the loop concerning the 2019 USA general elections for the whole elections.

The above websites are the top 10 most popular best general knowledge websites. The information a person gets on these websites is rarely disputed because the information is usually consistent and constantly updated if any change occurs to the information being conveyed.

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