Top 10 Most Popular Current Affairs Websites

People are bombarded with all sorts of media. Whether on television, radio, print or online, we are surrounded by all sorts of information, readily available with the switch of a remote or click of a mouse. This is true of news, as well as entertainment. There’s no shortage of news outlets which disseminate information to us in a rapid-fire manner. It’s easy to catch the latest headlines in a matter of minutes.

The genre of current affairs, however, differs in the delivery of headlines. The current affairs genre slows down, takes its time, and goes deeper with an investigation, detailed analysis and consideration of its subject matter. There are plenty of websites dedicated to current affairs. Here we enlist the top 10 best Current Affairs websites 2019.

10. TIME (

Most Popular Current Affairs Websites 2019

With a worldwide readership of its print magazine of over 26 million, Time magazine has a web presence devoted to a myriad of current affairs, including politics, business, technology, health, science, entertainment, sports, and opinion. The content-rich site features editorial writers, as well as its always popular, annual “Person Of The Year” designation. Globally popular, Time enjoys an Alexa ranking of 634.


Most Popular Current Affairs Websites 2019

Launched in print format in 1933, Newsweek magazine once boasted a circulation of over four million, but as the magazine began to decline in readership, it merged with The Daily Beast in 2010, and ceased print circulation three years later. Going fully digital, Newsweek has enjoyed a resurgence, covering current affairs and analysis of international issues, technology, science, entertainment, business, culture and politics.


Most Popular Current Affairs Websites

With an emphasis on current affairs, fashion and popular culture, Vanity Fair also covers politics from Washington, London, Paris, Moscow and all points beyond, to the latest trends from Hollywood. With a diverse staff of writers penning articles which dig deeper into the culture, the Conde Nest publication has found a niche online, thriving in the world of current affairs.


Most Popular Current Affairs Websites

World Affairs Journal has been around a long time. Established in 1837, WAJ is a quarterly international affairs journal that takes a big picture look at United States foreign policy. The Quarterly came online in 2010, and features open and vigorous debate on current events. The site hosts writers from conservative and liberal viewpoints, such as P.J. O’Rourke and George Packer. The variety offers a wide variety of substance from various perspectives.


Most Popular Current Affairs Websites

Joel Skousen is a political scientist, author of several books on survival, and foremost commentator on current affairs, and how they impact us. His website specializes in looking beyond current headlines, digging deeper to find the real truth, and how his consumers should respond accordingly. World Affairs Brief offers “commentary and insights on a troubled world”, and digs deeper into such seminal events as 9/11, the Kennedy assassination, and the war in Iraq.


Most Popular Current Affairs Websites

The Atlantic offers bold ideas on the issues of our time, offering fresh views on politics, business, technology, entertainment, and culture. It is an advocate for national dialogue through unique perspectives and thought-provoking articles. The Atlantic presents well-written, thorough analysis on politics, trends, culture, technology, science, health and business.


Most Popular Current Affairs Websites 2019

The New Yorker is a weekly magazine which provides an array of reporting and opinion on politics, international affairs, popular culture and the arts, science and technology, and business, along with fiction, poetry, humor, and cartoons. In addition to full online content, the website has a treasure trove of archived articles, and its popular feature, the Cartoon Caption Contest. In addition to its articles and content, The New Yorker offers a video hub, and “Goings On About Town” listing, a guide to life in the Big Apple.


Most Popular Current Affairs Websites

Once in the employ of Andrew Breitbart (, James O’Keefe launched his own mission in 2010, Project Veritas, to “investigate and expose corruption, dishonesty, self-dealing, waste, fraud and other misconduct.” Using undercover videos, O’Keefe was able to expose corruption among politicians, as well as those who operated outside the law. His Projet Veritas website continues this mission with his “undercover journalists,” bringing to light questionable activities for his online readers.


Most Popular Current Affairs Websites

No politician, movie star, entertainer or celebrity of any kind is safe as long as the durable, supermarket checkout line gossip staple is around. The long-running tabloid is now online, bringing its trademark controversial headlines and often embarrassing photos with it. The National Enquirer is the online current affairs website feared by the rich, famous and powerful, exposing their deepest secrets for all the world to see.


Most Popular Current Affairs Websites

If it’s in the news, it will be in People magazine. A weekly magazine sold in grocery stores everywhere since 1974, People offers a roughly 50/50 mix of celebrity and human-interest features. The website has been hugely successful, reporting a record 72 million unique visitors in February, 2015. With its up to the minute take on current affairs, and highly viewed features such as “The Sexiest Man Alive” annual issue, People flourishes above all other online outlets in current events.

To keep up with the times, as it were, all one need to anymore is open their laptop or mobile device, and visit any of our top ten current affairs websites of 2019. In a matter of minutes, you’ll be up to speed on what’s happening in your town, nation, or world.

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