Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in The World

In life, everything is two-faced just like a coin – the upside and the downside. Dogs are known to be man’s best friend especially in terms of companion and keeping guard. On the other hand, dogs can be man’s worst enemy, more so because they’re carnivores and are adapted to biting and eating flesh. This doesn’t necessarily make dogs bad however, the intensity of the harm and injuries they can cause to a human has led to some dog breeds be categorised as dangerous.

Well, it can be overwhelming as to why a dog may bite someone most especially its owner since they’re known to be of good companion and are very loyal to their masters. Outlined below are some of the top 10 most dangerous dog breeds in the world 2019.

10. Chow chow

Most Dangerous Dog Breeds 2019

As cute as this furry dog breed looks, chow chows are known to bite or rather have a bad attitude which prompts them to bite. In addition to that, they can barely stand strangers in their presence. The china originated breed is believed to be among the oldest dog breeds and they weigh about 70lbs. Chow chows need to be well looked after since they are stubborn and more dominant, otherwise they can be quite aggressive.

9. Boxer

Most Dangerous Dog Breeds 2019

Boxer is one of the most intelligent dog breeds, very hard to train and is not all that aggressive. They’re good attack and guard dogs which explains why they are often used as police dogs. Nonetheless, they’re headstrong with powerful jaws and very energetic. They can get worse if and only if they are harshly punished for dong wrong which can make them turn against you, causing harm.

8. Great Dane

Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

The tallest of all dog breeds, the Great Dane is among the friendliest. However, if they’re not well trained and taught how to socialize or in any one instance feel uncomfortable, they can go haywire. It is therefore necessary to train the dog accordingly, preferably long walks and with utmost love since they are quite the emotional kind and won’t respond well to hard training. In addition to being tall, Great Danes have a gigantic body which makes them to be feared by most people.

7. Wolf Hybrid

Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

Dogs being descendants of wolves, there are those which have been directly crossbred such as the wolf hybrid, a dog and a wolf at the same time. This means it has some wild blood in it which makes them unpredictable and potentially a threat to people. Generally having a wild-animal trait, it has been banned from being bred or kept as a pest. However if bred, it needs to be constantly trained with firmness and utmost professionalism.

6 Doberman Pinschers

Most Dangerous Dog Breeds 2019

They were once known as police dogs but that does not apply in the present times. Doberman Pinschers are sizeable dogs and very strong which makes them to be feared by people. They’re also very intelligent, loyal and good at guarding while they are also energetic and intelligent and if not properly trained, they can become aggressive. Since they are loyal to their masters, they will often react in situations where they feel that the family is in danger. This is one of the few top 10 most dangerous dog breeds in the world 2019.

5. Alaskan Malamutes

Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

The Alaskan Malamutes is closely related to the Siberian husky and needs to be kept happy at all times otherwise, they can become disobedient and destructive if they become bored. The Alaskan Malamutes is known for its strong independence which makes them prove difficult to train. They are very intimidating because of their high prey drives which has seen smaller animals being attacked by this dog breed. They’re often used as sled dogs for skijoring, mushing and carting.

4. German Shepherd

Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

A breed that originated from Germany, the German shepherd is famous for being intelligent, alert, vigilant, fearless and confident. They are among the few dogs used by police and. They can become over-protective especially of their territory and family which can make them rebellious and dangerous. They can also attack people and cause them injuries if they have not been properly socialized.

3. Huskies

Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

Huskies are good sled dogs just like the Alaskan malamute. They also fall under the working dogs category which means they’re not so good at socializing which can be seen as a sign of being dangerous. Huskies are also energetic and very athletic which means if they attack or injure you, it can be fatal. Unlike most breeds of dogs that don’t agar well with strangers, huskies have proven to be more friendly in that sector than any other type of dog. However, to maintain this, it needs proper training and good socializing habits.

2. Rottweiler

Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

Rottweiler dogs are very territorial and are pretty good as guard dogs as they have well-developed guarding instincts. They fall under the working dog category which means they’re very powerful and strong. The kind of energy they have should not be underestimated at all cost which heightens its dangerousness with its bite standing between 1180-1460 newtons. Dangerous behaviours from the dog can be traced back to irresponsible ownership, neglect, abuse or poor training and socialization.

1. Pit bull

Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

The pit bull has made its name popular by causing more injuries, death and harm to human beings than any other dog breed. This is solely because it is very temperamental and can attack anyone at any time if you scare or provoke it. The dog has been used as a fighting dog and for baiting bulls as well as bears since it is very ferocious making it suitable for such activities. Like any other dog breed, the Pit bull needs to be properly trained and in the right way so as to avoid incidents of attacks from the dog. Due to its temperamental nature, it has been banned for breeding in many countries across the globe

From our small list of top 10 most dangerous dog breeds 2019, we can tell as to why the named breeds above are known to be dangerous. This however doesn’t mean you should opt to owning one of them since as long as you know the ways to treat the dog right and train it well, you’ll rarely experience cases of dog injuries to you or your fellow neighbours.

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