Top 10 Most Densely Populated States in The World

Population density is defined as number of living organisms per unit area. World population is around 7 billion and seems to cluster around. India and China are considered to most populated, but there are other countries which top the list of population density. The increased capacity of human race is threatening the environment on a global scale.

The list of world’s top 10 most densely populated states is as follows.

10. Malta


Malta had a population of 452,515 people, equivalent to 0.01% of world population. It is a country with very high population density with about 1,348 people per The country covers 316 It is a southern European island country consisting of an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. The capital of Malta is Valletta, of 0.8 Area is smallest national capital in European Union. Malta’s population density is by far highest in the EU and the only census year showing a drop in population was in 1967 with 1.7% total decrease due to migrants. It stands on number 175 in the list of countries by population. After joining the EU, there were increase in investments and strength of economy.

9. Maldives

Maldives Top 10 Most Densely Populated States in The World

Officially the Republic of Maldives is large group of islands situated in the Indian Ocean. It has a territory of featuring of 1192 islands together, 200 of which are inhabited by local communities. The country spans over an area 90,000 is about 1.5 m high above sea level. It is world’s lowest country while talking about altitude. From the risks of rising sea levels it is on a verge of extension. Due to posed threats measures are taken to make it carbon neutral country. Maldives is most geographically dispersed country and Asia’s smallest country by land and population. There are over 393,500 residents with a population density of 1191.4 people per Tourism earns 28% of the economy. Country’s economy relies on fishing being the second largest industry.

8. Bahrain

Bahrain Top 10 Most Densely Populated States in The World 2017

It is an island country situated near western shores of Persian Gulf counted as an archipelago .It is around 780 in size. The population density of Bahrain is 1768.7 people perm The population was 1,234,571 in 2010. Sharing the border with other Gulf countries is currently experiencing oil boom, and have fastest growing economy in Arab region. This let to fast growing population due to immigration and workers from around the world. By investing on banking and tourism it has come out as a stable country. It is declared by World Bank as a high income economy state.

7. Vatican City


The independent city-state surrounded by Rome with an area of 44 hectors and population of 842. The country came in existence in 1929 after the treaty between Holy see and Italy. It leaves less than 0.15 sq. mile, leaving a little land for large population. It is the smallest sovereign state by area and population. It is centre of Catholic religion and is known as Apostolic Palace referring to pop’s home. Its economy is maintained by postage stamps, tourist mementos and sale of publications.

6. Gibraltar

Gibraltar Top Popular Densely Populated States in The World 2018

Gibraltar is British Overseas Territory, peninsula in the Mediterranean sea. It has an area of 6.8 There are often disagreements over the sovereignty of the state between Spain and British states. The population of Gibraltar is over 32,000 and increased percentage of 0.27 percentage than previous year. The population density is 12,777 people per The economy of Gibraltar is largely dependent over tourism, online gambling and shipping. It manages its own affairs and is responsibility of Europe.

5. Gaza strip

Gaza strip Top Most Popular Densely Populated States in The World 2017

Territory occupying 363 lies along the Mediterranean Sea northeast of Sinai Peninsula. It is a densely settled area with 1.85 million Palestinians. With the Israeli and Egyptian border closures and Israeli sea and air blockade the population cannot move out. In autumn 2007 Gaza Strip is under the rule of Hamas, hostile entity completely sealing its border. In 2012 Israel launched airstrike and the head of military was killed and the fight continued till two sides reached cease-fire. Amidst of all the odds Gaza is surviving. This is one of the few Top 10 Most Densely Populated States in The World 2017.

4. Hong Kong

Hong Kong Top Most Famous Densely Populated States in The World 2018

It is an autonomous territory in southern east of China. It has a total area of 1106 The population is over 7.3 million. It is one of the most important financial hub. Its vibrant and densely populated with skyscraper studded skyline. The country holds highest per capita income with 8th most traded currency in the world. The land population density was 6,690 persons per in mid 2014 and Kwun Tong with 57,250 persons per square kilometre, was most densely populated district. Hong Kong SAR population is 0.1% of world population. 100.4 % population is urban.

3. Singapore


Singapore is highly populated island. It is located in Asia’s south east part. Singapore is global commerce, finance and transport hub. For 10 consecutive years it was given a stand of ‘easiest place to do business’. It is third largest foreign exchange centre. The total area of the state is 719 .1 consisting of a population of 5,535,000 people. The population density of Singapore is 7,697 people per sq. km. A popular destination for tourism and business with per capita income of $82,762. It is one of the richest countries in the world. The population spurt has not stopped the country from attaining proper education system, healthcare and economic scenarios, making it leading economic power.

2. Monaco


Monaco is independent city-state on France Mediterranean coastline. France borders the country on three sides. It has an area of 2.02 The total population is about 37800. The population density of the country is 18,713 people per Monaco is famous and is spectacle for tourists. It was noted that 30% of the population was made up of millionaires. It is world’s smallest French speaking sovereignty. With the opening of country’s first casino, Monte Carlo and railway connection to Paris the country’s economic development was boosted. Recently it has become a major banking centre.

1. Macau

Macau Top Famous Densely Populated States in The World 2019

Macau is an autonomous region western side of Pearl River Delta, China. With the total area of about 30.5 The population estimated was 652,500. The population density of the country is 21,393 persons per It is dependent on China under the policy. This state is among world’s richest region and its GDP is higher than any other country. It became world’s largest gambling centre in 2017 and the economy heavily depends on gambling and tourism.

This list featured the Top 10 Most Densely Populated states in the world that have been highest value of people per km ratio as reported by World Census. This growing population and limited space is a very big issue in the densely populated states in the world. For more news and updates stay in tune with this place.

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