Top 10 Longest National Highways in The World

The roads that connects that state or the country to the ports or to the other main cities is called as national highways. Here there are even records Guinness and limca regarding the length and height of highways.

Here is a list of longest national highways which are among top 10 in the world.

10. Interstate 80(I 80)-


This highway is a connecting line between San Francisco, California and Teaneck, New Jersey. In 1956, this route was designated as one of the routes of the International highway system which was original. The complete route, from the first to the last segment was open to the public traffic in 1986.this route connects various major cities in the United States like Utah, Oakland, California, Omana, Nebraska, Ohio etc and passes within a distance of 16 kms from Illinois, New York city, Chicago etc. This route is almost same as the great Lincoln highway. This route is the second largest in the United States and is about 4,666 kms long.

9. Interstate 90(I 90)-


This highway is considered as the longest highway in the whole of the United states. It spreads from the west, that is from Seattle to the east, that is Boston. This highway passes a lot of toll roads in its complete stretch, of which many predates the interstate highway system. This highway spreads across upto 4,8562 kms. Indiana tollroad, Chicago sky way, New York State thruway and few others are the toll roads along the I 90 route. Few of the places are exempted from his toll roads, such as, Downtown Chicago, Northeast Ohio, Greater Cleveland. It also passes through cities Boston, Pennsylvania, Montana and Washington.

8. US Route 6-

us route 6, World's Longest National Highways 2017

This is the main route of highway streams, which in the honour of the American civil war Veterans is also called as the Grand Army of the Republic Highway. This rout is about 5158 kms which runs from Bishop, California to Provincetown, Massachusetts. This route was designated in the year 1926. This is basically a diagonal route, which was just upto east of Erie, Pennsylvania. This was later extended by the routes US 32, US 38, US 50, US 70 and few others, making it spread to a very long distance when compared to its former Route 6.

7. US route 30-

us route 30, Top 10 Longest National Highways in The World 2018

This route runs over 5,415 kms in length, which is roughly in parallel with the interstate 90. But this route is broken in the middle, with a small stretch of un-numbered roads, along the Yellowstone National park. This route was originally made to end at the national park, but was later extended in 1940, which made it intersect with the US 30, which is actually a coast-to-coast route. The roue US 20, runs along 8 different states in the United states of America. This route originates at Newport, Oregon and runs towards Idaho. Few states that this route covers are Nebraska, Indiana, New York, Pennsylvania and few others.

6. China national highway 010-


This is the longest highway in china till date. Starting from Tongjiang in Heilongjiang, this route goes upto Sanya in Hainan. This route is also called as the Tongsan expressway. This highway is about 5,700 kms in length. This route passes through many different provinces of China, that is, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Jilin, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Guangdong, Fujian etc. This route of china, is also a part of few other smaller but main roads in china, like it is a part of seven east-west main routes and fine north-south routes.

5. Golden quadrilateral Network-


The fifth longest highways in the world, is the Golden quadrilateral, which is present in India. This extends to 5846 kms in total length. As the name says, the highway is in the shape of a quadrilateral, connecting, North, East, South and west parts of India along with the centre. The construction work of this highway was started in the year 2001, and by the beginning of the year 2012, it was completely ready for the use of the people. The Ministry of transport in India spent a total amount of around 600b rupees for this project. This route connects 4 major cities in India, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata.

4. Trans-Canada highway-

trans canada highway, World's best Longest National Highways 2019

This is a route in Canada, which runs through it all 10 provinces from west to east, from Atlantic ocean to the Pacific ocean. The main route covers a distance of about 8,000 kms making it the world’s 4th longest route. The construction process of this highway was started in the year 1950, but it was made available for the public in the year 1962, and was completed by the year 1971. This was the lengthiest route which was the least uninterrupted highway in the whole world. In 2012, electric charges were made available on the highway so that people using electric vehicles could travel the whole distance.

3. Trans- Siberian highway-

trans siberian highway, Longest National Highways in The World 2018

Extending upto 11,000 kilometres, this is the third longest highway in the world. Starting at St.Petersburg, going all the way till Vladivostok, this route covers a major portion of the map in Russia. This route, basically in the Asian highway network is known as AH 6. This route also passes through Khazakisthan for about 190 kms. It intersects with the European route E30. The length of this route is close to that of the Highway 1, Australia along with which it would be a part of the world’s longest highways. This route consists of several federal highways, such as Ural highway, Russia highway, Amur highway etc.

2. Highway 1, Australia-

highway 1 australia, Top 10 Longest National Highways 2019

this route came into existence in the year 1955, making it the longest route in the country and the second longest route in the whole world. It extends to abut 14,500 kms. More than 24 million vehicles take this path everyday. This route was created as a part of the National route Numbering system. Few traffic lanes were designated as the National route alternative 1 which was later on replaced by state route designation or alpha-numeric route designation. Highway 1 is the only route to reach across states in Australia, remaining all routes are just a subordinate of the highway route 1.

1. Pan America Highway-


spreading itself to 30,000 kms this highway is the world’s longest highway route according to the Guinness book of world records, the longest motorable route is the Pan America highway. This highway pass over various climates, terrains like dark jungles, desserts, etc. This route covers almost all mainland countries of the Americas. But because of the Darien gap(about 100 kms), it is not possible to connect South America and Central America. This route, sometimes in few places it is very hazardous to ride any vehicles. The construction of this route was started in 1925 and in 1950, Mexico became the first Latin American country to finish its portion of the highway.

This was the list of the Top 10 longest national highways in the world that are very popular and best suited to those who wish to take the longer routes for solitary riding. Stay in touch with the page for more recent and trending topics in and around the world.

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