Top 10 Largest Tea Producing Countries in The World

It is believed that coffee has got more popularity than tea which is not true.Once upon a time coffee was familiar than tea in beverages.But in there days it has been vice versa.Now a days tea is one of the highly used product in beverages.Most of the people in all the country have tea in the morning than coffee.

Though it has not got popularity outside the house like coffee has cafe coffee day and other this product doesn’t have these stalls or whatever.But we can have them in hotels. Regardless of hotel,like it can be found in tea stalls also and most luxurious hotels or so called five star hotels.

Do you think there is only one type of tea like coffee? No way,it has a number of types of tea. For example lime tea, ginger tea which is good for common cold and many other types.The reason for the popularity of the tea is many countries are involved in its production.Lets have a look at which are those top ten countries which are rich in tea production. Below is the list of top 10 largest tea producing countries in the world 2018.

10. Argentina


This is one of the top ten countries which are rich in the production of tea.There are certain reasons for its placement in top 10.The government has shown great interest in the tea production of the country.It has made regular researches and have come up with lot more ideas or initiatives in order to take the country to the greater heights in this field.The extremely good geographical conditions is another reason for its top 10th rank.

09. Islamic Republic of Iran

Islamic Republic of Iran

This is the another country which is popular for the production.This country is known for its production of black tea.Black is the one of the popular type in the country.The country’s geographical conditions have made the country rich.In ancient times coffee was the dominant in the beverages.But after the researches they found out that the geographical conditions is more favourable for the production of tea than coffee.These are the reasons for the country to bagg the 9th rank.

08. Japan


Japan is seen full of patches of tea production.It looks like a bed of the tea.Though Japan has a less area for the expansion of tea production still it has managed to be in the top eighth in the list.Not only that Japan also has a suitable environmental conditions to grow tea in larger version.Japan is world known for its production of green tea.It also exports the tea so that everyone can taste it and like it.All these reasons have made Japan to stand in the eighth position in the world.

07. Vietnam


Vietnam is the another country in our list which grows tea in larger amount.Its geographical conditions have made the country to bagg the sixth rank.The government of Vietnam is also working hard to get more yield in tea.In this country the tea is produced by means of large scale and small scale industry.It also exports a large amount of tea to other countries.

06. Indonesia


Indonesia is one of the country’s which is producing tea since the ancient times.The country’s black tea is well known all around the globe.They produces black tea in larger quantities and smaller quantity of green tea.The atmospheric conditions are very well suitable for the country to produce black tea.The country exports a large percentage of tea in their production.

05. Turkey


As the name of the country, it is popular in the production of black tea and Turkey tea which has its own way to prepare it.Though the country has not got enough surface area still it has managed to be placed in the top 5.The climate of the country is also favourable in the production of tea.It imports the foreign tea in larger amount compared to their exports.

04. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the country which has got the 4th rank in the list.The reasons are simple.They grow tea in the form of bushes like they plant the bushes and then the leaf of the particular areas of the bush is plucked and then they are converted into tea powder by various methods.Tea production is the largest industry currently in the country.

03. Kenya


Kenya is the another expert in the field of tea plantation.It is still doing the researches to increase the rate of production.Not only increase in rate of production but also they are researching on which type is more applicable to their soil content and which can yield more. The government is giving a hand to support the farmers to grow tea.

02. India


India is the country where they grow tea in the hilly areas which is more suitable for the production of tea.India is the largest tea drinker in the world.It is also famous for its exporting tea in the world.In India tea is drunk by mixing it with milk which gives added taste for the tea.In India most of the people have tea soon after getting up from bed in the morning.Tea is produced in the larger quantities so that not only India but also the foreign countries can taste it.

01. China


China is the country where the production is in the greater amounts.The reason is tea is one of the ancient cultural drink of the country and tea is produced by the country since many centuries or decades.In this country tea is believed both as a medicine and also one of the beverages.It is exported to many countries.These are the reasons for its number one position.

These are the countries which are in the top ten position in the production of tea which is used as the one of the beverages in the world. Now you know which is the best one.Hurry up and never forget to taste them.

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