Top 10 Biggest Cities in The World By Area

The top most cities of the country are marked by their infrastructure, population, employment facilities and recreational facilities. According to the UN the largest cities are based on their urban area, metropolitan region and the city proper. Here are the top ten biggest cities of the world 2018 ranked by area.



A city of Michigan, Detroit has a population of 3,903,000 with land area of 3,267 sq kilometres. Downtown Detroit skyline and the Detroit River, Fox Theatre, Dorothy H. Turkel House in Palmer Woods, Belle Isle Conservatory, The Spirit of Detroit, Fisher Building, Eastern Market are the few places to visit in Detroit. It is known for its theatrics, culture, industries etc.



This Texan city located to the south-east of Texas near the Gulf of Mexico is the largest city of the Southern United States. Its population is 3,823,000 with land area of 3,355 sq kilometres. It is home for the NASA’s Johnson Space Centre. The population density per sq km is 2,750. The top tourist attractions of the city are Sam Houston monument, Downtown Houston, Houston Ship Channel, The Galleria, University of Houston, and the Christopher C. Kraft Jr. Mission Control Centre.



One of the top cities of Texas, Dallas is home for various tourist attractions like Downtown Dallas skyline, Old Red Museum, North Park Centre, Dallas City Hall, Dallas Museum of Art, Winspear Opera House, Perot Museum of Nature and Science, State Fair of Texas at Fair Park, Dallas Union Station, the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, and the American Airlines Centre. Its land area is about 3,644 sq kilometres with a population of 4,146,000. The population density per sq km is 1,150.


Los Angeles

Situated in Southern California this city is known for its diversity, climate and ethnic heritage. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides and lies in a coastal basin. The population of this city is 11,789,000. The land area per sq kilometre is 4,320. The population density per sq km is 2,750. It is also known as the “City of Angels”. It is home to the top institutions the country has to offer.



Boston is the capital and the largest city of Massachusetts. The population of this city is 4,032,000 and has land area of 4,487 sq kilometres. The city has top economy and a good cultural background. It is also one of the top tourist attractions. The population density per sq km is 900. This city is also one of the top ports, manufacturing centres and also is a centre of education. The Faneuil hall is one of out’s top tourist attraction.



The largest city of Pennsylvania with a population of 5,149,000 is the economic hub of the Delaware valley. With an area of 4661sq kilometres this city has great American heritage and has various economic related companies. The population density per sq km is 1,100 .It has several skyscrapers and the city is evolving to one of the top metropolitan cites of the country. It is known for its culture, arts, and murals and is the home for the Fairmount Park the largest urban park in the world.



The capital of the state of Georgia, located in the US has a land area of 5,083 sq kilometres. The population density per sq km is 700. This city is known for its dense trees and hills. It has a diverse economy based on business services, logistics and information technology. It has about 39 counties and a population of 3,500,000. It is one of the best tourist attractions having the Fox theatre, Olympic Park, Millennium Gate, Phoenix Statue etc.



The city of Chicago located in Illinois, USA is the third populated in the country and also the third largest by area. It is known for telecommunication, commerce, finance, industry and transportation. It has one of the most diverse economies and is one of the top metropolitan cities. It has a land area of 5,498 sq kilometres and population of 8,308,000.This city is also known for its culture visual arts, film, music and theatre.



The Capital of the most populated city of Japan ranks second among the cities largest by area. The city of Tokyo has 23 special wards which of each is governed as a city. It is known for shopping, nightlife and friendly locals. The land area is about 6,993 sq kilometres. The population density per sq km is 4,750.The area includes the major cities like Yokohama (the second largest city in Japan), Kawasaki, and Chiba, the rural mountain regions to the west , the Izu Islands outside Tokyo Bay and also The Islands of Bonin in the southeast of the Pacific Ocean.



Located at the southern tip of the State of New York, this city is the largest by area which is 8,683 sq kilometres. With a population estimate of 8,550,405 for 305 square miles. The population density per sq km is 2,050. This city has one of the biggest natural harbours and has five boroughs. The well known landmark The Statue of Liberty is located here. The Times Square, the Broadway Theatre District is the biggest entertainments and it is also home for the tallest skyscrapers of the world. It also has the top institutions the country has to offer and the world’s two top stock exchanges are located here.

The cities mentioned above are the biggest cities of the world 2018 based on area. These cities are known for their culture, heritage, economy etc. and are also the best metropolitan cites

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