Top 10 Weirdest Patents Ever

Inventors do not have an easy life. They have to come up with new ideas, devices, and technologies that defy convention, which itself is not an easy job. Patents are mostly a solution to a specific technological misfit as it undergoes a process. However, most of the bizarre business ideas get rejected before they are even realized. Out of 1,400,000 only around 2,500 pass the ideation stage to being viable.

Here is the top 10 weirdest patents ever

10. Dog Umbrella


In many European countries they experience rain and snowing in a whole different level. You would want to take your dog for a walk, and your little pet-friend should probably get some protection. This patent is mind blowing especially for pet owners. It is designed to shelter the dogs from rain. Although, for them to use this umbrella, they’ll have to wear matching boots.

This will ensure that their paws are dry and comfortable from rain. This Dog umbrella has an ergonomic handle attached to the pet umbrella that goes right to the pet’s collar. It features a waterproof fabric and a transparent PVC window center, giving you a clear vision of your pet.

9. Walking the snake


Most snake owners will not spend their time with their pets for fear they will slither away. Don’t you think it is bizarre for the two words “snake” and “walking” to be used in one sentence? No one in their right mind will dare take their reptiles out for a walk to get fresh air. The device is designed with collar and leash in such a way that the owners may try their luck to walk their snake.

This device has an elongated piece that forms a physical collar which allows wrapping of the body of the snake strategically. Detailed information is given as to how the apparatus functions. The inventor of this device does acknowledge that snakes are assumed by manufacturers that make animal tethers.

8. Kissing shield


Kissing shield patent was granted on August 4, 1998. The inventor was Deloris Gray Wood. This shield is made from an impervious and flexible membrane with a holder or frame. The impervious membrane has three closed sides and the last side remains open in order for the membrane to stretch over the holder. Its main focus is to ensure that people engage in safe kissing through preventing germs and microorganisms.

The user is to position the kissing shield under his nose, in order to cover their lips, chin and cheeks. The shield can accommodate “French kissing” since one is able to practice tongue skills. The inventor aimed at giving out the best option to teach children about safe sex. Although, most people will prefer not to kiss through a plastic bag.

7. Anti-eating face mask

Anti-eating face mask Top Most Weirdest Patents Ever 2017

The need to lose weight is affecting many people. This is since most diets are junk-foods that lead to obesity. In most cases of obesity, individuals can’t seem to resist eating. Although there is some resemblance between The Silence of the Lambs and Anti-eating face mask. The later was patented ten years before the release of the other.

This solution to the eating problem was rather absurd. The locked mask prevented the one wearing it from any food in order to deal with obesity. The apparatus would not interfere with speaking or breathing. The intentions of the inventor shouldn’t be critiqued since they are good. Although, the face mask looks like the ones being worn by inmates.

6. Maternity beach chair


This is basically a massage bed. It was designed to help the pregnant women sunbathe while facing down with their stomach. This looks like a tiring activity. This maternity chair come bed enables the pregnant women to place their belly to a hole at the center to be able to lie more comfortably. There is also a hole for the head section allowing them to stare at the sand on the beach. This posture gives them a nice tan at the back.

5. Lap Dance liner


This liner should be a solution to the problem men face in strip clubs. This solves the solution to sticky messes. This is because it absorbs “sexual fluids” that are sometimes released during sexual activity. The liner has the combination of a sock and diaper feel. Apparently, it is only a few men who will be seen purchasing it.

4. Thong Diaper


This patent was filed in 2005 by Mary Maalouf. The thong diaper idea comes from Japan. The irony comes in such that it doesn’t add up that the diapers should be made less practical and uncomfortable. All these for the sake of keeping a fashion eye.

3. Flatulence deodorizer


This patent argues that the wearer can have it without even realising they are in their underpants. Even though it seems hard to comprehend. This design is made from a charcoal cloth pad that is perforated and stuck with two-sided tape. Its main work is to absorb flatulent or intestinal odor. This deodorizer can be washed and reused. Do not dispose them in your toilets after use. Flatulence deodorizer is here to end your fear and shame.

2. An apparatus that initiates the birth of a child by Centrifugal force


The patents suggestion for centrifugal force brought childbirth into the 21st century. This was seen to be a gentle and a properly directed way to deliver babies. The apparatus will act together to support the patients limbs, this will basically support the thighs of the expectant mother. Especially for women who faced complications during childbirth. This apparatus had to counter any resistance whatsoever to ensure the baby is delivered safely.

1. Animal-trap


James Williams came up with the automated gun trap that would destroy animals that burrow in the ground. The device could also be set at the door and window to scare away thieves. However, the automated gun trap was disregarded since, well, it destroyed animals.

It is true to say that just because you have a patent it does not guarantee you a market for your product. Having an amazing patent that does not have a market value is basically a money pit.

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