Top 10 Weirdest Inventions Ever in World

People are inventing things each and every day. The kinds of inventions that really change people’s lives for the better and the kind of inventions that only seem to suit a handful of people across the planet. While there are inventions coming into existence each and every day, there are only about 10 that can be deemed among the weirdest and the most strange of them all. This list will detail the Top 10 Weirdest Inventions and even describe what they are and what they do a little bit.

Following are the Top 10 Weirdest Inventions Ever

10. Full Body Umbrella

Full Body Umbrella Top Most Popular Weirdest Inventions Ever 2018

There is nothing completely unique about umbrellas, as they have existed in one form or another for centuries. However, the newest trend in umbrellas would be the full body umbrella. This unique invention is designed to go below the user’s waist (lower for shorter folks), and encapsulates the user in a rain shield. While it might look a little like you are walking around in a bubble, you and your clothes are completely protected from all manner of harsh rains while you are out and about. The umbrella functions much like the normal umbrella design, offering the user on convenient handle to support the entire frame, leaving the other hand free to do whatever else is needed.

9. Grass Flip Flops

Grass Flip Flops Top Famous Weirdest Inventions Ever 2019

People really enjoy feeling grass under their feet and between their toes. In an effort to provide this same feeling anywhere that a person might be headed, the grass flip flops were invented. These are fitting with a lush bed of artificial grass that simulates the feeling of the wearer always walking through a thick grassy yard, without the worry about the general deteriorating nature of actual grass. There are many varieties of this invention now, even offering different fits for the flip flops and a variety of different artificial grass feelings to choose from.

8. Hug Me Pillow


There is nothing quite like falling asleep in the arms of the person that you love. It is a comforting and safe place to be while you catch a quick nap or lay down for a long night’s rest. Since not everyone has that special someone that they can cuddle up to each and every day, the latest invention simulates that safe feeling in a portable pillow that provides that same feeling of comfort and safety. The Hug Me Pillow is designed to be like the torso and arm of a man, and the user will cuddle underneath the arm of the pillow, resting their head on the faux torso. Most of these pillows are outfitted with a flannel covering that even includes a button up front across the front of the pillow to add a little more authenticity to the experience.

7. Anti-Theft Sandwich Bags


No one likes having the items that they leave in a community refrigerator to be stolen by the one guy who can’t seem to get his act together and bring his own lunch. With this in mind, the next invention on the list all but guarantees that no one is going to be messing with your sandwiches and snacks. These anti-theft bags have mold spots all over them in various areas, providing a very distinct illusion that the food that you have inside the bag has gone bad. This keeps your lunch safe from the wandering hands of roommates and co-workers, and ensures that it will be there for you when it is finally time to enjoy the lunch you prepared for yourself.

6. Baby Mop


Typically child labor is pretty much frowned upon all over the world, but there is nothing quite as cute as turning your crawling infant into a broom/mop combo for your floors. The next invention on the list is known as a baby mop, and it is basically a onesie that is fitted with soft scrubbing strands in strategic spots on the outfit. This will include the knees, arms and stomach, which are the most commonly dragged and scooted body parts that the baby moves across the floor. While the invention might seem a little off the wall, the invention is kind of catching on.

5. Metal Detecting Sandals


People really like going out to try and detect metal all over the place. While the most common location that people tend to go looking is on the beach, the equipment is sometimes pricey and so it makes it a difficult hobby to just start taking up one day. This makes the next weird invention a little practical to those that have a genuine interest in metal detecting, as these metal detecting sandals can help you identify the goods right below your feet. While the depth is a little compromised compared to the high end detectors, it is still a cheap alternative to the real deal and a fun activity to add in with a nice day at the beach. You combine these detecting sandals with the grass flip flops listed earlier, and you are really onto something weird.

4. Pen Cap Utensils


Have you ever been so busy that you couldn’t be bothered to pick up the right utensils to eat your lunch with while you were at work or out and about? Look no further than this next weird invention then, because it makes sure that you are never without a utensil again. This set of pen cap utensils allows for you to turn your average ball point pen into a knife, fork or spoon depending on the cap that you decide to use. These are re-suable and easily washed. Keep these in your desk or in your pocket for a quick utensil should the need arise.

3. Umbrella Water Guns


People aren’t always looking for the bright and fun side of a rainy day, so perhaps that is what inspired the next invention on this list. Umbrella water guns never have to be reloaded, provided that you are using them in the rain. The unique draining system of the umbrella feeds into a reservoir inside the main handle stem which constantly feeds the squirt gun that is placed in lieu of a traditional handle on the bottom of the support stem. This kind of defeats the purpose of the umbrella, encouraging the user to get other people wet. But hey, this isn’t a list of the most practical and ingenious inventions, is it?

2. Anti Pervert Hairy Stockings


There is no way to really describe this next invention that isn’t completely detailed in the name of the product. Essentially these are full leg stockings that simulate a very hairy set of legs for women who are a little concerned about walking around alone (especially at night). These stockings are meant to deter perverts from being attracted to a female who is out on her own by making them assume that she is unkept and overly hairy. The stockings really are quite a unique look, and easily makes the list for the weirdest inventions of all time.

1. Tomatan


Leave it to Japan to really bring it home with the weird inventions that exist in the world right now. Putting a high stock on runners needing to eat healthy food items at specific intervals of their long distance running feats, Tomatan was created. This is a robot that sits on a runner’s shoulders and feeds the runner tomatoes with his robot arms in pre-determined intervals of time to keep giving the runner a steady flow of energy to continue his or her efforts through to the end.

This is the list of the weirdest inventions that you are likely to encounter out on the market right now. While there are certainly hundreds of honorable mentions that could be included on this list, these are among the weirdest and yet most popular of the inventions that were in consideration.

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