Top 10 Scariest Fast Food Mascots in The World

There is always something a little unnerving about mascots in general. Typically these are grown adults dressed up in elaborate costumes in order to promote the various foods that the restaurant is trying to sell. While some of these throughout the years have been cute and inviting in their own right, but there have been quite a few that have been downright out terrifying for kids and adults alike.

This particular list is going to detail the Top 10 Scariest Fast Food Mascots In The World

10. Billy Bob Brockali

Billy Bob Brockali Top 10 Scariest Fast Food Mascots in The World 2017

Ever heard of the game Five Nights at Freddy’s? This is primarily an app game that is on phones that features an array of scary animatronic creatures that spend their days entertaining guests at a restaurant. Billy Bob Brockali seems like he walked straight out of that game and into the advertising campaigns of ShowBiz Pizza. While the bear has seen a lot of different looks over the years, Billy Bob is still a little on the creepy side, especially when you have him looming unseen over your shoulder. Just look him up, he’s a great start to the terror of restaurant mascots that awaits you.

9. Jack

Jack Top Famous Scariest Fast Food Mascots in The World 2019

Jack in the Box restaurants have been using the same mascot for many, many years now. The fact that this mascot is a little unnerving seems to be lost on the company, however. While the fast food chain is known for their cheap eats and fast service, this really doesn’t come across in their mascot’s appearance. Jack, as he is aptly named, is a man dressed in a suit and tie with a giant ball for a head. This head is fitted with what looks like a yellow traffic cone as a hat, and a permanent smile painted on his face. Just saying, if you see Jack apart from the commercials, you wouldn’t necessarily want to run up and shake the guy’s hand.

8. Domino’s Noid


Noid saw the height of his popularity throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s. While this guy was kind of a normal sight to see all over television, it was never really noticed just how unsightly the mascot was until we all started looking back on it. This cartoonish looking character had a smile that mimicked the comic book versions of The Joker. Ironically enough the bunny ears that the character had combined with the half mask that he wore resembled some sort of ridiculous villain. But at the time, everyone loved the mascot, and he even got his own video game that came out on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

7. The Hamburglar


Nothing says great mascot idea like an oversized character that is quite literally trying to take anything McDonald’s related from the other mascots of the time. While there is something to be said about the marketing strategies involved with having four or more mascots working together for the same company at once, the Hamburglar was a little on the scary side, especially for kids. A character that was set to exist within McDonaldland with Ronald, Grimace and others, the Hamburglar looked very much like a stereotypical thief. He wore black and white stripes that suggested convict, a mask over his eyes to conceal his identity, and pretended to be everyone’s friend to thieve things all the time. No wonder kids were terrified to leave their happy meal unattended.

6. Colonel Sanders


Why does the Colonel make the list of scariest mascots you ask? Well it is based simply on the fact that his appearance is a little unnerving. The colonel might be responsible for some of the best fast food chicken that you are ever likely to eat, but what he isn’t famous for are his dashing good looks. But more disturbing than the owner of the company appeared to be is the fact that in Japan, KFCs are given robotic versions of the iconic chicken maker to greet people as they enter the restaurant. So just when you thought you were safe, the Colonel lives on through artificial intelligence.

5. Happy The Happy Meal


This is the newest of the McDonald’s mascots. Happy is literally a computer generated Happy Meal in the signature box that these child meals will come in. What makes the mascot weird is that he is created with a wide Cheshire Cat grin and giant eyes. The whole look is a little bit like Jack Nicholson from The Shining, but just plastered along the broader sides of the world’s most renowned fast food child meal of all time. Kids aren’t seeing the creepiness in this mascot as much as the parents are, so maybe that’s a good thing after all.

4. Modern Ronald McDonald


It’s kind of strange that McDonald’s as a company has four different mascots featured on this list. While the iconic fast food chain has been around seemingly forever offering their deliciousness to the world, what they still haven’t gotten quite right is a mascot that people aren’t a little unnerved by. Ronald McDonald is one of the original mascots for the chain, and persists to be its most recognizable. The mascot has gotten several changes over the years, but the fact that they still make him a creepy smiling clown isn’t winning the masses over quite as much as the fast food juggernaut might have hoped for.

3. Quizno’s Rat/Gerbil Thing


Quizno’s was never really known for having a strong mascot game throughout the years that it has been a thriving sub shop. What they are likely most remembered for in this regard, is a span of time in which patrons were being encouraged to come eat at Quizno’s by something that looked a lot like a hybrid rat hamster. The creature was so ugly and off putting that the mascot didn’t seem to stick around very long. This roadkill creature was something that someone must have lost their job over, and became the stuff of nightmares as soon as it was first featured in major television advertisements.

2. The Burger King


Burger King has tried their hand at a couple of mascots throughout the years, but most recently, they have settled on The King. This over the top mascot is a man with a giant plastic head adorned with a crown. The face of “The King” is forever made into a creepy smile that follows you all around the restaurant, or your living room for that matter. In an effort to make The King more appealing, the restaurant made several mini games for major video game consoles and gave them away with meals. All this did was make The King harder to get out of our heads, and his creepy face and smile is something no one ever wants to see waiting outside of their windows at night.

1. Old Ronald McDonald


Ronald McDonald was already featured on this list, but that was the most recent version of the clown. In all actuality the original and oldest mascot for the fast food chain was far more terrifying. The clown used to be a man all the time, not just the statues featured throughout the chains, and he was adorned with a box for a hat and a cup for a nose. His fully painted face was only seemingly photographed with an obnoxious smile. This is hands down the scariest clown that wasn’t meant to be scary in history.

These are the single most eerie and terrifying fast food mascots that exist in the entire world. While some people might have fond memories of theses mascots from years gone by, I urge you to take a look back now to what these things actually looked like and see how nightmare inducing they actually were. Of course, the trend of using mascots isn’t exactly slowing up so the scariest of all mascots might not have been dreamt up yet.

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