Top 10 Objects and Things We Become Attached To The Most

In life there are certain things that people are more inclined to become attached to than other things. While everyone is different in their own regard, and might order the things on this later list a little varied from other people, the items will tend to all be the same. There are universal things that people tend to become attached to, because the human race has put the most value on the items that have made the Top 10 here. So here are the Top 10 Objects and Things We Become Attached To The Most.

Following are the Top 10 Objects and Things We Become Attached To The Most

10. Songs


Music is something that universally speaks to people. While there are certainly a group of people that seem to be just fine without music in their lives, the majority of us simply need music to make everything a little bit better. More specifically certain songs that have been created have direct connotations to certain events and times in our lives that we don’t want to forget. These songs become a part of the memory that we are not able to let go of. Sometimes songs can even carry a negative memory along with them, but they are just as attached to us as humans as the songs that remind us of a happier event or time. Music is something that the whole world has been attached to for as long as people were able to decipher a beat and sing songs.

9. Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments Top 10 Objects and Things We Become Attached To The Most

For collectors and musicians, instruments have a special place that simply cannot be replaced by anything else. While admittedly the love and attachment that these people feel for these specific instruments is different than the adoration that one would feel for their family, the connection is almost equally as strong. There is a reason that musicians tend to have several of the same variety of instrument, even when they only tend to use one for actual performances. The others are a keepsake that they can’t bear to part with as it holds a special memory of their musical journey, or is an important instrument for another reason specific to the artist.

8. Alcohol

Alcohol Top 10 Objects and Things We Become Attached To The Most 2017

Sure it seems like a weird thing to add to a list of things we become attached to the most, but alcohol has been around a lot longer than any of us have and will be around long after we are gone. When it was banned in the United States for several years in the 1920’s, it was a lucrative business selling it in secret places. The bottom line: even when it was illegal people couldn’t bear to part with the fire water. The same is in effect today, though alcohol is by no means illegal to drink for those of an appropriate age, it is still very much a focal point for many people to have a good time. People have placed a lot of stock in the drink to be a hub for their social events, and rely on it to be a more social person in general. While there are plenty who could afford to be a little less attached to booze, it still has more than earned its place on the list along with any other vices such as tobacco products.

7. Cars


There is something to be said about car enthusiasts and their general excitement about motor vehicles in general. While this is certainly a way that people have become overly attached to their automobiles, this isn’t the reason that it has made the list. The reason that it is deemed something that the general public has become most attached to is the reliance people have on traveling via car to where they need to go. Wherever you are going to go, chances are you are among the majority of people who own their own vehicle and will use it to get you there. Don’t believe that you are that dependent on your vehicle? Try having it break down and spend a couple of days in the shop, see how often you were really using it in your daily life.

6. Food


We all need food to survive. It is one of the few things that every human needs to continue to live following closely behind drinking water. But this really isn’t the reason that it is included on the list of things that people become the most attached to. The reason that food is included on this list is the association of comfort that people have assigned to food in their lives. Whether they are eating just to feel a little better about a bad day, they eat to celebrate a victory, they eat because someone broke up with them, and food plays the role of the supporter in a lot of lives. With this being said, food easily earns the #6 spot on this list.

5. Money


People need money to live for the most part. Unless you are someone that has grown up living off the land and making your own shelter, money tends to make the world go round. We are attached to it on a basic level because of its direct involvement in our survival. In a broader sense, people become attached to money when they become completely fixated on making the most of it that they possibly can, even sacrificing their personal relationships in pursuit of the almighty dollar. People have become virtually obsessed with improving their lot in life to the point where money is more important than just about anything. For the rest of us, the next four items will tend to be more important than making a lot of money and being financially independent.

4. Pets


There is something to be said about companionship. Having someone that you can always count on is not always an easy thing to acquire in another human being. We tend to be a little self reliant and self serving, which means that interpersonal relationships are something that both parties have to work for. Pets kind of take out the middle man of this equation. They are the constant thing in a person’s life that will always love them, even when you might feel completely alone otherwise. For a little bit of attention and the things necessary to survive, you have a friend that will never leave your side. No wonder you can get so attached to any manner of pet.

3. Home


Having a place to live that you own is one portion of the American Dream, but it is really a worldwide universal pursuit. Having a place to call your own is something that often takes a long time to acquire, and due to the amount of work that the average person has to put into it, it becomes something of a priority in the lives of most people. They want to make sure that it is in the finest condition, and are attached to the structure as much as we are attached to the memories and the belongings that are contained within its walls.

2. Spouse/Children


Sure, you would think that your spouse and progeny would sit at the number one spot, but its just not the case. Regardless, these two specific attachments that people of have cannot be undervalued in the slightest. We as humans are constructed based on our relationships with other people, and often associate our own worth based on the success and failure of these interpersonal relationships. Having a successful marriage and creating children is something that people tend to attach themselves to, because it is not something that everyone can do or that everyone appreciates. This attachment is one of the few things on this list that the individual would give up their own life to protect, as this attachment comes with a foundation of genuine love.

1. Glory Days


There is something to be said about the greatest times of your life and when they have gone by you. Some people try to relive those days as much as possible, getting together with old teammates or friends from high school and college as often as possible. If there was one thing people will get attached to the most in their life, it’s a time when things were a lot easier and when you feel like things were going the best in your life.

These are the objects and things that people become the most attached to throughout their lives. Surely this doesn’t apply to every single person, but this is a general canvassing of the most people. Whether you are attached to a song, or that winning season your high school football team had that one year, there’s something that every one of us simply cannot let go of.

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