Top 10 Most Indestructible Things Ever

Throughout history, the human race has been obsessed with what could not break, what could not stop working, the one thing that would keep going long after they couldn’t anymore. While there might only be a handful of products that can really claim the adjective “indestructible”, the others that have managed to make this list as well are among the closest things to being unbreakable. Without any more necessary build up, here are the Top 10 Indestructible Things Ever.

Following are the Top 10 Most Indestructible Things Ever

10. American Lock Padlock

American Lock Padlock Top 10 Most Indestructible Things Ever 2017

Well as good a place as any to begin is with the single toughest padlock that has ever been created. Millions of people lock up their belongings on their property or at another location like a storage unit. So keeping those belongings safe is one of the highest priorities. The solid steel body of the padlock is constructed of hardened material and then plated with chrome. The padlock itself is resistant to all manner of cutting, it cannot be sawed and it will not corrode even through the harshest of elements. It stands to reason that even if this American Lock is a little pricier than some of the competition, it should be the last padlock that you have to purchase.

9. Tungsten Rings


For men and women looking for a truly reliable metal for their wedding bands, tungsten is perhaps the most indestructible ring metal that has ever existed. It is durable, it is lightweight, and it can withstand all manner of punishment. To put this in comparison to the common steel rings that are sold and marketed towards men for cheaper end wedding bands, tungsten costs little more than the steel variety ring (depending on its design and additions of course) and is five times stronger than a traditional steel band. This makes it the single strongest metal ring that both men and women can use.

8. Caballero Bulletproof Shirt

Caballero Bulletproof Shirt Top Most Famous Indestructible Things Ever 2018

Yes, in case you are someone that is in danger of taking a stray bullet or two, or just want that peace of mind, the Caballero Bulletproof shirt is just the thing for you. While it comes with a pretty hefty price tag for a shirt, (3,500.00) the shirt is in a class all of its own. Flexible fibers comprised of materials slated to be stronger than even Kevlar, the shirt is flexible and reviewed as surprisingly comfortable provided its general claim of being able to shield the wearer from bullets. Maybe this is what James Bond wears to work on casual Fridays.

7. KAVENTSMANN Triggerfish Bronze A2


This is the watch to get if you want something that is going to last long after you are gone. This watch is not only stylish, but it is so well constructed that it has been tested in explosions involving 10 lbs of C-4 explosives. After the explosion, the watch is said to have shown no damage structurally, and continued to function normally. Compare a watch like that against the average variety and the two aren’t even in the same class of durability. In watches, the KAVENTSMANN Triggerfish Bronze A2 is the truly indestructible offering.

6. Indestructible Soccer Ball


This product (while replicated by other companies since its initial release) was put out by One World. The premise for the product was to completely replace the need to ever re-inflate a soccer ball. This is a ball that is comprised of a dense foam based ingredient. It allows for the ball to be punctured multiple times without ever being compromised. Initially the product was created and designed for use in the World Cup, though it never quite found the footing (no pun intended) that it needed to get that kind of clout. However, the ball is among the most popular purchases for its sheer lasting power as an indestructible product, and is an easy addition to this list.

5. Polaris Tires


While not all of the tires put out by Polaris are quite designed like the ones that make this list, these options are the closest thing to ever be created towards a truly indestructible tire. The tires themselves are airless, which means that they will never go flat because there is nothing about them to go flat. The design of these tires focuses on a design much like a tank. The outer rim of the tire itself is comprised of a durable honeycomb of tough rubber. The pliability of the design allows for the tire to modify its shape as it takes over tough terrain, which allows you to keep your pace without being slowed down by potential obstacles in the road. The tires have been tested in some of the harshest of conditions, from being bullet proof to running over rail spikes and not missing a beat. These Polaris offerings are the future of tires. For everyone that has ever had the misfortune of changing a flat on the side of the road, these tires are just the right purchase for you.

4. Hercules Sunglasses


When you hear the name Hercules in terms of sunglasses, you think durability. This brand is best known for the sheer shock and damage that their sunglasses can withstand without ever being compromised in any way. Advertisements for the product have shown the glasses being run over by a firetruck while maintaining their shape and lack of damage to the lens area. If you are someone that wears sunglasses often, you realize just how easily these products can become scratched or dysfunctional by becoming misshapen. Hercules guarantees their products will remain functional and be the only pair of sunglasses that you will ever need to buy.

3. Panasonic Laptop


Everyone wants their tech to stand up against the elements, and this Panasonic laptop is able to do just that. Tested in just about every single way that you can ruin a normal computer, this laptop was able to thrive through it all. Testing on the product saw the device being dropped from high places, stepped on, submerged in water, set on fire, and even buried completely in sand without missing a beat on its performance. If you want a little security in your next laptop purchase, a product like this one from Panasonic should easily put your worries to rest.

2. Bulletproof Suit


Yes, this is very similar to what someone like James Bond might wear. While he might wear the Caballero shirt on casual Fridays, this is the every other day of the year work attire for infamous British spy. The complete suit is not cheap to come by however, but if you are truly in need of a bulletproof indestructible suit it seems like you might be able to pull together the 20,000 average cost of one of these suits.

1. Toyota Hilux


This is the one vehicle that could make the list as being considered the one indestructible truck on the entire planet. There are all kinds of tough vehicles out there, but none that have been as battle tested as effectively as the Toyota Hilux. This is a truck that was literally designed to be able to withstand the harshest of all the elements without fail, and even took part in a 6,000 mile trek across the entirety of Antarctica without missing a beat.

These are the most indestructible creations across the entire globe. While the products vary in the way that they are used or who might find them useful in their lives, it does not change the one thing that they all have in common. Each and every one of these products can take a serious beating, even indefinite beatings without ever failing you.

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