Worst Airlines in The World

We all like to travel and we all try to save money when organize our trips. However, sometimes it is better to pay a little bit extra to avoid unacceptable hardships, delays and dangers that might be associated with low quality air travel. Before you make your travel plans for this year, check out this list of the world’s ten worst airlines. Read what it is that gets these carriers on to this list of shame and decide whether you are willing to fly with these cowboys.

Here are few Worst Airlines in The World and why

10. China Airlines

China Airlines Top Most Famous Worst Airlines in The World 2018

China Airlines is the flag carrier and largest airline of Taiwan (Republic of China). It was established in 1959 since when it has suffered 760 fatal casualties with the majority of these in the last 25 years. The company’s slogan is ‘Journey with a caring smile’ but, unfortunately, according to its safety record and reports from long suffering passengers, it fails dismally to live up to this aspiration.

Passengers report that dietary needs are ignored, if you have special requirements please bring your own food with you on China Airlines flights. Furthermore, the airline has a poor reputation regarding refunds so if you do not use your ticket, tough luck.

9. American Airlines

American Airlines Top Most Worst Airlines in The World 2017

Founded in 1926, American Airlines has its headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas and is the largest airline in the world as measured by fleet size and number of destinations served. American operates an incredible 6700 flights a day with 350 destinations in over 50 countries.

Perhaps due to its phenomenal size and consequent failures of management, American has an appalling record in looking after its passengers. In 2013, it stopped nearly 53,000 people from boarding aircrafts because of booking and ticketing errors and it received over 205,000 complaints about baggage mishandling.

8. Bulgaria Air


Bulgaria Air was only founded by order of the Minister of Transport and Communications of the Bulgarian Government in 2002 and operates a fleet of 10 aircraft serving 26 destinations. It is the national carrier of Bulgaria and has its headquarters at Sofia Airport. It was privatised in 2006 with the government said to desire a foreign buyer but it was eventually purchased by a group of locally owned companies.

Travelling on Bulgaria Air is often a challenge; according to passenger reports, flight attendants appear unwilling to offer even a glass of water, requests for assistance are met with a withering stare, and medium to tall people will find the tiny seats and reduced leg room extremely uncomfortable. Furthermore, Bulgaria Air is on an official US blacklist of airlines which operate with equipment unfit for travel within US airspace.

7. US Airways


US Airways has been operating since 1939 with a headquarters in Tempe, Arizona. Its parent company is the American Airlines Group. Between its main fleet and its US Airways Express subsidiary, it operates over 600 aircraft serving 193 destinations.

An aging fleet makes for uncomfortable travelling and this is not helped by passenger reported problems such as lack of food, poor arrival times (only 78% on time in 2013), and lost baggage, although passengers the airline tends to go as far as it can in angering its cutomers with poor service.

Potential flyers should worry about who is going to pay for the $11 billion merger between US and American.

6. Air Koryo


Air Koryo is the state owned national carrier of North Korea. It operates 9 aircraft but there are currently no inter-Korean flights due to regulations in both countries. Passengers get to eat unidentifiable and unattractive food served by monosyllabic stewardesses on airplanes originally designed in the 1960s.

International travellers are unlikely to be able to enjoy the delights of Air Koryo because most countries will not allow their aging fleet fly in their airspace and the company is banned by the EU’s European Safety Agency.

5. SCAT Airlines


SCAT Airlines is based in Shymkent, Kazakhstan. It provides services to major cities in Kazazhstan and to neighbouring countries. It has a fleet of 42 airplanes landing at 33 different airports. Unfortunately, the airline has gained an unwanted international reputation for questionable safety. It is unable to fly in Europe as it is banned by the European Safety Agency along with all airlines based in Kazakhstan.

The company has an horrific record of crashes and near misses; recently a flight from Bangkok to Astana had to land without wheels as every tire on the left hend side went flat, in early 2103 21 people died when a flight from Kokshetau to Almaty crashed before landing.

4. Lion Air


PT Lion Mentari Airlines, operating as Lion Air, is a low cost carrier based in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is the second largest low cost airline in Southeast Asia and operates routes to about 80 destinations in the region.

The company’s slogan is ‘We make people fly’ but this might mean we make people fly off in a rage as it appears to enjoy booking flights and cancelling them without letting prospective passengers in on the joke. They will check you into your flight even when it has been cancelled and they will only let you know about a delay if you pester the gate attendant mercilessly. In its 20 years of existence, Lion Air has built a steadfast, if unwanted, reputation for a chaotic flying experience and it is known for moving its schedule around with constant cancellations and delays. When you eventually get a seat it turns out to be one of the smallest in the industry and you had better get used to your neighbour’s elbows in your face.

3. Tajik Air


Tajik Air is the national carrier of Tajikstan headquartered at Dushanbe International Airport where it has its main hub. Its first flight was in 1924 and it has not developed much in the interim as it now operates just 14 aircraft. It has a shocking record in passenger safety having experience two fatal accidents in the 1990s. An overloaded flight crashed in 1993 with 77 passengers and 5 crew killed. The plane was configured for just 28 passengers. In 1997 another plane crash killed all 79 passengers and six of the seven crew.

Online reviewers state that planes are very old with windows held in place by Scotch tape operated by rude and depressed staff who cannot understand English or other international languages.

2. Uzbekistan Airways


Uzbekistan Airways is the national carrier of Uzbekistan based in Tashkent. It has a fleet of 36 aircraft which fly to Asia, Europe and North America. Founded in 1992, it has quickly gained a reputation as one of the worst and one of the least safe in the world. Aviation Safety Network states that Uzbekistan Airways has experienced eight incidents in which a total of 54 people lost their lives.

A passenger’s report that no entertainment systems were provided, poor food was provided, the crew were unmotivated and the toilets were dirty. Another reported that the plane interior was yellowed with age and quite filthy with a garbage bag just behind a passenger seat.

1. Turkmenistan Airlines


Turkmenistan Airlines is the national carrier of Turkmenistan with its headquarters in Ashgabat. Established in 1992, it has a current fleet of 31 aircraft. Since 2001, it has been phasing out its aging Soviet-era fleet replacing them with a modern fleet of Boeing 717s and using Western trained pilots. However, these positive moves have failed to create a pleasant passenger experience.

Business Insider states that ‘Turkmenistan Airlines is the worst airline to fly economy’ due to problems with inflight staff, check-in issues, and cabin safety. the company slogan is ‘symbol of hospitality’ but it fails to live up to this with extremely rude staff who are incompetent in English. It also scores atrociously in terms of seat comfort, standard of meals and efficiency of service.

Each and every one of the airlines listed above are horrendous. They offer very poor safety standards, poorly trained, rude and uninterested staff, inefficient booking and ticketing methods, and small, uncomfortable cabin arrangements among their many delights. Many of them are so bad that they are probably banned from your local airspace. If you can possibly avoid travelling with any of them, do!

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