Top 20 Winter Holiday Destinations in India

Sometimes best shift in the season can help us to move to different places in India or all over the world for tourism and winter is the best season where you can spend your time and be assured that the chilling cold will kill your Turk and make you excited. The winter sports and trekking will surely give adrenaline surge.

Here is the list of top 10 winter holiday destinations in India and the countdown follows:

20. Dharamsala Circuit

Dharamsala Circuit Top Most Winter Holiday Destinations in India 2017

This place is Marked by a strong Tibetan influence, Buddhism and spirituality, these are the two sister hill stations which are though pleasant throughout the year, they tend to be all the more charming in winters. While monasteries are the obvious highlights here, the area is also loved for it falls, hills, lakes and trekking trails.

19. Gujarat Circuit: Ahmedabad – Kutch – Gir


We might not find too many reasons to be here in summers, but its winters have one too many things which will surely born to entice you. Winters in Kutch are planned around its much celebrated and grand Rann Utsav, which is one of the most unique experiences of the state. Gir, the only remaining home to the Asiatic lion, is also avoided in summers and welcoming and enjoyable during winters, while Ahmedabad, under the cover of an industrial and commercial hub, tend to surprise one with its heritage and architectural marvels with the Sabarmati Ashram, forts, Temples, Mosques lake and a swaying tower .

18. Delhi circuit : Delhi , Mathura and Agra


There is no better time than winters to visit the capital of India, indulge in its heritage walks, street food and shopping experiences. Taj Mahal in Agra, gets the attention pretty much all year round, the temperatures aren’t as friendly in summers. Hence if you have the choice, add Delhi to your list of places to visit in winter in India, for a much cooler and pleasant weather. Mathura, with some connections to the Hindu tradition is also one of the most visited pilgrimages in the region.

17. Rajasthan circuit


Spotted by one of the best tiger reserves and bird sanctuaries of the country, put this track on your bucket list for some of the amusing and most enjoyable wildlife experience. With birds migrating all the way from Siberia for the colder months, Bharatpur is one of the places to visit in winter in India for an amazing bird watching experience. And visiting these wildlife sanctuaries will help us in improving the knowledge too. These spots will undoubtedly leave oneself amazed by nature.

16. Uttarakhand circuit


The best thing to do during the season of winter is a ride on a Jungle Safari, elephant rides and spotting tigers at the oldest national park of the country lakes, boating, river rafting and sceneries. It has lavish flora and fauna within and is a showcase of yet another diverse culture and tradition in India. While summer won’t be a bother either, the weather only get more pleasant towards winters.

15. Chennai circuit

Chennai circuit Top Winter Holiday Destinations in India 2017

While you’d probably pass Chennai for most parts of the summers and the monsoons that follow, winters leave this metropolitan a favorite if you want to travel South India. One of the places to visit in winter in India, Chennai is the fourth largest city of India, and finds its circuits spotted by temples, Churches and beaches. Some of the amazing structures built during the ancient times and also places like Kanyakumari, Rameshwaram, Pondicherry, Coimbatore make it one of the finest tourist hotspots in South.

14. North east circuit


This is filled with Countless waterfalls, pristine lakes, sprawling views, one of best national parks, caves, and peaks and associated with Naga tribes. If this sounds like your perfect idea of a winter vacation, the choice is pretty clear. One can visit capitals and cultural hubs of the North East these winters and the habitat to 2/3rd of the world’s one horned rhinoceros. This circuit is fascinating with it long stretch of hills and mountains and one of the most unique cultures in India.This is one of the few Winter Holiday Destinations in India 2017.

13. Goa circuit

Goa circuit Top Popular Winter Holiday Destinations in India 2018

See ! Goa is again seen on the list ! So this place has no season to visit but yeah this place is damm crazy one ! You see people from all over the world in here While there is no month, not ideal to let Goa spoil you a little, this beach winter destination in India have a tendency to cast a spell. A perfect beach holiday, afternoons by the sea and a tan to show off, this one comes with its Decembers marked with the SUNBURN FESTIVAL, making it one of the best places to visit in winter in India

12. Manali circuit

Manali circuit Top Most Popular Winter Holiday Destinations in India

Here, there is one hill station in North India you must visit in winters, it is Manali. A family holiday, winter vacation, an adventure trail or a honeymoon amongst its white, snow covered areas- there are too many routes that will lead your travel ideas here, this winter. Don’t miss the celebration in Kullu’s temples, if you find yourself here on Dusshersa,. This place is also famous for best hashish in the world and this spot is much more beautiful than pictured in the Bollywood movies and one can only experience its beauty by exploring around the spot.

11. Jaipur circuit

Jaipur circuit Top Most Popular Winter Holiday Destinations in India 2018

This circuit finds itself assembling quite some hustle-bustle from all the traveler rush its temperature and deserts were keeping away till now. Sprinkled by countless Havelis, Palaces and Forts, winters are an ideal time to enjoy strolls through its remnants of history. While history and architecture keep you engaged through the day, Desert Safaris and lakes make their way to your journeys by evening. These pink, blue and golden cities of India, are one of the top destinations for winters, not only for all their landmarks but also their rich, vivid, vibrant cultural and shopping experiences.

10. Nainital


In the occasion that you happen to go to Nainital, and that too at the period of winters, you set out would not request more. A minute to find yourself, whether it is by devoting a lone energy with your strange one as the snowflakes tenderly fall on you, or by breathing high in the adrenaline gush of the snow experience sports, winters are the special cases, Nainital can compensate for you. What’s more, you need not stress over the arrival you can have around then, as Nainital is among the few spots in India which is open in each heading unswervingly

9. Gangtok

Gangtok Top Best Winter Holiday Destinations in India 2018

Sitting on the Shivalik slopes of the eastern Himalayan extents, Gangtok gets its spiritualist appeal cleared in the months when the sun goes on an occasion. At to start with, the chill can settle down on you question your choice to arrive at this spot in such a time. Yet, in a matter of seconds, the foggy sight of the snowcapped elevations ascending high over the scenes, and the chilling, crude Himalayan wind will discover the lost traveler from inside you. All of a sudden, the timberland secured vales and nature tracks, all secured in covers of mist and snow, would be friendlies. Snow trekking and skiing would be the following couple of things you will get yourself effectively rejoiced into and the spot as much more to offer.

8. Nagaland

Nagaland Top 20 Winter Holiday Destinations in India

The wild east of India, Nagaland is a standout among the most pristine spots in India where you could at present-day experience tribes living vividly as must be found in the documents of National Geographic Channel. It was not quite a while back that the warring tribesmen of Nagaland kept intruders under control from trespassing into their region. Nagaland of today is not really its savage self yet it is still a position of primitive quality with its moving hills and lavish valleys.

7. Shimla


A little distant from Delhi, Shimla is a standout among the most prominent honeymoon goals in India amid summers and winters. The real draw elements are the height, ambiance and endurable snow fall and cool climate. In Shimla, irrespective of the possibility that you don’t do anything, you have finished all that you have desired. Considered one of the finest slope stations in India, Shimla could be gone by at whatever time of the year. Winters are fun in Shimla as there’s snowfall which add to the romantic advance of the spot. It additionally gets bit chilly which keeps of the group making it the best time and one of the best places for special night in India with some feeling of safety and enthuse and enterprise of snow.

6. Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep Top Most Popular Winter Holiday Destinations in India

Lakshadweep is one of the world’s most staggering tropical island frameworks. 32 sq. km of area spread more than 36 islands encompassed by 4200 sq. km of tidal pond rich in marine riches. Flecked with influencing coconut forests, turquoise tidal ponds, coral reefs, agreeable neighborliness and wholesome climatic conditions, Lakshadweep is quick turning into a worldwide shoreline goal in India. This faultless, magnificent island is perfect for special night, marine investigation and water sports.

5. Andaman and Nicobar

Andaman and Nicobar Top 20 Winter Holiday Destinations in India 2017

As of late opened up for tourism, the immaculate islands of Andaman and Nicobar are a veritable desert spring for sightseers and naturalists alike. On the off chance that you are probing for special honeymoon goals in India in winter, Andaman and Nicobar assembly of islands are solid contenders in the race. The islands of Andaman and Nicobar are uneven in spots bordered with coconut palm, secured with tropical desert and scattered with level extends of bow molded shorelines offering a quite a lot to the explorers.

4. Kashmir

Kashmir Top Most Famous Winter Holiday Destinations in India 2019

Tourism is back in Kashmir making it at the end of the day the most favored special first night goals in India and all over the world. Folks go to Kashmir for amid summer, yet it’s the winter time when the mix of snow topped mountains and rich valleys makes it the top wedding trip goal in India. Kashmir, affectionately mentioned to as the “heaven on earth”, offers glittering characteristic excellence. A hypnotizing gem in the crown of Himalayas, Kashmir is famous for its lavish Mughal Gardens, glittering Dal Lake and pleasant vicinities.

3. Tamil Nadu


With more than 3300 sanctuaries, Tamil Nadu really is the support of the Dravidian society. No big surprise it pulls in the second most astounding footfalls of abroad travelers in India. A few of the sublime sanctuaries of Tamil Nadu have been recorded as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO that incorporates the Great Chola Temples, Monuments in Mahabalipuram and the Nilgiri Mountain Railways.

There are such a variety of things to do in Tamil Nadu for the exercises incorporate visits to a portion of the finest shorelines down southern coast, sanctuaries, landmarks and slope stations. The most prevalent slope station in Tamil Nadu and one of the top spots for special first night in South India is Ooty which is additionally alluded to as the Queen of the Hills in South.

2. Varanasi


One of the most established constantly occupied urban areas on the planet, Varanasi is viewed as the holiest Hindu city. It is trusted that here the incomparable Hindu god Bramha started the making of the universe. This real journey town is thronged by aficionados during the time who come looking here to take a dunk in the Holy Ganges and wash away their transgressions or to assuage and free the souls of their predecessors from cycle of death and birth. One of the most seasoned consistently possessed urban areas on the planet, Varanasi is viewed as the holiest Hindu city. It has a lot of historical backgrounds and is still one of the most important travel and commercial centers in the region.

1. Kerala

Kerala Top Famous Winter Holiday Destinations in India 2019

Known as “God’s Own Country”, a treat for all seasons, it’s the point at which the rainstorm withdraws and Kerala’s genuine normal wonder achieves its apex. Western Ghats and salty tidal ponds or the backwaters offer a one of a kind appeal on Kerala’s attraction. And so on and Kerala has it: backwaters, tea manors, shorelines, flavor gardens, Ayurveda, ecotourism and inexhaustible untamed life which mark the reason that we have picked Kerala as one of the top winter occasion goals in India. For shoreline sweethearts it’s the Kocchin, Kovalam and Varkala or even Marari; for backwaters it’s Alapuzza, Kollam, Kumarakom and Vembanad Lake.

This was the Top 20 Most popular and Best Places one can visit during winter in India and to experience the diversity and tradition of the country, all these places are ought to be travelled. India has much more within and for all wanderlusts, this is one hotspot to choose to have wholesome diversity in one journey.

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