Top 10 Best Holiday Destinations in India

India being a vast country, has always been known for its cultural and environmental diversity. Tourists from all over the world visit India to spend their leisure times in this glorious country. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari there are thousands of places to visit in India. May it be historical monuments or the ancient temples or the nature’s wonders the country has a huge loads to offer for the visitors. The culture, traditions, environment here are so diversified that one can feel the change for every 100kms. Wanderlusts can explore the lengths and breadths of the country and it still has more to offer. Incredible India is truly mesmerising and can be a great holiday destination for any visitor from around the world.

Here is the list of Top 10 Best, popular holiday destinations in India that are worth visiting for leisure:

10). AGRA –

agra, Top 10 Best Holiday Destinations in India 2017

Located in Uttar Pradesh, by the banks of Yamuna river, it is one of the most visited places in India. The centre of attraction of Agra is its magnificent and marvellously built Taj Mahal which counts itself amongst the seven wonders in the world. It was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memories of his beloved wife Mumtaz Begam. Standing tall across the banks of Yamuna River, this structure built of iconic White Marbles immerses the visitor in the ocean of aesthetic beauty. With Agra Fort closer by, Agra attracts millions of tourists every year and this place is worth visiting in a lifetime.

9). JAIPUR –

jaipur, Top 10 most beautiful Holiday Destinations in India 2018

Renowned as the “Pink City”, a number of tourist flock to Jaipur to view the various forts and monuments in Jaipur which reflect its glorious past, during the reigns of the Sindhyas and other Rulers. Located in the Rajasthan, this place echoes the old culture of ancient India i.e. the Rajwadi culture was very much prominent in those times. Numerous architectural wonders and beauties had been raised in the city and today, millions of visitors come to Jaipur to be delighted by those structures. Some of the famous monuments here are Jaisalmer Fort, Hawa Mahal, amber fort, Jaigarh fort, Nahargarh fort, City palace, Jal Mahal, etc. The unique Rajasthani Food is worth-tasting in one’s lifetime.

8). GOA –

goa, Most popular Top 10 Best Holiday Destinations in India 2019

Goa is synonymous with fun, energy and enjoyment. This is place is very famous for its pristine beaches in India. Tourists from around the world visit Goa to relax by the beautiful beaches and coastal area. It has two major tourist seasons i.e. summer and winter. Winters are the best climate for the tourist coming from abroad especially from Europe. They enjoy the splendid climate of Goa during this time. Summers are famous for the tourists coming from all across the India because during summers it is rainy in Goa.. Many foreigners have made Goa as their home for its laid-back and relaxed lifestyle. It is a place known for various types of alcohol based drinks, indigenously produced in the state.


kashmir, Top 10 Best Holiday Destinations in India 2017

Kashmir, is popularly called “The heaven on earth” and is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is known for its beautiful lakes, mountain ranges and valleys. Though in the last couple of decades terrorism has faded its charm but the beautiful places never lost its elegance. The area of Jammu and Kashmir has the area of about 2, 22,236 square kilometres. It has a lot to offer for the visitors and the apples grown here are famous nation-wide. It is the largest producer of Saffron in the world.



Known for Swami Vivekananda’s close association with the place, Kanyakumari is one unique tourist spot in India. There are many places in the country that is worth to be called a tourist attraction but Kanyakumari stands out for its spectacular sunrise and sunset. It is one of the most wonderful places in the southern part of India which marks the confluence of the three ocean bodies- The Bay Bengal, the Indian ocean, and the Arabian sea offering a picturesque view for the visitors. It is also called the Last city of India. Vivekananda Memorial Rock and other temples attract many tourists to the city. On a balmy day, full-moon evenings, one can see the moon-rise and sunset at the same time, on the either side of the horizon.



Delhi the capital of India is one of the most visited places by the tourist all across the country and all across the globe as well. This place has witnessed a lot of major happening in the history of the country and the historical monuments, other temples and mosques are the remnants of time. Delhi is named as one of the 10 paradises of the world and one amongst the 50 places to visit in one’s lifetime by National Geographic Traveller. Every year many tourists from across the globe come to Delhi to visit those historical monuments and see the face of the glorified India. The city hosts several Government buildings and other embassies that were actually built during historic periods. The important places in Old Delhi are the Majestic red fort, Qutub Minar, Humanyun’s tomb, India gate, Jama Masjid which have been cited as World Heritage sites by UNESCO.


darjeeling, Top 10 Best Holiday Destinations in India 2018

Darjeeling in the state of Assam owes its grandeur to its natural and scenic beauty. It has the aroma of the fresh clean and fresh mountain air where nature seems to be at its best. Known for its natural splendour, the best gift Darjeeling gives to its visitors is the dawn of the day that is loved by every people who visit there. The mountains here awaken first with a tentative peeking of the sun. The snow-capped Everest, Jannu, Kabru, Kanchenjunga and other peaks slowly emerge from slumber to start a new day and keep the visitors in delight. Darjeeling Tea is considered to have one of the most admired, loved tastes in the world.

3). MYSORE –


Mysore, “The Cultural Capital of Karnataka” is the place widely known as the tourism hotspot within the state of Karnataka. It is a place which acts as the base of other tourist places in the vicinity of the city. It is also one of the ancient cities in the country and it also has many number historical monuments built during the reign of the Wodeyar Family. The city attracts maximum number of visitors during the period of the Dussehra festival. The centre of attraction of the Dussehra festivities is the Ambavilas palace that is considered to be one of the most visited monuments in India. The city also hosts Chamarajendra Zoo, GRS Fantasy Park, Brindavan Gardens, KRS Dam and many more tourist spots including the town of Srirangapattana.



The Ladakh is the capital city of Leh that lies near the eastern parts of Jammu and Kashmir valley. Here, the beauty of the mountain ranges is a feast for the visitors. It lies across the crossroads of the historic “silk route” from Sin kiang to west and to the Natural Plains of India. The chastening hermitages of Shey, Henni, Alchi, Lamayuru and Thikse are ought to nurture the spiritual needs. The landscape of Leh provides a number of adventurous activities that include mountaineering, white – water rafting and trekking along the mountain ranges.


gangtok, Top 10 Best Holiday Destinations in India 2019

Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim and has several magnificent places to visit. The rumtek monastery is one of the most famous monasteries in India. The Tsongmo Lake and the ruins of Rabdentse are also picturesque amusements. The Deorali orchid sanctuary and the Himalayan zoological park are the foremost place of interest for nature and wildlife lovers. The Yumthung valley is also known for its scenic setting. Apart from monasteries, Gangtok is also the place of many beautiful temples like the age-old Thakurbari temple. The stunning views of Kanchenjunga from several points in Gangtok make a great reasons to visit this place. Tourists from across the globe visit Gangtok for enjoying the natural and aesthetical beauty of this beautiful place.

This was the list of Top 10 Best Holiday Destinations in India and is very much helpful to pack your bags for the next break. We have mentioned the websites of Tourism Ministries of respective states and hope that this list can be of great use for those who wish to travel to these places. Stay in touch with the page for more and more trending and exciting topics.

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