Top 10 Most Popular Restaurants in Mumbai

Food industry is the only industry, which will never be faced with any type of recession or any other type of failure unless the quality is maintained. Especially in Mumbai, with so much of population, with people from different regions staying here, it is really important to have good quality food. And there are, very well treating restaurants which offer such food, which is liked by the people. Here is a list of top 10 most popular restaurants in Mumbai which are very famous, and provide a very good quality food.

Here is the list of Top 10 Most Popular Restaurants in Mumbai

10. Mahesh Lunch Home

mahesh lunch home, Top 10 Most Popular Restaurants in Mumbai 2018

This restaurant is a home for all the Mangaloreans present in Mumbai as they have the best mangalorean food in the whole city. This was established in 1977, being the first of its kind in the city of Mumbai. This restaurant served the best sea food, and hence is the most recommended place for all the sea food lovers. Presently it has 7 branches world wide. Surmai curry, fish starter, Chicken sukka are one of its major dishes. Very next to the entrance, there is a place where they have kept a lot of live crabs, which makes the customers realise immediately that it is a sea food restaurant. The cold storage facility where all the fishes are stored is put up for display openly.

9. B Bhagath Tarachand


A very unique taste is provided by the restaurant, which tastes good, smells good as well. A very good place for family dine out. Their special thali is a famous dish in the surrounding areas which consists of specials like Gulaab Jamun, Kachori, Paneer sabji, Lassi etc. They make special mango puries during the mango season which is a delight to the taste buds. They probably have the best Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Punjabi dishes. Papad churi and paneer paratha are also among their specials. For the food served here, it is a good value for money. Going to this restaurant in an empty stomach is highly recommended by the customers.

8. 24/7 The Lalith Mumbai


A multi cuisine restaurants, which has made its way to almost all its customers’ hearts to become one of their favourite five star restaurant. They have usual breakfast, lunch and dinners along with the mid night dinner on the weekends. Creative chefs make its international guests love this place to the maximum. With their effort, they make sure that the international guests do not miss their home food. The interior designs of this restaurant is made in a way that as soon as the customers enter the place, they get into the state of heaven. They have a wide range of desserts and also in the main course, the pasta and the pizza are made by the customers themselves.

7. Mirchi and Mime


The have an open kitchen, which allows the customers to look at the chefs work. Since it is an open kitchen, the aroma of the dishes reach the customer while it is being prepared which is a treat to the nose. The ambience here is very appreciable with all the staff dedicated to serve its customers. The dining room has a classy and an artful appearance. All the service staff here is speech impaired, hence sign language is to be used while placing the order which could be a difficult job, but a very nice and a supportive initiative taken by the restaurant to provide employment to impaired persons.

6. Hornby’s Pavilion


A multi cuisine restaurant owned by the ITC group of hotels, this is one of the finest restaurants in the city. This restaurant is open 24/7. One of the best buffets in Mumbai is offered in this restaurants, having a large variety of dishes, mouth watering taste and presentation. They even have different types of buffets, the regular buffet, the children’s buffet, Sunday special buffet, dessert buffet etc, with a varying cost. The Fish Ahoy is a very delicious dish and is advised as a must-try dish by the food critics. They also have sugar-free and eggless desserts. Baked cheesecake with Blueberry and Pavilion chocolate Mousse are their signature desserts.

5. Shree Thakar Bhojanalaya


This is a restaurant owned by the Thakar family, run by the old man, along with his family and staff, serving food not just with the kitchen ingredients, but also with love. Gujarati thali, being their best dish, people come to this place majorly for this special thali. The cost is not very expensive as well, on an average costing 1k for two people. This was started in the year 1945, and has been in the same place since then, so the building is a little patchy and old, but for the mouth watering taste of the thali, it is worth going there. Major attractions of this place are it is air conditioned, and there is a variety of food served here, like palak dhokla, dal-baati-churma, colourful chutneys etc. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Popular Restaurants in Mumbai 2017.

4. Peshawri


Having specialised in Indian and other Asian cuisines, this restaurant has made its way to the 4th place in the top 10 list. The interior decor here is similar to that of Delhi’s Bukhara, which is one of the top 50 hotels in the world, this hotel has a very good ambience. Not just the ambience, it has one of the best quality food available in the whole of Mumbai. In this restaurant, it is a treat to the non-vegetarians, as they have the best tasting kebabs and tandoors. The looks of this restaurant is made in a way that it should seem like we are dining in the surrounding of the nature, “earth, stone and the wood”, wooden platters and tree-trunk tables. Murgha malai kabab, tandoori tiger prawns, Peshawri kebabs and Raan are the major attractions in its menu.

3. Sea lounge


with the amazing sea view and the live piano music, no person will disagree to visit this place. On an average costing around 2,200 rupees for meal for two people. They have the most exotic tea in the city, along with the delicious pastries, making it a very good time for people to visit during the evenings. their variety of snacks are chutney sandwich, dhokla, samosa, masala toast, and of course biscuits with coffee and tea. This is a part of the Taj Mahal group of Hotels, making it a more tempting place to visit. They provide two types of buffet service, High tea buffet, costing 1750 rupees including all taxes and Tea buffet costing 1900 rupees, on all days of the week.

2. Romano’s


Earning 4 and a half stars from its reviewers, this restaurant is placed second among the restaurants in Mumbai. The price here is also not very high, being moderate and for the quality of food they serve, it is worth every rupee. This restaurant is one of the few 5 star restaurants in the city. This restaurant is an Italian, European cuisine restaurant. The food served here will directly take us to the cities of Rome, Naples, Florence, Sicily, Milan etc. The head chef of this restaurant is basically from Naples, giving the actual touch of the Italian food. It has a very shot menu, but very delicious. They have managed to mix heartiness and delicacy.

1. Mostly grills


This restaurant has a great view of the airport, which gives a feeling of dining outdoors. The best ambience ever available in the complete city is provided by this restaurant. This is a very advisable place to dine out on a cool winter. This restaurant is very famous for the grills and the barbecues. The menu of this roof top restaurant includes New Zealand Lamb Chops, Brazillian Fillet, T-bone steak and many other dishes. A very important dish on the menu is the Meat platter which is the chef’s special dish. Very less vegetarian dishes, include Paneer Ajwaini Tikka, Paneer Tikka Masala Baby potato Bruschetta, MJ’s Quesadillas etc.

So, these above are the Top 10 Most Popular Restaurants in Mumbai 2017.

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