Top 10 Most Popular Restaurants in Kolkata

India is known as the land of diversity. It is diversified in its culture, language, religion and many other things but one thing that add colours to its diversity is the food. The city of Kolkata, once known as the city of Calcutta is amazing place to introduce yourself to the Indian cuisine. The rich variety of food that is served on the streets in Kolkata is always refreshing. This includes Persian, Bengali fare, and not to forget the English tea. So, here is the list that will guide you to the flavours hosting you in the land of Kolkata.

Here is the list of Top 10 Most Popular Restaurants in Kolkata


flurys, Top 10 Most Popular Restaurants in Kolkata 2017

Established in the year 1927 situated on 18 Park Street is a much appreciated legacy of the British Empire is a tearoom. The wide variety of fresh cakes, delicious pastries, rich puddings, fluffy cookies that you won’t be able to resist the remarkable range of mouth-watering treats tempting them from the packed display cases. The taste is so good that you will find a delicacy to indulge in their sinful pleasures. If you think that’s it then it’s not over yet. Fluffy is also known for its dinks. There’s tea then you have the chocolates, the Belgian hot mocha and the tearoom’s popular VIENNESE coffee. It is a historically decorated venue that will catch the attention of its customers as it appears so charming and beautiful. More than simply a tearoom it is a veritable institution. The fury should be on the route of anyone visiting the streets of Kolkata.



The Mughal Empire left its footprints on the cuisines in northern part of India. For part of its rich history the popular Arsalan restaurant on park streets serves the traditional and scrumptious Mughlai food and is best loved by patrons for its wonderful spread of biryanis. Situated on 191 park street the Arsalan serves an Iranian delicacy, biryani is a dish of mixed rice usually accompanied with chicken or mutton meat, and a range of spices such as pepper, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and coriander. The other varieties of beef or fish can also be found as well as vegetarians can also a find a place over here as it serves alternatives with no ,eat at all. This restraint is amongst one of the most famous places in Kolkata and is for sure a pace to visit to have some quality biryani. It also add colours to its menu card by serving tantalising dishes such as the kebabs. The Mughlai influence can be felt in the food of this restraint and it should be on your list if u visit Kolkata.

8. Barbeque nation


Situated on k1, RDB, Boulevard, Block EP&GP, sector 5, salt lake this restaurant is a part of chain of Indian restaurants. It offers a truly one of kind dining experience. A dinner starts here with pre fixed menu of five barbequed starters which are the real draw of all Barbeque Nation outlets. A unique thing that will catch your attention here is that each table is having a little flag, this is to indicate the service keepers to bring the starters till the flag is up. Another amazing thing that you will discover over here is that each table is equipped with a grill that can be utilized by guests to keep the starters warm or glaze with the accompanying marinades and sauces. The wide variety of dishes offered at barbeque nation are influenced by international cooking’s, bur deeply founded on Indian national cuisine.

7. Banana leaf


A lover south Indian dishes cannot miss this place. Banana leaf has been offering the delicacies of south India since 2002. It is situated on 73 and 75, Rash behari ave road, Lake Market, opposite big bazar. The one travelling to Kolkata can give a chance to traditional taste such as idlys, small cakes made from rice and fermented black lentils, served with a choice of condiments; vadas, a mouth-watering fried pastry in the form of a doughnut or disc; the dosas a typically Indian thin wrap usually filled with vegetables and sauces; or the exquisite uttapams, the Indian equivalent of pizzas. If you think that’s it that Banana leaf offers you then you are mistaken. You can join even for a more elaborate meal- you will be served a platter with a portion of rice in the centre and all around a selection of smaller plates containing sambhar, rasam, kuttu, potato curry and other ingredients to season the rice with.

6. Bhojohori manna


A hearty Bengali meal usually begins with a fried starters followed by dal and a course consisting of rice to be seasoned with a varied choice of accompaniments which are generally potatoes and vegetables, either fried or stewed. Situated on18/1A, Hindustan road, Kolkata, India Bhojohori manna is a great option to experience a typical and delicious Bengali meal. The main course consists of a fish dip, on top of which a, eat-based preparation is occasionally added. The place has a wide variety for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians which includes dal, curries, serving of rice and pulao, chutney recipes and desserts. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Popular Restaurants in Kolkata 2017.

5. Dum phukt


It is the first restaurant in Asia to have received the prestigious Golden Fork Award. A fine dining restaurant it revives the ancient art of dum phukt style of cooking that was common throughout India’s royal court. It is situated in Itc sonar, 45/14, Jbs Haldane ave, Gobra. Dum phukt is a traditional technique where food is cooked patiently over slow fire. In addition to that the herbs, and spices which are given plenty of time to release their strong aromas adding strong flavours to the cuisine.

4. Oh! Calcutta


Kolkata has a chain of many great and wonderful restaurants in the country offering delicious food that will suit your taste buds. In particular, this restaurant offers its guests with a mazing menu that surveys many nuances of Bengal’s rich gastronomy. It is situated in Silver Spring, Eastern metropolitan bypass, dhapa. Touching the shores of the ocean featuring many lakes and rivers, fishes and the vast variety of sea food are a prominent highlights of Bengali cuisine, which makes oh!Calctta an awesome place to be visited and a recommended choice as well.

3. Zen


If you want to have an amazing meal accompanied by wonderful weather and an awesome atmosphere the Zen is a place for you to visit. It is located in The Park, Kolkata 17, and Park Street. It is situated in a lavish five star hotel THE PARK, Zen brings the exquisite and deftly prepared pan-Asian food to the plates. Name elegance, style ambience and Ou have the all at this place. The place not only offers stylish place but also is extremely good in the food it is serving. The service level over here is way too high in comparison with other restaurants in Kolkata.

2. Ballygunge place


Located in the vintage old bungalow, 6 Ballygunge Place is another great option for traditional, authentic Bengali food. The various other salient features of the place are enchanting pictures of old Kolkata offering a lovely setting as a backdrop to a truly delectable Bengali meal. It is situated in6 Ballygunge place, House no.6, Ballygunge place road, Ballygunge .The menu card has a wide variety of dished available for its customers offering delicious special curry of mutton, daab chingri, dish of prawns marinaded in mustard and typically cooked inside a hollowed out coconut.

1. Hatari


Situated in 113/1B, rashbheari ave road, triangular park, Kalighat is a wonderful place t catch up with up friends. It offers cuisine in Indian, Chinese and continental but their Chinese offerings are most popular. The menu is quite extensive offering mock tails as well. It offers salt’n’ pepper prawn pan fried chilli fish, chicken momos, shredded chicken, and hatari special fried rice. The restaurant has also opened various other branches in the city over last couple of years.

So, these above are the Top 10 Most Popular Restaurants in Kolkata 2017.

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