Top 10 Most Beautiful Villages in England

England as we all know is one of the best places in the world especially known for its extraordinary history as an Empire and also for its rich heritage. England is not only known for that but is also especially famous for its recent fame as one of the most developed nations in the world. Unlike most other countries which developed in the recent past England is one such country which has been developing since the industrial revolution and ever since, England hasn’t left its legacy of being one of the best countries in the world.

But what makes it very important to speak about this country right now is the fact that along with some of the most beautiful skyscrapers in the world England is also famous for its beautiful countryside which is still intact rich enough with the Heritage it once possessed. Listening to the classical guitar play its tune and young beauties working hard in the fields, is one of the most beautiful sites to view in the English villages. Even though the countries quite famous for its development the English have not left behind the major reason which made them so popular in the first place, and rural areas still of one of the best attractions of the country.

So here is a list of the top 10 most beautiful villages in the England

10. Ardglass, Northern Ireland

ardglass northern ireland, Top 10 Most Beautiful Villages in England 2017

One of the most interesting things about this village is your need to visit here and have one of the most beautiful meals in the world. This is a thriving fishing village on an inlet of the Irish sea and also one of the landing site of some of Ireland’s best known seafood. It is especially known for the quality of its herrings. They were about seven castles here before a long time but now only the remnants remain out of which one is used as the Clubhouse of one of the local golf clubs. This clubhouse is said to be one of the oldest club houses in the world as that dates back to 1377.

9. Cushendun, Northern Ireland


If you ever visit this place and actually enjoy your stay over there, one person in need to thank is Baron Cushendun’s wife. This village was designed by the famous architect Chlo William Ellis, who wanted to make her feel at home with his 1912 design. A lot of white washed cottages around the village square is what makes it one of the most beautiful places to visit it is also famous for a lot of craft shops and tea rooms. You should so early had to Mary mcBride’s bar when sundown happens and usually be prepared for an impromptu sing along.

8. Crail, Scotland


There are a lot of cities in Scotland and also some villages with make it quite famous but Crail is probably one of the best and the cutest of all villages and as a maze of cobbled streets winding down the hill to the miniature harbor this can never be mistaken for something else. The Harbor tea room which has the sheltered sea facing terrace and dressed crab from the village fishing fleet is known for its class and elegance.

7. Plockton, Scotland


This is one of the shaded positions on Loch Carron, and this gulfstream is especially famous for its beer Gardens, and also its Palm trees. This village tends to grab people from all places and make sure that they never go away and it is also true that one visit is not enough. Consider taking a woodland stroll around the bay, walking out across the endless flat sounds this is surely one place to do it all. This place also offers some of the best prawns in the world.

6. Portmeirion, Wales


This is one of the most beautiful places in Wales especially known for the beautiful village created by architect Clough Williams Ellis who wanted to create a village that enhance rather than blended in touch landscape this place is one of the reasons why most people like Wales this place starts with the central Mediterranean piazza, before wandering at random into a lot of places and finally ending at the cherub statues painted in pastels. This place is also best known for the endangered buildings that are brought here and then reconstructed.

5. Beddgelert, Wales


Another beautiful village from Wales, this place is specially known for the bridge that crosses a very beautiful river and the trees that dip their branches into the water. There is a lot of history to the scenic beauty of this place irrespective of the presence of the Snowdon. Don’t let this place tempt your way to quickly because the source show me a very beautiful place to also linger, go from gallery to gallery, and to stay in the cafe of ice cream scoops. It is also noteworthy that Glaslyn ices, which is very famous and is from this place, has been rendering some of the best homemade ice creams in Britain. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Beautiful Villages in England 2017.

4. Staithes, England


This place was once especially famous as one of the largest fishing ports on the north eastern coast. Today it is a lot more famous for how beautifully it is surrounded with a lot of beaches and cottages that add up to the calm and serene atmosphere it presents. It is also a very well known story that Captain Cook spent some of his most important days in this beautiful island like place, and there is also very beautiful Museum devoted to him on the High Street. Some of the most beautiful eateries of this place are, the Cleveland Corner Bistro, the Captain Cook Inn.

3. Port Isaac, England


One of the most beautiful reasons why this place has still remained untarnished is the fact that the Council of this place has built a big car park just outside the village and encourages all the visitors who come to this place to explore it on foot. These roads were not designed for cars to make their way all around but were designed for fishermen and this Cornish village has long been interested in a lot of things like lobsters and crabs. If you need to understand how important the dedication and love towards the local sea crop is, you must visit Nathan Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen where the fishermen give the menu and the small plates are cooked to order.

2. Avebury, England


This is one of the most beautiful villages of the England which is also surrounded by its very own Prehistoric stone circle, and this makes it one of the most ancient and Prehistoric sites of the UK open to anybody at all hours. A lot of tourist attractions like picnic spots around the stones and a stroll, around the circle at sunset, make it a place where people flood. Inside this locality there are also beautiful places like the Silbury Hill which is Europe’s largest man made mound and is located just outside the village.

1. Tyneham, England


It is probably true that in this place called Tyneham, it is still the 1950’s, as entering into this place will give you a vibe of time having stopped after 1950. In the year 1943 Army sent the residents survey because it needed the skills for training and the best place to train were the Hills of Tyneham. Ever since this place has been preserved just for tourists, it has been a miracle as a lot of abandoned stone cottages exist, and allow you to pop your head into a lot of places like the old school house and the church.

So here was a list of the top 10 most beautiful villages in England as of 2017. Hope the serenity of these places once you visit them bring about a change in your thought process.

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