Top 10 Most Beautiful Destinations to Get Married in The World

Getting married is one of the most beautiful experiences one could ever have in life. Most of the couples like to get married in a unique style in a different beautiful destination than hall or a church. As, brides and grooms want their wedding to be memorable they decide for a charming and romantic destination where their wedding can be held. These weddings are mostly enjoyable and cherishing experiences for all the people who are part of them. There are many beautiful and exotic destinations where couples may plan their weddings. So, here is a list of the top 10 most beautiful destinations to get married as of 2017. Read along the list and set a marriage goal for yourself:

Here is the list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Destinations to Get Married in The World

10. Drakensberg, South Africa

drakensberg south africa, Top 10 Most Beautiful Destinations to Get Married in The World 2017

It is a charming destination which has ravishing views from its guests. The couple who wants to marry in a different destination than the usual ones can definitely choose this destination which has a lot of outlandish vineyards. The couple and their family members can have a stay at Cathedral Peak Hotel which has wed country and a separate reception area. Before the wedding, one can go to the nine-hole golf course, with heart throbbing views of the Drakensberg Mountains. A zestful dinner can be planned at Cleopatra Mountain Kitchen for guests. Special recipes depict the South African culture.

9. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami, Florida


Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is present in the heart of Miami. Hence, it can be called as a jewel in Miami skyscrapers. This destination is really very peaceful and tranquil. Couples can choose this destination for the function of their wedding. Here, the wedding can be organized beautifully and couples can make it a memorable wedding by enjoying the untouched wilderness.

8. Us: Sea Island, Georgia Sea Island


This place consists of clear water and beaches which gives heart touching view to the visitors. The island has two resorts where the guests can have a stay. Three couples can exchange vows. The family and friends of the couple have different activities to perform which may include golf, boating, horseback riding, fishing, tennis etc. The best time in which the couple can get married there is in the late spring and summer. Hence this destination is the breathtaking destination where couples can enjoy it’s wedding along with the natural beauty.

7. Bodrum, Turkey


If you want to plan your wedding party in a place like Bodrum, you will love this city as it is very pampering. You can keep your stay at Macakizi hotel. On the wedding day you may go out to enjoy the surroundings via boat. As the sun sets while you are sailing off over the water couple can make promises with each other on the deck which at that time may become a sacred destination. There you will have a cocktail hour in which you will be served with the special Turkish dishes like kabobs and Dolma and champagne without the bottle. Then after will fun drop your guests in Athens from where they can catch their flights and the couple can go to their honeymoon to the Greek islands.

6. The Resort at Paws up In Greenough, Montana


Montana is an elegant and beautiful destination, having an eye catching view which will definitely please the couple and the guests. It seems as if this destination is the part of the heaven with heart stopping scenes. Any style of wedding can be well organized here as the beauty of nature is fabulous. The couple can have fantastic photos in Paws up Resort. They have a nice set up for the guests as they offer cabins.

5. Villa Ephrussi De Rothschild


This villa is having musical fountains which increase the charming beauty of this villa. It has a green atmosphere as luscious gardens having different types of flowers in it gives a ravishing view. Without being aspectsy, the couples can enjoy a lot of aspects there. Clouds may prevail during the ceremony, but sometimes rain falls at some other destination but in this case backup plan is also made ready by the planners in Riveria. In short, this villa has its beauty at its peak so wedding can be planed lovely at this bewitching destination. It’s one amongst the Top 10 Most Beautiful Destinations to Get Married in The World 2017.

4. US: The Big Island, Hawaii


Hawaii is the largest island with different climatic zones. It has mountains which are sometimes snow at the top. It has coasts which have a different landscape. Some of its parts receive abundant rainfall due to, which makes it lush and green. There is also a beautiful park. So the guests have many activities to do on this island. They can explore the rain forests there, can do horseback riding or some guests may just enjoy at the beach by lying down there. So, one can get married there as it is a different experience for the couple as well as their family and friends. Different resorts are present there.

3. Ravello, Amalfi Coast


Ravello is the gem of the Amalfi coast. This is one of the heart touching destinations on the earth. It is also a beautiful and a wonderful destination to get married. In fact Ravello is a town of Amalfi coast, which due to its beauty overwhelms the sea. From the heights of the Ravello, one can have a heart stirring scene. It is famous for the liking of the poets, artists and musicians and is well known for its amazing views. Ravello has such an enchanting view that one might go under its spell.

2. Lindos Village in Rhodes


If you want to plan for a small confidential wedding or a large superfluity wedding Lindos village is a destination where you can fulfill your dreams. As, it has stunning views, it seems as if paradise falls here. There is a boutique hotel on the astounding position where wedding crew can be sheltered. Other additional guests can be accommodated in the heart of the village which is on a 10 minutes’ walk away from this location. Hence at this destination nature is at its peak. The wedding planner is going to be provided to the couple who will plan this function and will make it enduring for them.

1. Half Moon Resort in Rose Hall, Jamaica


To plan a wedding at Half Moon Resort is a dazzling experience. This resort gives the couple with the romance coordinator. The coordinator deals with every detail of the marriage. It is the responsibility of the coordinator to create such a charming atmosphere there that everyone gets fully involved in it that one can just imagine.

The Half Moon gives a shuttle for its visitors who arrive in airplanes.

So, here was a list of the top 10 most beautiful destinations to get married in 2017. By now, you should have thought what would be the ideal location for you to get married. These exotic locations are really mesmerizing and captivating.

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