Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries in Europe

Europe is especially famous throughout this world, for a specialty that it had a lot of kingdoms, and conquered the rest of the world right from Alexander the Great to the British Empire. It has been a very historic setting for Europe and even though the two World Wars have especially been very hard on Europe the continent doesn’t seem to lose its charm and it still one of the best sought-after places to visit. Among most of the tourists, a lot of people consider many countries in Europe as the centres for intellect, romance, art as well as ecstatic beauty. It comes as no surprise, especially because of the number of cities this continent has, including the most famous Paris, London, Manchester, Rome and Berlin. Europe is still one of the strongest of the contenders for the title of Paradise on earth.

So, here is a list of the top 10 most beautiful countries in Europe

10. Croatia

Croatia Top Most Beautiful Countries in Europe 2017

From the stunning architecture and walls to the beaches that frame with sparkling blue water, there is almost nothing that it cannot show. With great scenery, this has very famous cultural heritage. Although quite small in size, the small Central country from Europe abounds in notable sides and a lot of national parks also. Croatia is also famous for the lot of well known fashion stars and celebrities who visit the town around the world and also for its gothic places, marble streets and restaurants.

9. Scotland


Scotland is one of the most famous countries especially known for its crystal clear lakes and rocket coastline. Scotland is probably one of the most famous of the United Kingdom Nations after England. The Loch Ness Monster is also a star attraction at least in the mythical word from Scotland. Scotland is also remembered for its effective battlefields and breathtaking beaches, not to forget its magical mounts.

8. Austria

Austria Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries in Europe 2017

The country where Hitler was originally born Austria is undoubtedly one of the most famous countries of the world. Austria which is also the land of Mozart, is a medley of sparkling Alpine lakes. The capital steals the show with the highest living standards of the world. Vienna is undoubtedly a very famous city especially because of its world class infrastructure and Cafe culture, and of course, Austria is also famous for its beautiful baroque City Salzberg set against the glorious backdrop and still under the beauty of The Sound of Music.

7. Greece

Greece Top Most Popular Beautiful Countries in Europe 2018

Greece is undoubtedly one of the most famous countries especially because of its past. It is undoubtedly true that Greece has produced more intellectual people than any other country has done in the history before the Renaissance. It is also famous for being the only country that hosted the Olympics before the modern Olympics were created. The Delphi for nature lovers and the Olympus National Park is one of the beautiful places to visit.

6. Iceland

Iceland Top Famous Beautiful Countries in Europe 2019

Iceland is one of the most spectacular countries in the world especially because of the striking features which is quite evident from its name. Ice is indeed something that is very abundantly found in Iceland leaving the Splendor of nature aside. The land of fire and ice is also home to one of the world’s best parliaments with a lot of creative and forward thinking. Residents are with a strong sense of Patriotism here. Iceland’s capital is bursting with festivals, art galleries and lot of beautiful birds, while the whale watching excursions are offered all around the year. It is also to be noted that the golden circle and the famous Blue Lagoon are some of the best tourist spots in the world. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries in Europe 2017.

5. Turkey


This is one such country that has a mixture of both European and Asian culture. It is mixed with a lot of cultures and colors, also, a lot of sandy beaches and vibrant Bazaars. It is also famous for its old capital, Constantinople which is currently known as Istanbul, is one of the most interesting cities of the world. Here at the interface of Asia and Europe a lot of Roman theatres coexist, and a lot of modern shopping malls seem to coincide with the passes of the roadside brimming with art culture history. Istanbul is one of the planet’s greatest cities Turkey is also very famous for a lot of food stuff that is radically different from any other country’s cuisine

4. Spain


Spain according to most people is not just one of the most beautiful countries in Europe 2017, but can also be considered as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Red is one color you remember when you think of Spain especially because of the red cloth that the bullfighters hold, as well as the brand Ferrari, and the tomato festival too. It comes as no surprise that Spain is one place where you can witness a lot of sports such as Soccer and also Motor Sports like the Formula 1 Grand Prix. It is one place which is splendid and has a lot of beautiful cities like Madrid and Barcelona. The way that the Spanish people speak is very musical and interesting to listen to.

3. Italy


Italy is the name that surely needs to be on this list, the Haunting beauty of the Amalfi coast needs to be considered too, given the fact that Pizzas were invented here and cities like Florence and Naples exist in this country. It comes as no surprise that it is one of the most beautiful European countries. It is a roaring example for beautiful art and is very famous for its contribution to the Renaissance period.

2. France


Well, it is true that this country hosts the most interesting city of romance of the world. It was necessary to put it on this list. It is also true that this country is more popular among a lot of Tourists and France is also an interesting place to see. This country’s beauty comes from the diversity of scenery and is also because of the exclusive fashion shows that this country hosts. It is also famous for the stunning Gothic architecture and the splendid Renaissance chateaux.

1. Norway


Drifting slightly away from the other countries, this is one such country whose beauty is very different from the rest especially because of its peak striking with beautiful fjords, as well as slow clad mountains. It also has a lot of glaciers that will certainly take your breath away and it is entirely filled with Scandinavian sophistication. It is also famous for the Arctic Circle and the Midnight Sun as well as the Aurora Borealis which make it one of the most interesting places ever inside Europe

So, here was a list of the Top 10 most beautiful countries of Europe in 2017. These are the amazing countries to visit for vacation and can truly fulfill your travel goals.

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