Top 10 Most Beautiful Buildings In The World

Since the beginning of time nature has been an architect of all our surroundings but as time passed by a lot of people also began designing a lot of magnanimously beautiful buildings without whose existence the cities that we now know of wouldn’t be there at all. It comes as no Surprise that most of the buildings we see are a marvel of architecture. Especially, to view these beautiful buildings over the cities is a dream come true.

There are a lot of other buildings too that I was considering but then it is these beautifully architectural buildings that make the difference. Consider the Taj Mahal of Agra or the ruins of Machu Picchu. Almost every single architectural Marvel has highest place in human history. As of 2017 a lot has changed and the best buildings we see around us are not fully dependent upon the hi fi styles of architecture but also upon how well people can scientifically think and build magnanimous structures.

So here is a list of the top 10 most beautiful buildings of the world:

10. Shenzhen International Airport Terminal

Shenzhen International Airport Terminal Top Popular Beautiful Buildings In The World 2019

Another Chinese building to make its place into this list is the Shenzen International Airport Terminal situated in China itself. Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksaas are the Italian architects to whom its design is credited to. These are the architects who created Shenzhen bao’an International Airport in a highly creative and wonderful way. During the daytime this building lets all the sunlight from its unique glass like structures into its lounge which makes it look like one of the brightest places in the city.

9. The La Trobe institute for Molecular science


This is one building that represents science. It also makes sure that most of the artistic critics like this building. It is surely a marvel of architecture and it is constructed in a hexagon shape such that it has six stories. Its Windows are stretched across the front and also in the back side this Institute is also part of the La Trobe University which is situated in the Bundura campus. This Institute is one of the best and high profile medical institutes that Australia has ever witnessed.

8. Statoil Norway Headquarters

Statoil Norway Headquarters Top 10 Most Beautiful Buildings In The World

One of the best building that looks like real Lego blocks intertwined between each other, it is really one of Norway’s best buildings. This building was the design of a lab Architects and continues to Marvel people all over the world given the kind of Glass house look it has from the front it was constructed very close to the Oslo airport of Freneau, and in the outskirts of the city its dynamics design transformation of its well structure make it an ideal business point for most of the traders around the world.

7. De Rotterdam

De Rotterdam Top Most Beautiful Buildings In The World 2017

Rem Koolhaas gave a very beautiful look to this building of Netherlands. It comes as No Surprise that this building is one of the best buildings in Netherlands. This is also one of the biggest buildings in Europe and if you consider most of the skyscrapers around the world it is also one of the most beautiful looking vertical buildings in the world it has 3 mixed style Towers, a lot of beautiful accommodation areas and commercial centres with residential Apartments also useful in the form of restaurants and cafes all around the place for the visitors. The best thing about this building is that it has an indoor swimming pool where people undoubtedly enjoy different water games they could play in this place during summer or at any other time of the year.

6. Heydar Aliyev center


It is one of the only buildings in the world expressing the Azeri culture in a very impressive and sensible manner. This building is very creatively constructed from the inside of all its folds as well as surfaces to the entrance at which it opens. This building was designed by Iraq’s most famous architect zahhadid. It is also known for its outer invariance Nature Park with the lot of flower Gardens and the beauty of the tower becomes more evident when it is mixed with the flowers and observed.

5. The roof Gardens Kensington


The roof Gardens Kensington is one of the most romantic places in the world also known for its marvelous architecture and the Beauty with which its gardens are kept. It is also considered as one of the most expensive hotels. It is considerable that the food served here is extraordinary in terms of taste and quality. You might sometimes get lost in the taste of food they present and then might suddenly realize that you are sitting inside one of the most beautiful buildings of the world 2017 as you stare into your surroundings.

4. Dalian international Conference center


It would be very confusing if not even a single building of China is in the list. This building was created by one of the most famous architect Bureau of Australia. With the big Opera House, two theatres, an exhibition hall, parking areas and a lot of other features, Dalian international conference Centre is truly a spectacular site. This big building of China hosts most of the events taking part in the country.

3. Hotel Parkroyal


If there is any consideration of a building being beautiful and green, this is one such place. Design by the legendary WOHA Architects, it is one place where you will find an expanded parking area or swimming pool indoor JN to indoor Gardens and different stories which have various luxurious rules as this hotel of Singapore will never tire you.

2. Hutong London Bridge and Bermondsey


This is one of the building that will surprise you a lot considering its characteristics. Although there are a lot of restaurants in England, largest when it comes to buildings that are glamorous is the Hutong London Bridge which is actually a wonderful and stunning Chinese restaurant. This is quite surprising given that one of the best buildings in London is a Chinese restaurant. It is situated near London. It has also proved that most of the people who visit this place come not for the delicious food but especially to view the beautifully constructed restaurant. It is considered as a place where people eat yet is no short of a Palace.

1. The Aquarium Blue planet


When it comes to choosing the best of any such buildings the aquarium blue planet is undoubtedly one of the best and most spectacular pieces of architecture. It looks a lot like a spiraling structure but if you consider how it looks from the inside you will totally be left speechless. This building is built by the 3XN, and actually qualifies as the best building of Copenhagen. It also boasts of being the largest aquarium in the world and is very close to the Copenhagen airport.

So here was the list of the top 10 most beautiful buildings of the world by 2017. These are some magnificent structures with a picturesque sight. These are worth visiting in one’s lifetime and don’t miss out a chance to visit any of these.

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