Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Florida

Beaches are something that interested throughout our lifetime. For people who want to spend some time in the evenings after work or people who want to surf, beaches have been very interesting places to spend time. The sun disappearing around the horizon, is one of the most beautiful sites that mankind has ever encountered.

It comes as no surprise that most people enjoy their time especially near the beaches, even if it is quite hot out there, even though people find it difficult to bare heat when elsewhere. The waves in the shore and people playing volleyball or any other game like Frisbee or taking the dog out for a walk, are some of the most common sites available near the beach. Out of all the beaches that we have seen, the beaches of Florida pack a special surprise. Florida is known for its beaches all along, and serves as a major reason as to why Florida is famous. So, here is the list of the top 10 beaches at Florida. Hope at least some of you out there go to Florida and make best use of this list.

Here is the list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Florida

10. Naples beach

Naples beach Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Florida 2019

One of the most interesting things about this beach, is a two side confusion, as to which scenery to cherish, since both sides of the beach mark a deal of importance. All one side lines a number of houses of billionaires, while on the other side lies the richest form of nature itself. Once you land on this place it is rather difficult to go unnoticed, has most of the people who visit here come along with their families.

A lot of people also enjoy surfing and snorkelling in this beautiful beach.

9. Captiva Island

Captiva Island Top Best Beaches in Florida 2017

This Island just like Sanibel is known as one of the greatest shell Islands of Florida. It is the spot where you find the larger shells, as compared to that of Sanibel. Even though a lot of people find it dangerous for swimming because of the fast currents, it is one of the best places to build your sand castles. Another thing to be necessarily done is to keep all the live shells, where the were, instead of facing the strict laws of that place. At sunset, riding across the Captiva drive is one of the best pastimes

8. Palm Beach

Palm Beach Top 10 Beaches in Florida

This beach may have a stretch of 47 miles, but the price of this place is the Palm Beach county, that can be considered the beach of riches extravagance. When it turns out to be the winter home of the Kennedys and The Rockfellers, it is also home to a lot of new millionaires around America. It also boasts of Blue Water and gentle breezes. It is also exclusively known for its marine life which includes the rare flora and fauna it comprises of.

7. Atlantic beach


Known as one of the most relaxing places of the world, the Atlantic beach has a lot of white sand which is soft and cozy for people to sleep on. It is a short way over from Jacksonville, making it a very pleasurable spot for vacationers and day trippers to come into this place. Most of the historians take a lot of time studying in this place about the Atlantic beach and the neighbouring Jacksonville beaches. Afternoon spent well in this beach, people also head to the history centre and the beach museum. It has lot of special events in the evenings including live music and the monthly North beaches art walk, which is held on the 3rd Thursday of every month.

6. Sanibel Beach


One of the most interesting Barrier Reef islands with a mixed class orientation, is how Sanibel Beach is defined. It is also known as shell Island which is a prime spot in Florida for gathering perfectly intact shells of different shapes and sizes. It is mostly the children who benefit by building sand castles and collecting shells in this destination. Most people also enjoy the Natural Habitat around this place. Bowman’s island is one of the most tranquil and calm areas of sand on this beach.

5. Clearwater beach


When it comes to Clearwater beach, its importance lies in the fact that it has a reputation to uphold. One of America’s finest beaches it has undoubtedly called upon countless families and people to explore and spread across it. It is especially known for its sandy shores and beachfront hotels. This beach offers visitors a lot of activity such as diving into a game of volleyball, sunbathing on the Sandy beaches and taking a dolphin watching cruise, all of which are further beautified with parasailing or heading to the mainland museum. Also worth mentioning, this Museum boasts of one of the world’s most famous Aquariums. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Florida 2017.

4. Delray beach


The fourth beach in this list is the Delray beach which is like a charming village by the sea. Given this fact, it comes as no Surprise that around 1 million visitors seem to flock into this family friendly beach which is ideal for swimming, sandcastle building and sunbathing. It is also famous for the festive Atlantic Avenue, seafood restaurants which surround the place and the architecture and pineapple grove arts district. One of the places in this area worth a visit, is the seagate hotel and Spa on Atlantic Avenue which also boasts of a Beach Club.

3. Siesta key


Siesta key stands third in this list of beaches. Most of the people that love the beach and come to these shores to take advantage of the wide expanse of sand and the most tranquil form of water. Most people who come to this place also enjoy renting the catamarans from one of the many beach shops out there. This is also voted as one of the most perfect family vacation venues, not to forget its fame concerning the number of candlelit restaurants it has. People also benefit from this place as it has a lot of cosy cottages that can come handy for people during their romantic getaways. There is no doubt about the fact that in places like these romance has an important role to play.

2. South beach


This beach is undoubtedly a marvel when it comes to enjoying the nightlife here and the architecture that it offers to our eyes to enjoy. This long man made beach stretches for miles and is very suitable for early morning jogging and nude sunbathing. Even though it is not the Caribbean islands that this place is situated near, the water is clean and clear enough for the seabed to show its myriad flora and fauna. If any of you are thinking about the vibrant lights around the city, this is one of the best places to view it from along with the red horizon during dawn and dusk.

1. Key West


Key West is paradise with water covering its surroundings. Fort Zachary Taylor state park in the same place, is undoubtedly Florida’s most beautiful spot with wide stretches of sand and water which is totally tranquil in nature. Any visitor arriving to the place can rent snorkels and also ask for two seat glass bottom kayak from the concession area. The people who visit this beach, be it for adventure or romance, would have a very good time over here even the places around this area that are worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.

So, here was the list of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Florida 2017. Hope this list enlightens at least some of you concerning the beauty of Mother Nature and significance of nature in beautifying our thought processes.

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