Top 10 International Airlines With Best Inflight Entertainment

When a person takes an international flight they can plan on being on the plane for a long period of time. Many of these flights are going to take several hours. When a person is traveling by thousands of miles it is going to take a while. If they are going to be in a plane for a while they can expect to be entertained. There are some airlines that have better in flight entertainment than others.

These are the top 10 international airlines with the best inflight entertainment

10. Air France

Air France Top 10 International Airlines With Best Inflight Entertainment 2017

This plane offers a number of entertainment options. There is a wide variety of movies and television shows that a person can watch. There are kids’ shows as well to keep the little ones busy while in the air. The film selection changes each month as well. This airline even has some games people can play. Passengers on the plane are able to download content on their smart devices free of charge. They can get subway maps, games, a number of other items for free. A person can play out their vacation while they are on the plane.

9. Thai Airway


This airway has some great features. There is a colored light show for passenger amusement. There are seats that have television screens built into them and there a hundreds of movies, television shows, and music that can be downloaded. The seats were newly refurbished so a person can travel in comfort as well. The seats will allow passengers to have more room.

8. Virgin Atlantic


This airline allows visitors access to over 50 different movies as well as over 50 different television shows. This includes new releases as well as movies that are shown on premium channels. While on this flight a person can have access to all of this. They can even have seatback seat to seat chat if they are interested. This will help pass the time on long flights.

7. Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific Top Most International Airlines With Best Inflight Entertainment 2017

When a person is riding on this airline they will have access to the StudioCX system. This system allows a person to watch movies from the United States or from Asian countries. They can also watch television shows and listen to music from these countries. A person can sit back in their seat and watch a movie comfortably and watch a movie on the seatback screen. There is a mobile app that can also be downloaded. The Cathay Pacific has a discovery app that has similar features to a magazine. A person can find out about different cultures from around the world, learn about the lifestyle of people all around the world, learn about some great ethnic foods to try, and some adventures to have while they are traveling.

6. Turkish Airlines


This airline shows a number of hit films and documenters. They have feature films from both the United States and from Turkey. In addition to films there are a number of radio stations for people that like to relax and listen to music. There are games to play as well. This airline has a number of audio books and there is something for every interest including poetry. To keep children busy there is a wide selection of Grimm’s fairy tales for children so they stay busy on this flight.

5. Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways Top Most Popular International Airlines With Best Inflight Entertainment 2018

There are a number of great entertainment options on this flight. There are more then 100 movies to choose from as well as over 300 television programs. To keep a person up to date on the news there are over seven channels that feature live news programs alone. There are over 60 different types of digital games to select from as well. If a person wants to listen to music they can enjoy a full digital library. People on this flight enjoy a special feature. They enjoy living sporting events that they can view as they are happening. They can watch everything from the tennis matches at Wimbledon to the PCG tour as they are airing on TV.

4. Qantas


This airline has a large selection of entertainment. There are over 1,500 different entertainment items to choose from. They have a hundred movies, and many television shows, games, music tracks, and other options. The airline also has an app called PressReaders. This app will allow them to get free books to read. They will also get 12 free hours of access to magazines and newspapers that can be downloaded.

3. Singapore Airlines


This airline just got a complete makeover to make their passengers more comfortable. The seats were redesigned to be more comfortable. There is a new entertainment system. The screen are on the back of the seats. There are over 80 movies from the United States and many more movies from countries around the world. There is a good selection of music as well. This airline has 3D games as well as eX2 gaming for people that enjoy playing games. There is a feature that will allow them to compete again fellow passengers as well.

2. Qatar Airways


There are over 2,000 different entertainment options for people that use this airline. They can see movies that were recently released, television box sets, many different music tracks, and there are plenty of games to choose from. This airline made a deal with the Marvel entertainment company as well. A person can see 11 of the latest superhero movies while they are on this flight.

1. Emirates


This is a great airline of those looking to be entertained as they fly. There are widescreen ice digital television sets that get television stations from all around the world. There are different types of music to listen to as well. A passenger can watch live sporting events as well as news coverage. There are different gaming options as well. A person can watch a show using the on demand system and set the language to different options as well.

These are some of the best International Airlines for entertainment when a person is taking an international flight. There are a number of different options to keep a person busy while they are spending hours on the plane traveling internationally.

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