Top 10 Cheapest Restaurants in Manila

One thing that almost everybody would give their life for is taste in mouth watering food. Most people enjoy the feeling of exquisite and relishing food going through their mouths. A lot of people have different tastes, and obviously no two people have absolutely the same taste. This is what makes the world a very interesting place to live and therefore a lot of people take interest in knowing one another because they get to know something different each moment. This is one of the similarities between people and restaurants. Restaurants to a very interesting because of the distinct traits. While one restaurant is especially famous for the barbecues it produces, another restaurant might be known for the sizzlers.

Yet another restaurant might be the best place to have ice cream or Lasagna. Whatever be the case every restaurant has its own importance and that is what makes these places some of the most important public places in the world. People are very interested to go to restaurants and ask for the meal they like the best. But one of the most competitive ideas that can tell one restaurant as better from the other are its prices. Given unlimited resources any restaurant might be able to prepare the best food but the best restaurant would be one that fixes reasonable prices so that the customers are content enough with the food without having to spend too much on it. Manila is one such place, where the quality of food is extraordinary, but what makes it even more interesting is the fact that most of the high quality nourishing food in Manila come from the cheapest of the restaurants. These restaurants are usually maintained by some families who run the business efficiently also provide a lot of ideal examples of nutritious as well as mouth watering food.

So, here is a list of the top 10 cheapest restaurants in Manila

10. P.H.A.T. Pho

P.H.A.T. Pho Top Popular Cheapest Restaurants in Manila 2019

One of the most recently opened food joint of Manila, it guarantees some of the most interesting quality food you have ever tasted in the whole of Philippines. It is owned by the moment group in Manila, and is one of the most ideal places to try out a lot of Vietnamese dishes too. It is especially famous for its spring rolls and Noodles. Even though the seating arrangement in this place is a bit congested, it is one of the perfect reasons to cuddle with your girlfriend in a beautiful restaurant like this.

9. Tokyo bubble tea


The Tokyo bubble tea restaurant in Manila is one of the most interesting restaurants in this place especially because it is known for some of the most interesting flavours of Tea available in the world. Some of the most famous flavors of this place include the royal milk tea and strawberry milk tea. It is also known for the Paella Omurice and the Pork Katsudon.

8. Brasas

Brasas Top Best Cheapest Restaurants in Manila 2017

One restaurant in Philippines known for an exclusive interest in the Latin cuisine, the Brasas is one of the most interesting places to enjoy a wide variety of dishes from Chile, Columbia and Brazil. The Chef Nataly Montoya is known for bringing up some of the most interesting dishes which are quite tasty for almost anybody but do not hurt their economic condition. One of the most famous dishes of this place are the Carne Asada Wrap and The Puerco Asado.

7. Stacy’s


This is one of the cutest restaurants in all of Manila known for its pink and baby like appearance. This retro restaurant with a lot of effort put into the surroundings of the place is one of the most romantic restaurants in all of Manila where people could actually enjoy the food in pairs or even as a family, without having to worry a lot about money. Some of the most famous dishes in this place the Mobster’s meal and the potato chip Fried Chicken.

6. Banapple

Banapple Top 10 Cheapest Restaurants in Manila 2017

It’s one among the Top 10 Cheapest Restaurants in Manila 2017. One of the most comfortable places to ever land in with your date the is one of the most interesting restaurants that is quite affordable for almost anybody who tours across the Philippines. One of the most famous dishes of this place are the Lasagna roll ups, awesome Blueberry pancakes, the chicken breast Parmigiano and the Hickory smoked barbecued country ribs.

5. Grams Diner

Grams Diner Top Most Famous Cheapest Restaurants in Manila 2018

The Grams Diner is one of the most exotic places to ever land hey if you are interested to have some of the best dishes in the world. This beautiful restaurant in Philippines promises a lot of extraordinary dishes all of which are known for their qualitative display. The most famous dishes of this place the grams half pounder burger and barbecued best grilled pork belly. It is also said that the people in the restaurant usually treat was the day celebrates with the free meal during their birthday month.

4. Madeca


If there is any place inside the mall that you would want to go to have food in the Philippines the Madeca is the best option. Madeca is especially known for its exotic food most of which come from the Mexican origin. It has spinach and mushroom Quesadillas and a lot of different varieties of tacos, which clearly boasts of its Mexican origin.

3. Xocolat


One of the most exotic foods to ever enter the human lifestyle is the extraordinary pod called cocoa. Chocolate comes from the extraordinary power and still considered by most of the people in the world as one of the most interesting flavors which is quite different from the rest. Xocolat is one such place where almost every kind of chocolate is available. It is also famous for a lot of other dishes available here with include the Hungarian sausage Panini and the grilled chicken pesto pasta.

2. Pino resto bar and pipino vegetarian


The Pipino vegetarian is one of the most beautiful restaurants in Philippines. Known for its exclusively cheap costs and the extraordinary taste rendered by the food over here, this restaurant is very famous throughout the world especially for its walls filled completely with Doodles which gives a quiet home like appearance to this place. It is famous for a lot of dishes like the bacon and cheese stuffed chicken breast from Pino.

1. Mad Mark’s


One place that is simple enough to look at and it provides the best possible food in Philippines is undoubtedly the Mad Mark’s. Known for its elegant style and Revolutionary appearance, which is clearly an example of simplicity and quality combined to form something better, mad mark’s promises some of the best dishes in the world including the chicken meltdown sandwich or the Mariner sandwich.

So, here was a list of the top 10 cheapest restaurants in Manila 2017.

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