Top 10 Cheapest Restaurants in London

Food is something that almost everybody likes in this world and no person would disagree with the fact that tasty food with a blend of healthy food is what makes food the best in the world. A lot of people have different tastes, and obviously no two people have absolutely the same taste. This is what makes the world a very interesting place to live and therefore a lot of people take interest in knowing one another because they get to know something different each moment.

This is one of the similarities between people and restaurants. Restaurants are very interesting because of the distinct traits. While one restaurant is especially famous for the barbecues it produces, another restaurant might be known for the sizzlers. Yet another restaurant might be the best place to have ice cream or Lasagna. Whatever be the case every restaurant has its own importance and that is what makes these places some of the most important public places in the world. People are very interested to go to restaurants and ask for the meal they like the best. But one of the most competitive ideas that can tell one restaurant as better from the other is its prices.

Given unlimited resources any restaurant might be able to prepare the best food but the best restaurant would be one that fixes reasonable prices so that the customers are content enough with the food without having to spend too much on it. The same rules follow for London too, especially since London is quite a very famous city in the world, most people in London proceed to check out the regulars, rather than the costliest restaurants which have been an ideal inspiration to most tourists. It is also true that what makes the cuisine of London so popular is also the quality of food served in these small restaurants.

So, here is a list of the top 10 cheapest restaurants in London

10. Banh Mi Bay

Banh Mi Bay Top Best Cheapest Restaurants in London 2017

One of the most beautiful restaurants in London known for its affordable prices is the Banh mi Bay which reminds a lot of people of one of the best mixtures of a Vietnamese Cafe and a modern British tea room. Its dishes are especially Vietnamese and yet they are served with the quality that befits that of London. Most people in London come here to have a lot of dishes famous in Vietnam like the Vietnamese Baguette sandwiches.

9. Bibimbap

Bibimbap Top Most Famous Cheapest Restaurants in London 2018

The Bibimbap is a very famous Korean mixed rice dish which comes in a lot of endless variations. This restaurant too is named after the same dish and is exclusively famous for serving the variations of this very dish. It is quite popular throughout London and therefore has led to the opening of a second branch in Fitzrovia, after the first one made a lot of name in Central London. It is especially famous for a lot of dishes with come with mixed vegetables like Mooli, daikon, spinach and many more.

8. Chettinad

Chettinad Top Most Popular Cheapest Restaurants in London 2018

One beautiful place in Central England to witness the grandeur of Indian cooking is the Chettinad. It is especially known for some of the most famous servings of bhel puri, chana Chaat, chole bhature and some of the most interesting Indian curries which all come at a very affordable cost. Some of the desserts in this place include a variety of raitha and also some South Indian dishes like kheer and Kesaribath.

7. Pizza pilgrims


One of the most interesting places in London for a pizza takeaway is the pizza pilgrims which is very famous for its affordable prices for some of the most qualitative Pizzas in London. Started by the brothers Thom and James Elliott, this beautiful restaurant has gained popularity amongst all the citizens of London for its extraordinary food and the quality in which it is delivered.

6. Foxcroft and Ginger

Foxcroft and Ginger Top Famous Cheapest Restaurants in London 2019

One of the most interesting places to have the world’s best cappuccinos, the foxcroft and Ginger restaurant promises every bit of class one could ask for in the servings of some of the world’s most popular desserts. A lot of people come here to have different varieties of chocolate brownies and pastries amidst the beautiful Hip hop music that this place plays. It’s among the cheapest Restaurants in London 2017. It is one of the most ideal cafes to chill out in the middle of London for a very affordable price.

5. Honest burger


One of the most legendary dishes of London known as the honest burgers served in this beautiful place. It is especially famous because the patties for these burgers are made from the 35 day aged meat, usually beef. This place is also known to serve the world’s best fish and chips for a very affordable price and it comes as no surprise that a lot of people flock into this restaurant, ordering for more food. An ideal meal in this place takes as less as 10 pounds and can therefore be considered as a very good place to have cheap and qualitative food.

4. Scandinavian kitchen


As the name suggests this beautiful place so some of the best Scandinavian dishes in the world and is popular for being a cafe with a lot of facilities including its cheap costs. The most interesting dishes of this place include the Nordic rye, egg rolls and smoked Salmons. That is also famous for a lot of new dishes like the potatoes in a Dill vinaigrette or shredded white cabbage and oregano. However strange these dishes might feel when you eat them you will forget all about how strange they sounded.

3. Attendant

Attendant Top 10 Cheapest Restaurants in London 2017

Some of the most interesting desserts of London are obviously served in this beautiful place known as the attendant. The attendant is especially famous for a lot of soups, hot Deli sandwiches and salads. But it has also been at Klein for providing a lot of other desserts like bittersweet bakery cakes and breakfast muffins. Also famous from this place or some very vibrant sweets like the Montgomery Cheddar souffle.

2. Honey and Co


One place to try a wide variety of food is honey and Co where you will surely experience the beauty and significance of a complete British breakfast which comes with com let’s Blueberry and sour cream doughnuts and pizza like Lahma breads topped with Spiced lamb and Pine nuts. A lot of other dishes are also available here, but this place is especially popular for The Herbs used in cooking the food like the tiny Guindilla peppers and amazing kalamata olives.

1. Koshari Street


The koshari Street is undoubtedly the cheapest possible eating joint in all of London, especially famous for the koshari, as its name suggests. Joseph you could not know, Koshari is an Egyptian snack food which is a mixture of rice, chickpeas and Macaroni. This place is also famous for a wide variety of Herbs used here some of which are considered to be Secrets in the food societies of London. This place is known to provide gaucherie at a very cheap cost of about 4.5 pounds.

So, here was a list of the top 10 cheapest restaurants in London 2017.

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