Top 10 Best Zoos in The World

Almost every major cities around world is the home to a zoo. Anyhow there are only some zoo’s and wildlife parks working to promote animal conservation ,protection to wildlife, captive breeding of endangered species and awareness about the importance of animal preservation and public education about wild animals .

Here are the top ten best zoos around the world doing miraculous work



New Zealand’s very first zoo and is one of the biggest. Situated on about 32 evergreen acers with around 100 different species and 500 animals- the miniature sun bear which is the smallest among the bear species ,Sumatran tigers are among the endangered species native to new Zealand. This zoo is considered to be the best quality, sustainable enclosure for its animal population and also includes solar heating and power which also consists of one-on-one encounty withe animals to educate about the importance about the natural preservation.



Situated in Ontario. Which houses for about 5000 animals of 460 spices from all around the world .This Zoo has some truly unique and amazing exhibits such as “The sting ray touch tank ” and “camel rides “. The zoo also includes worth enclosures for number of endangered baby species like spider monkeys, African elephant, western lowland gorillas and Gaur (type of Indian bison) . Many native animals to Canada ,such as wood bison ,lynx,cougar, Grizzly bear house here .


AUSTRALIA ZOO Top 10 Best Zoos in The World 2017

Founded by AUSTRALIA’S CROCODILE HUNTER -Late Steve Irwin. This zoo is considered as the most wildest and adventurous zoo on the earth . House for about 1000 different animals encouraging with hands on encounter of various koalas ,wombats,tigers, elephants, snakes.Australia zoo also promot protection and awareness of animal preservation. If u want to make your day make a reservation.!



” ZOORASIA” is the name by which Yokohama zoo is lovingly called as . established in 1999. ZOORASIA spreads about 100 acres in size . This massive zoo has given room to over 1500 animals from 150 species. Greenery is wildly spread in the zoo . This zoo consists 7 different ecological sector . mainly includes – The Asian Tropical Forest ,Central Asian Highlands, Oceanian grassland ,Japanese countryside, Amazon Jungle and The African Tropical rainforests-these all are designed in order to mimic the natural habitats. This Zoo is so huge that the guests are given binoculars for optimal spotting on the inhabitants .



Established by a naturalist Robert Jackson in 1963. It spreads about 37 acre which is a hillside park . the zoological society of whales helmed and operates the zoo more like then the conservation of land for native wild animals within . the guests are hold treated to wooden acres rolling hills teeming and tree lined paths with grass snakes , badgers , and greay horns .The modern Eurasian otter showcase – outfitted with river and waterfall for otters to frolic and slide on, and the California sea lions and Humboldt penguins are the must see exhibits in wales . This is one among the world’s best zoos in 2017.


BERLIN ZOO Top Popular Zoos in The World 2018

THE BERLIN ZOO is one of the oldest and most visited zoo for all time in Germany .It is a collaboration with associated aquarium, it area spreads about 84 acres and is a hime for about 17000 animals . King Frederick William IV of Prussia helped to establish this zoo and also populated the zoo with 850 animals from his own collection.BERLIN ZOO suffered a massive damage during world war II , when much off the zoo was destryand most of the animals were perished. Anyhow the zoo was rebuilt and the survivors were a pair of lions ,hyenas, a dozen baboons , chimpanzee and a bull elephant which were later moved into a finest tours and natural enclosure the zoo also made biblical reference for showcasing animals.


PHILADELPHIA ZOO Top Famous Zoos in The World 2019

Situated in Pennsylvania . it is the America’s very first zoo built .established in 1875. This zoo jas been earning reputation for breading endangered species in captivity and also in natural habitat for its animal population control. It is home for about 1300 animals. One of the most state of the art primates exhibits. This zoo has about 2.5 acres of indore and outdoor area which Houses for 10 different species mainly primate species which includes lowlands gorilla, Sumatran orangutans, lemurs, gibbons and silverbacks .lovable sights for cat lovers as it houses 12 endangered spey of felines like amur tigers , jaguars, snow leopard, cougar and African lion. You can get the best and rare overnight experience of camp for visitors.


BRONX ZOO Top Most Popular Zoos in The World 2018

Situated in New York city . smallest but one of the oldest zoo in USA .veterinarian society is established by wildlife conservation society here.were care is provided to 15000 animals which are located at various zoos across America.This zoo is renowned for animal enrichment program. Visual of educational and hands on in nature.guests can witness zoo keepers interaction and training with animals like monkey and tigers .various feeding ,health care and animal behavior is also observed .


SAN DIEGO ZOO Top 10 Best Zoos in The World

Placed in California near San Diego’s downtown. This zoo is wild spread for about 100 acres and is protecting and providing room for 4000 animals from 800 species. Visitors can hire a bus guide of 35 minutes . Elephant Odyssey is the moat impressive educational and tracing species of the olden ages like Pleistocene era to modern days. Visitors can pop up to watch giant sloth lions , bears ,in their specific habitats.


BASEL ZOO Top Most Zoos in The World 2017

This zoo holds the reputation of one of the most successful captive breeding program of endangered species the world .The species found here are not often found in other wildlife parks in the world . the species present here are peculiar for about 600 species like cheetah, Indian rhino ,flamingos, pygmy hippopotamus , okapi and snow leopards. BASEL ZOO is considered among the top 10 best zoos by the zoological society of London for its amazing efforts and success in breeding of endangered species.

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