Top 10 Best Hotel Chains in The World

The best hotels foster quality service and set very high standards, so that guests are sure to get a perfect service, as well as a food and drink menu that beats the best restaurant in town. A night at the world’s most exceptional chain hotels is quite unforgettable. The listed hotel chains have established a detailed standards, practices, and training, which has enabled them to stay relevant over the years.

The hotels listed below have gained widespread recognition and are the top 10 best hotel chains in the world

10. Dorchester collection

Dorchester collection Top Most Popular Hotel Chains in The World 2018

This hotel is owned by the Brunei Investment Agency. This luxurious hotel manages ten other 5 star hotels. These are Hotel Bel-air, The Dorchester, Hotel Meurice, The Beverly Hills Hotel, 45 Park Lane, Hotel Eden, Plaza Athenee and Le Richemond. The hotels are managed by Dorchester Collection as a representative of the third party owners.

9. Commune Hotels & Resorts

Commune Hotels & Resorts Top Most Famous Hotel Chains in The World 2018

This executive hotel comprises of Thompson Hotels, Joie de Vivre Hotels, a luxury lifestyle brand Tommie, and numerous internationally branded boutique hotels. The chain hotels were founded in 2011, and have become world renowned hotels, with their exceptonal service, breathtaking designs, and a rich gastronomy.

8. Four seasons Hotels & Resorts


This hotel was founded 57 years ago by Isadore Sharp, who was a Canadian businessman. Four seasons is a Canadian international hotel that offers upscale luxury, and it manages over a hundred hotels worldwide. For 10 years now, the major shareholders have been Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal and Bill gates. This five star hotel use local architecture and styles to maintain a balanced service.

All the Four seasons & Hotels have spa services. While Four Seasons owns and manages hotels on behalf of real owners and developers, the owners are given freedom to design the property and operate it with total ownership. Their profit share is supposed to fund the chain-wide sales, reservations and marketing systems. The hotel has been ranked by Conde Nast Traveler magazine among the top ten best hotels in the globe. It has also received credit from Fortune as being among the “100 best companies to work for”.

7. Capella Hotels & Resort


This luxurious hotel chain is growing rapidly and it offers services within 4 unique profiles. Capella Hotels aims at setting a high standard in the hospitality sector. In this case, most are considered the best boutique hotels, which means having an excellent interior design and architecture. Guests can also be sure of an up to standard service, since they pay attention to detail.

Capella hotels’ main focus is to offer you the best service that no hotel can match. They also own and manage other properties in gateway cities and resort destinations all over the world. These properties include: A Capella hotel, Breidenbacher Hof, Capella Ixtapa, Saint Lucia and Capella Georgetown just to mention a few.

6. The Peninsula Hotels


The chain operator is in Hong Kong. It manages ten hotels in United States, Europe and Asia. It has been in operation for the last 79 years. The hotels former name was ‘finest hotel east of the Suez’. Peninsula Bangkok was ranked number 1 in Asia and came in at number 8 as ranked by Travel and Leisure magazine. In 2012, Travel and leisure also ranked Peninsula Tokyo as being number 2 in their annual “The 500 Best Hotels List”.

5. The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts


The Leela is an Indian Hotel that was founded by C.P Krishnan Nair almost 32 years ago. It consists of eight luxurious properties. The Leela Group managed to build a hotel with 357 rooms that embraced a modern touch of architecture to it. The Leela partnered with preferred hotels and Resorts to market it. Guests can visit and experience breathtaking views.

4. One&Only Resorts


One &Only are mostly located in exotic places around the globe. Their service is centered on looking after our customers with a high standard of hospitality. One & Only Resort has elegant guestrooms that are designed to feature the culture of their location. Guests can visit and experience luxury in the most eye dazzling places on earth, and breathe in the fresh air as they view the breathtaking views.

3. Aman Resorts


Aman has thirty resorts, Hotels and residences in over 15 countries in the world. The Aman resort was founded nearly 28 years ago by Adrian Zecha and Anil Thadani. It is now under the ownership of Silverlink Holdings Limited. Aman Resorts is being established in different countries of the world. The resort has embraced a bit of architecture to enhance the natural and cultural setting. Indigenous materials and techniques have been incorporated too. The architects under this establishment are Marwan Al-Sayed, Ed Tuttle, Wendell Brunette, Kerry Hill and Rick Joy.

2. Oetker Collection


This is a masterpiece hotel. It manages five star hotels that comprises of four different properties. The Oetker collection has 9 hotels in total. We are geared to inspire visitors to seek the best life has to offer. It features the following iconic places Brenner’s Park-Hotel & Spa, Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc and Le Bristol. The guests can explore the local culture, nature’s beauty and the rich gastronomy that the Hotels offer. Come and make new fascinating memories.

1. Oberoi Hotels & Resort


Oberoi was founded in 1934 by Mohan Singh Oberoi. It owns and manages over thirty majestic hotels and 2 river cruise ships in six different countries. The key stakeholders are Kapil Chopra, Arjun Singh Oberoi, Prithvi Raj Signh Oberoi, Vikram S. Oberoi and Shib Sanker Mukherji. Oberoi Group is a universal hotel Company. The hotel’s headquarter is in Delhi. Oberoi Group owns hotels under the Trident brand and manages properties in India and Saudi Arabia.

All over the world, there are now more high-end hotels and resorts than ever before. There is an immense growth in worldwide hospitality than in the past. Luxury hotel chains are still growing and the challenging aspect is keeping up with the ever-changing standards and quality that a five star hotel should have. However, there are a few that managed to offer consistent level of excellence over the years, such as the Toronto-based Four Seasons Hotel. Book yourself to any of the above-mentioned hotels and enjoy the unforgettable experience!

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