Top 10 Best Dance Clubs in The World

It’s hard not to feel the energy of a dance club once you hit the floor, or even when you’re standing outside the door waiting to get in. Some of these clubs are so exclusive that you absolutely need to know someone just to get inside, and even then you might being virtually ignored if you’re not someone that people feel the need to pay attention to. Dance clubs are notorious hangouts for the rich, wealthy, and powerful, and as such are often gaining a reputation for being almost entirely too unapproachable when a person simply wants to have a good time. While the top ten best dance clubs throughout the world are a bit on the pricey side, they are still a haven for those that just want to dance, drink, and have a great time with others.

Here are the Top 10 Best Dance Clubs in The World

10. Octagon- Seoul

Octagon- Seoul Top 10 Best Dance Clubs in The World

Located within Seoul’s high-end Gangnam district, the Octagon is undoubtedly the best club that Korea has to offer and is easily among the most impressive within the Far East. You can see the quality just walking in, and the Funktion-One sound system is bound to impress. It also features a wonderful menu with gourmet-grade food that can satisfy most any appetite.

9. Cavo Paradiso- Mykonos

Cavo Paradiso- Mykonos Top Best Dance Clubs in The World 2017

You might take a look at such a location and see little more than what appears to be the oddest spot for a club that you’ve ever seen. However unlikely it might seem though, the venue located here has managed to take full advantage of its natural surroundings to make very party a special moment.

8. Marquee- Las Vegas


Despite the many wonders of the world there are few places one could find that would be able to compete with the splendors that Sin City has to offer. The Marquee was opened as of 2010 on New Year’s Eve as a part of the Cosmopolitan, offering a nightclub experience that is rivaled by only a few locations within the city. The fifty foot high ceilings and immensely expensive soundstage is constantly host to top DJs that frequent the club to entertain the thriving crowds that continually pour into the state of the art dance club.

7. Fabric- London


London knows very well how to create one of the top venueswhen it comes to dance clubs. Fabric opened up as of 1999 and has since then changed quite a bit, but the club has still managed to keep its underground feel despite its continual evolution. An interesting aspect of the club is its dance floor, which actually vibrates to the baseline of the music. While such a thing might seem odd to some, it can actually enhance the experience and make dancers even more eager to keep grooving the night away.

6. BCM Dance Palace- Mallorca


Despite the older aspects of the country, Spain is definitely up on the dance scene when it comes to competing with other countries with its popularity and design. Existing as the largest dance club on Mallorca, BCM Dance Palace is always playing host to a line of DJs that are easily capable of keeping dancers entertained and moving to the beat all through the night. It’s also quite well known for being one of the biggest foam parties to be found around the world.

5. Zouk- Singapore


Zouk was founded as of the early 1990’s and has remained Singapore’s most popular spot for some time. Instead of being comprised of one singular club it is instead four venues that continually play a wide variety of dance music. Such an innovative idea insures that everyone can have a great time and listen to what they want, not just what is playing at the moment.

4. Pacha- Ibiza


Pacha is actually a global brand that is capable of being found throughout various locations worldwide. As grand as these other venues might be however, none can even come close to comparing with the Ibiza brand. Pacha was actually started as of the early 1970’s and has been regarded as a type of Mecca where music and history collide with a wonderful blend of new and old. It has played host to a great number of celebrities and is still considered one of the premier clubs throughout the world.

3. Green Valley- Camboriu


Many people would undoubtedly agree that Brazilians are widely known for their love of song and dance and have a large propensity for partying. If there was any doubt all one would need to do is visit Green Valley to see for themselves. From the awesome sound to the stunning special effects and almost infectious energy of the venue it is hard to think that any nightclub around the world would be able to match the sheer intensity of Green Valley.

2. Hakkasan- Las Vegas


Now you had to think that you’d see Vegas again on such a list. Located within the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, Hakkasan is a very high-end club that attracts artists of great renown. Hakkassan is perhaps one of the most high-toned clubs on the list, and it’s prices and luxury can attest to this.

1. Space- Ibiza


Ibiza takes the top spot chiefly because of its amazing nightlife and the clubs that afford it such an amazing amount of recognition. But the top spot within Ibiza, and the top entry of the list, has to go to Space. Established back within the early 1990’s, Space is considered a bit of a legendary venue for its open-air parties and the simple fact that it is an outdoor club that is, metaphorically speaking, an out of world experience.

Whether you’re looking for a good time or just a hot spot to dance, the clubs listed above will offer a pleasing experience and an energy that is hard to resist. Despite the fact that many of them are not within the United States, there is no denying that urge to visit them is a strong compulsion that can urge one to pick up and go. Dance clubs are almost always a good reason to get out and see the world, if only for the experience.

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