Top 10 Best Chinese Restaurants in Bengaluru

Chinese food has always been the delight of all the people as its taste hits the taste buds of the tongue and makes us feel very delighted. Chinese are well known for their unique food habits and recipes. Their cookeries and dishes use some special techniques, sauces and seasonings to impart the unique tastes. In the metropolitan city of Bengaluru, we now have some of the finest Chinese Restaurants to satisfy the needs of the foodies in the city.

This is the list of top 10 Best Chinese Restaurants in Bengaluru City

These Chinese Restaurants are well-renowned for providing the finest of the Chinese Cuisines.

10.) KIM LING –

kim ling, Top 10 Best Chinese Restaurants in Bengaluru 2017

Kim Ling is situated in the Sandeep arcade which is eat of NGEF Banaswdi. Though it is old fashioned but holds its stand in being amongst the top 10 best Chinese restaurants in the city. Many refer the place as greasy Chinese and it reminds the old taste of Chinese which is much more real and somewhat liked by very less number of people. Some of the loved dishes of this place is chilli chicken momos, chicken noodles, prawns cooked in hot garlic sauce, and crispy American Chopsuey.


chung wah, Top 10 Best Chinese Restaurants in Bengaluru 2018

Chung Wah is a food chain in Bengaluru and thus it has multiple outlets across the city. It has some 19 outlets in the city and all of them is awesome and well known for their authentic taste of the dishes. It is famous for dine-in restaurant and takeaway service which fills the people with convenience. People’s favourite outlet is the koramangla branch that provides delicious drums of heaven, golden fried prawns, Chicken black beans, etc.

8.) LUO HAN –

luo han, Top 10 most popular Chinese Restaurants in Bengaluru 2019

Lao Han is situated in the 666, 27th main road sector 1 of HSR Layout of the city. It is the place where people who are vegetarian and love Chinese food can come and enjoy taste of Chinese cuisine. This place for those people who think that they can’t get better Chinese cuisine in Bangalore. Luo Han is completely vegetarian and due to his reason also it is the favourite of many folks across the place. Some of the dishes served here are fried rice with tofu and spring onions, crispy Chinese chop suey, Vegetables balls in Manchurian sauce and many more.


shang palace, Top 10 famous Chinese Restaurants in Bengaluru 2020

The Shang Palace is also one of the most visited place by the fodders who love Chinese food and want to spend their quality time with their beloved ones. It is situated in Shangri –La Hotel, Vasanth Nagar of the city where people flock to spend their time. It is the latest entrant in the Chinese fine dining segment in Bangalore. It is not as expensive as many of its fellow contenders around the city and thus it can also be the reason why it is loved by the people very much. The best starters from the menu is the crispy lotus stem- the sweet and spicy flavours are extremely well balanced.

6.) ZEN –

zen, Top 10 Best Chinese Restaurants in Bengaluru 2017-2018

Zen is the famous Chinese restaurant in Bangalore whose taste cannot be forgotten by any Bangalurean. It is situated at The Leela Palace, 23 old Airport Road. It is the most exotic place for fodders and it is one of its kind in the city. All the dishes served in the hotel are offered in a very beautiful manner. Many people consider place as the best Chinese restaurant in Bangalore though it is sixth in its place. Some popular dishes served in this restaurant is crispy soft shell crabs in salt and pepper, Singapore Chilli Prawns, Sweet and sour Pork, and steamed Chilean Sea bass with Ginger and Scallion.



Memories of China as the name suggests it is a place that actually reminds the actual taste of china. This place is wonderful and for Chinese food lovers it is awesome. It is located at Vivanta by Taj which is at 41 MG Road. It is a place for many banglurean. Though many other Chinese restaurants are opened in the places around this place holds its stands where it was. They serve Spiny Lobster, deep-fried, with preserved egg yolk. For crab lovers they try wok-fried pepper crab o the chilli Singapore style. Their hot pots are soul-warmers.



Bangalore Mandarin is situated at the 196, 3rd floor, double road of Indranagar area of the Bangalore. Indranagar is a place where people all around the city flock to roam about. This restaurant is 4th best Chinese restaurant in the city and the people are delighted to come here and spend their precious and delightful time with their beloved ones in the beautiful ambience of the place. They serve Pan Asian dishes also. The lantern which is placed there adds to the beauty of the place. The favourite dishes served here are Honey Sesame Prawns, Crispy Shredded Pork, Hot and sour chicken soup, Kung Pao Chicken and their mixed noodles.



Szechuan Court is situated at 37-39, MG road and is the attraction of many people across the city those who are attracted towards the Chinese food. This Chinese restaurant is situated at The Oberoi which is one of the old-timers in the city and it has a pity large number of fan following who rely upon them that they will provide the best cuisine. It has a pretty large menu but its signature dishes are the ones for which people actually go to that place. It has proper pricing also which commoners can also afford. In their menu they have sweet pork with steamed rice and it also serves dim sum lunch with a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.



The lantern is situated in the 99, Residency road of the city. It is owned by the ritz carlton which is a famous food providing service and is hence a bit expensive. It is the second most famous Chinese restaurant in the city. They provide the refined taste of Chinese cuisine to their customers in a beautiful environment. As ou reach the table fresh steamed Edamame is served on the table. It is also the best place for Chinese food lovers and they come here to spend time with their beloved ones and they can have tasty Chinese cuisine. You will get dishes like Charsiu Bao, Seabass Dumplings, Stir-fried Wild mushrooms in hot pepper sauce, garlic fried rice or Hofan noodles.

1.) HUNAN –

hunan, Top 10 Best Chinese Restaurants in Bengaluru 2019

Hunan is situated in BEL road Bengaluru. When its inauguration was done its warm welcome was done by the people of Bengaluru and specially those who are very fond of Chinese food. It is the best Chinese restaurant in Bengaluru. It is a very beautiful place with spacious ambience, proper and delightful lighting and arrangement of proper seating arrangement. A decent attempt was made by them to provide their customers with the authentic taste of Chinese cuisine and with their fortunate luck they succeeded in achieving their goals in face of the taste they provided. Some cuisines like pepper Lemon garlic, prawns and Singapore chilli crabs are served here.

This was the list of the Best Chinese Restaurants in the Silicon City, Bengaluru that are very much popular in the city and add more flavour to the fascinating weekends of the city.

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