Top 10 Best Buffet Restaurant in The World

Food: One of the few things that everyone in the world can relate to. Buffet have become a favorite of many people due to the variety and amount of foods available. Did you know that the concept of buffets actually arose in France? It happened when French hosts placed food on side tables so that guests could serve themselves at parties.

Here is the list of the top ten best buffet restaurant in the world.

10. Copper Chimney, USA


This restaurant is located in New York City. It features dishes from North and South India. Some of the special dishes include the Goa specialty chicken, xacuti, and Punjabi Chana pindi. The lunch buffet is $8.95 and $9.95 on weekends.

9. The Veranda, Stockholm

the veranda stockholm, Top 10 Best Buffet Restaurant in The World 2017

This restaurant is in the Grand Hotel. It has breathtaking views of the Royal Palace. It is known for its authentic smorgasbord which is a Swedish tradition. There are a range of dishes, both hot and cold. These include smoked reindeer sausage and Tvarno ham with melon salsa. The price is $62 per person.

8. Al Hadheerah, Dubai


This restaurant includes a dining experience which features belly dancers and falconry displays. The menu is Emerati food. There are many dishes including halloumi and romi cheeses and fried eggplant with cumin. It is a haven of Arabian food, and has so much more to offer than just being known as a restaurant. The price is $68 for one person.

7. The Lady and Sons, USA

the lady and sons usa, Top 10 Best Buffet Restaurant in The World 2017

The Lady and Sons is in Savannah, Georgia. It has three floors and is capable of seating 330 people. Dishes in this restaurant include southern American foods like creamy mac and cheese and pork stew. One dish it’s known for is the fried chicken which is coated with the house special seasoning. Lunch for one person is $13.99 and dinner is $17.99.

6. The Rice Table, Singapore


In this restaurant, customers can mix and match 20 options. The variety of foods include potato corn fritters and tofu omelette. The Indonesian heritage is incorporated through the varied sauces, spices, and flavors. Some popular dishes are the Sambal udon, and spicy prawns in a coconut sauce.

5. Round Hill Hotel&Villas, Jamaica


In this restaurant, 100 percent of the food is locally grown. The Chef of the restaurant has the motto “Grow what you eat and eat what you grow.” Some of the restaurants on the menu include jerk chicken and sausages with watermelon, chutney and breadfruit salad. The price is $49.95.

4. Sembikiya, Tokyo


In 1834, this restaurant was started by a samurai. Once a week, the restaurant hosts a fruit buffet which includes 20 different fruits including kiwi and durian. Some of the fruits are locally grown like the Miyazaki mangoes. The price is $40 a person.

3. Café Fleuri, Boston

cafe fleuri boston, Top 10 most popular Best Buffet Restaurant in The World 2018

The restaurant is unique in that it has a chocolate buffet. It features 125 desserts including made-to-order crepes, and a fondue fountain. The portions of the desserts are rationed out in small sample sizes. It is located in the Langham Hotel Boston which is a luxury hotel. The hotel was built in 1922 and was based on the Palazzo della Cancelleria which is in Rome.

2. Porcao, Rio de Janeiro


This dining place is known for its various carnivores foods. Beach-tanned waiters serve skewers and skewers of beef, pork, and poultry. The famous dishes include Bacon-wrapped filet mignon and pork sausages. It even has chicken hearts. The price is $39 per person.

1.Bellagio, Las Vegas


The Bellagio hotel serves approximately 4,000 people on a daily basis. However, it manages quality and quantity. There are 12 food stations which include a range of foods from seafood to pasta. On weekends, there is a gourmet dinner which includes Kobe beef. The price ranges from $14.95 to $35.95. One item to save room for are king crab legs which can be taken with the side of drawn butter or a brandy cocktail sauce.

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