Top 10 Best Bars in The USA

All over the United States are some very lively and exciting bars but this list is the best of the best in regards to their food, atmosphere, beers and cocktails! No matter what state you are in there is sure to be something intriguing to try in your area of the country.

Following is the list of top ten best bars in the USA

10. The Violet Hour in Illinois

The Violet Hour in Illinois Top Popular best Bars in The USA 2019

This awesome bar specializes in pre-prohibition cocktails! They boast that they provide the best artisanal cocktails you can find in Illinois. The mural on the front of the building changes frequently but is extremely noticeable to it’s single lightbulb at the entry way of their business. They offer a very unique type of house rules which request you wear proper attire when attending, no spending time on your cell phone and you may not order a Budweiser or Cosmopolitan! They pride themselves on being upscale and expect the same out of their customers.

9. Sugarhouse in Michigan

Sugarhouse in Michigan Top Famous best Bars in The USA 2019

This bar prides themselves on filling a demand that was in Detroit. They offer a unique Chinese horoscope inspired menu which includes a play on the astrological lucky colors and attributes of it’s assigned sign. A Year of the Monkey for instance includes banana scotch and vanilla syrup among other ingredients. When they aren’t serving customers they are offering classes which cover mixology and whiskey tastings. If you always wanted to know how to properly taste a glass of whiskey you will have to stop here to find out how.

8. Anvil Bar & Refuge in Texas


This bar has a very unique and inviting atmosphere. They don’t expect you to dress a certain way or wait in a long line; their door is wide open to anyone interested in trying this place out. They are Houston’s first bar dedicated to classic cocktails that have been long forgotten. If you want to munch on something with your drink they offer a grand meat and cheese platter great for a group. This is one of the few places in the United States you can order pickled quail eggs or scotch eggs. Anvil also offers their menu online so you can take a look at their extremely long drink menu. You will find something to your liking on this list.

7. Shelby’s Bar & Grill in Colorado


This is one of the oldest bars in Denver and is frequented by locals but also a favorite to anyone visiting the area. Customers love the ambiance and drink list. They are enjoyed for all different occasions and are well known from their great customer service and fun personalities.

6. Whitechapel in California


This popular San Fransisco bar is well known for their cocktails, beer selection and fantastic vibe. They boast the largest gin collection in all of North America. They love creating cocktails that showcase gins versatility and ability to blend with different flavors. They also offer a great menu of foods that will go great with that gin drink you order. Their décor will remind you of something hiding under the streets of London, their service is top notch and their drink menu is long and worth ogling over.

5. Cane & Table in Louisiana


This is a New Orleans favorite! They are located right in the French Quarter and walking distance from New Orleans favorite tourist spots. They offer lunch, brunch and dinner with drinks. They specialize in rustic colonial cuisine which is not only delicious but breathtaking to look at. Some of their unique cocktails include the Luck I’ve Had, Green Tree Phosphate and An Honest Friend.

4. Japps Since 1879 in Ohio


This phenomenal place located in Cincinnati offers cocktails dating back to the 1700’s. This bar was founded by Molly Wellmann who is well versed in the history of cocktails and is the head mixologist at this bar. This bar bans TV’s which allow customers to focus on the company, the cocktails and the ambiance. Residents and visitors to Cincinnati rave about this bar and the feeling you get when you enter. They truly offer an experience to go back in time both in drinks and in décor.

3. Whiteys in Massachusetts


They pride themselves on being Boston’s greatest dive bar! The photo on their front page shows the entrance to their bar and all the customers waiting to get in. This bar was featured in a film called the Dive. They offer cheap strong drinks and all the pool you could want to play. Their cheapest drinks include the Pabst Blue Ribbon at $1.50, Guiness at $4 or a Yuengling at $2.50. This bar is so chill and relaxed they don’t even care if you bring food from other places in while you enjoy your drink.

2. Dull Boy in New York


Besides the cocktails this bar offers $1 oysters! They are elegantly presented on ice and are recommended by a New York purveyor. They are also well known for their delicious fish & chips, burger, steak and renowned for their Bone Marrow Burger which you cannot find anywhere else. Their cocktail list is fairly short compared to some of the others above but the cocktails are finely constructed and well worth it. I recommend The Biddy which includes mezcal!

1. Founding Fathers Pub in New York


In Buffalo, New York this place will take you back in time to a much simpler moment in history. This building was built in 1874 and has paintings of our founding fathers decorating the walls. While here you can play some darts, participate in some trivia and enjoy some very delicious cuisine. Despite being around a lot of college hangouts it offers great conversation and mellow atmosphere. If you’re hanging out at the bar you get free nachos and popcorn!

Who knew bars still offered free food with your drink, and who knew that there was still a dive bar out there offering $1.50 brews? Wherever you find yourself in the U.S.A. there is a bar nearby with an interesting story to share, ambiance to feel and drink to try and Instagram about.

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