Top 10 Best Asian Airlines

When it comes to flying, you want to use an airline that can offer best luxury possible. You want to reach your destination feeling relaxed and comfortable. Here, we have compiled a list of Asian’s finest airlines. These companies will provide you with comfort and enough legroom to ensure that you are well rested before to alight. From Eva Airs to Garuda Indonesia, our list has them all. Let us take a look into why we think they top our charts:

Here are the top ten best Asian airlines

10. Eva Air –

Eva Air Top Most Popular Asian Airlines 2018

Hailing from Taiwan, Eva Air is well known for its little green and white lines that decorate exterior of the planes. It has been ranked by Skytrax on their list of top Asian airlines and now serves routes including Dallas, Chicago, and New York. Eva Air also travels with nonstop connections to Houston. Eva Air is highly affordable and offers nothing but comfort and luxury to all its passengers regardless of whether you are in economy class or first class. You will have an unforgettable experience – from their smooth ride to their exceptional services.

9. Malaysia Airline-


Malaysia Air is a leading member of the Oneworld alliance and currently offers no fewer than 114 international routes and 118 domestic routes across Malay Peninsula. For anyone planning to travel short haul, you will be highly impressed by their Golden Club Class business suites (which are a=only found on Airbus A330 – 300’s). Their economy seats have an incredible pitch of up to 34 inches making them list among one of the largest worldwide. For anyone travelling longer routes, Malaysian Air holds an A380 that has world’s widest girth first class seats. Granted that many people now steer away from Malaysian Aircrafts due the unforgettable incident that happened a while back- however you will not be disappointed by what this airline has to offer.

8. Garuda Indonesia –

Garuda Indonesia Top Famous Asian Airlines 2019

Garuda Indonesia recently undertook a complete makeover by placing orders for new aircrafts, planning all new and convenient international connections to Europe and United States and increasing flying frequency of their key routes each year. Now Garuda has made a name for its self and is a worldwide known airline that provides exceptional experience and comfort. Garuda holds a five-star rating from Skytrax and a top five place among best regional airlines, still from Skytrax.

7. Korean Air –


Korean Air, just as its name states is Korea’s international airline that flies to countless countries and provides customers with exceptional flying experience like never before. Travel in style as comfort as you experience their world-class service.

6. Asiana Airlines-


Asiana holds one of the most accomplished economy classes worldwide. It holds two former second place positions on Skytrax’s overall airline rankings. This company offers more than 100 transpacific routes, connecting South Korea with international cities such as Los Angeles and Chicago. Asiana not only cares for their passengers but also for the environment as well. This airline uses only rainforest friendly coffee beans and has also figured out a way to reduce carbon emissions in air, making it a company to watch. We believe Asiana still has a few tricks up their sleeves.

5. Thai Airways –


How many of us wish we could travel to this exotic place full of paradisiacal beaches and pearly white sands? If you are among the lucky few to have a privilege to travel to this legendary bucket list of so many people across globe, then you should definitely use Thai Airways. Thai has been expanding and refurnishing their fleet of planes and have added Boeing 787s, Airbus A350s, and even colossal A380s to their line up! These planes are fitted with modern technology and amenities that ensure every flier, regardless of their class received best value they can possibly get.

4. Hainan Airlines-


Hainan holds a record for fourth largest airline to hail from the People’s Republic. Skytrax has awarded Hainan multiple awards and its best known for its “cherished Experience”, as stated on their very inviting tag line. Hainan has since seen rise and has been on top ten regional airlines for Asia lists for a couple of years. Hainan has also won awards for best staff service in China and best business class comforts and amenities in 2014. If you have not yet heard the news, Hainan recently broke new ground by becoming first Chinese carrier to offer nonstop connections from Beijing to Boston!

3. Singapore Airlines –


Of course, Singapore Aircrafts had to make it to our top three list. Singapore Airways received yet another Skytrax commendation in 2016. It boasts a four-tier cabin service which rates at approximately $570 million! This company produces nothing but high class and quality service and amenities. Its interior suites are designed by Jean Jacques Coste – these suites received an award for most premium seats in the world. Singapore Air also has incredible and spectacular business cabins, not to mention a lineup of destinations across Asia and the rest of the world. You will be able to travel in comfort from Guangzhou and end up in Los Angeles and many other destinations.

2. ANA All Nippon Airways –


ANA All hails from Tokyo and we are proud to rank it as position two on our list of best airlines in Asia. This company delivers more and will exceed all your expectations. ANA All has been ranked at position two on Skytrax’s 2014 line up of world’s finest first class cabins. It has also been highly ranked and has received awards at Payload Asia Award and various other CAPA Aviation accolades. ANA All boasts an all new “inspiration from Japan” cabin structure that will take your breath away. It also comes inclusive of 180-degree business class flatbeds, private first class suites, and an AVOD entertainment system. Need we say more?

1. Cathay Pacific Airways –


Cathay Pacific is the leading airline in Asia. It holds a five-star rating and is among one of the world’s fastest growing carriers. Cathay Pacific is from Hong Kong and takes our top pick for best Asian airlines. These machines serve more than five separate continents and boast some of the longest air connections worldwide. Cathay Pacific is the only airline that has ever claimed first ever successful trans-polar flight route. If you are looking for luxury and class, then there is no better way to experience what Asia has to offer than by flying in their luxurious Cathay Pacific Air.

Ever used any of these airlines to fly? What was your experience? We would love to hear from you so do leave a comment below. Our conclusive list is made up of companies that offer nothing but luxury. You will be surprised by just how welcoming and comfortable you will be throughout. Granted that some of them are more expensive than others, but can you really put a price to your body’s comfort and some peace of mind? When it comes to flying, especially if you are planning to take on longer routes, you need to have enough room space where you are able to stretch your legs, and have a seat that provides good reclining area so that you can catch some sleep before you land to your destination. Cathay Airways is our number one pick. This is because you will have the best of them all – from room leg area to having access to longer routes without needing to wait for a connection, Cathay Pacific will reach your destination while ensuring that you receive nothing but the best.

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