Top 11 Strangest Japanese Inventions Ever

Japan is a country that is just full of the most amazing creative minds. From animes and mangas, to high tech advances in the field of robotics. That being said, there is also plenty of room for the development of invention and creativity. Below are some of the oddest inventions and products from Japan. Whether you are in the market for a slice of bread to sit on, or a fan for your chopsticks, there is a good chance, this list may have just what you are looking for.

Here are the Top 10 Strangest Japanese Inventions ever

11. Ten in One Gardening Tool


This highly unwieldy and awkward invention is designed as a swiss army knife, except with gardening tools. That’s right, shovel, pickax, rake, and trowel, are just but a few of the gardening goodies you’ll find in this sweet package of delights. No more leaving your little garden spade in the shed, and trekking back to get it. Now, all you have to do is simply hoist this rather large, heavy thingie around, locate your shovel and pry it open. By this time, it will be lunch and you will be too exhausted opening the thing to actually dig with it. But if you are interested in the 10 in 1 Gardening Tool, have at it.

10. Chopstick fan

Chopstick fan Top Most Strangest Japanese Inventions 2017

This is quite an interesting invention. Most people just love and adore their noodles, and other meals to be a little hot, but not scalding. I mean, no one wants to be scarred for life from a bowl of ramen. Well, it seems that an inventor actually came up with an idea to handle this minor life irritation of hot food, however impractical: Chopsticks that come with a fan attached, a little battery operated fan. The fan looks just like a regular oscillating fan, except it’s a bit smaller. Each chopstick comes with a fan attached and a little battery pack.

9. Shoe Umbrellas


This most fashionable accessory to add to your fall shoe collection, is a pair of shoe umbrellas. That’s right, shoe umbrellas that attach to your shoe, and are supposed to keep the rain off of your shoes. A little odd, to say the least, since rain usually blows and gusts with the wind, which will undoubtedly skirt right past these tiny little show umbrellas. But, if you’ve always dreamed of wearing the latest in miniature umbrella wear for your shoes, now is your chance.

8. Magnifying Glass with Stand Cigarette Lighter

Magnifying Glass with Stand Cigarette Lighter Top Popular Strangest Japanese Inventions 2019

Here’s one for all of you who are looking to return to the simpler days of yesteryear, when you set ants on fire with a magnifying glass. This rather clumsy contraption is way more bulky and unwieldy than a regular lighter or book of matches one would normally use to light a cigarette, not to mention you can only use it on sunny, cloudless days. Still, for those of you who wish to give this invention a try, it seems that you clasp your cigarette to a holder, and position it beneath the magnifying glass, and then fiddle around to get the best spot, so the sun can light it, which should take, oh, say, about 15 minutes, when that old fashioned lighter or match might take you about 15 seconds.

7. Toilet Paper Headgear


Line up, all of you who suffer from allergies and colds. Get up and stand in line for this one, because it may just suit you, then again I think not. This invention is designed with the cold sufferer or allergy sufferer in mind. Basically, you strap a roll of toilet paper to the top of your head, and whenever you feel one of those nagging little drips, you simply reach up and pull down some of that toilet paper, and blow.

6. Goggles for Slicing Onions


How about a propeller in your eyes? Well, that’s about what you’d be getting if you purchased this Japanese invention. Now, the simple way to avoid crying when you peel your onions, is to run them under cold water while you do it, simple and to the point. However, some people just are not into simple, and need a contraption to help out, which brings us here. These goggles have little propeller type fans attached to the side arms of the goggles. Supposedly, you flip the little guys on, and they proceed to blow away any onion irritation.

5. Fake Breast Milk Feeders for Men


We have all heard about the sympathetic pregnancy that some men go through. When their wife is pregnant, they sometimes develop symptoms that are similar to what their wives are experiencing. Well, this invention takes it up a notch or two. This invention is basically two fake, plastic breasts that are capable of holding milk. The dad fills the breasts with milk, attaches it to himself and proceeds to feed baby milk. Hey, takes all kinds.

4. Foot Powered Hair Dryer


Well, this one is really curious. We live in a world where blow dryers can be purchased on the cheap, so why would anyone want anything to do with this invention? Basically you wrap you wet hair up in this dryer cap, that has two long hoses attached. The hoses then go from the cap, all the way to these odd shoes. it’s the shoes that seem to power the dryers as you walk. Not only does it look a bit silly, but I’m sure it feels cumbersome and awkward to wear.

3. Sliced Bread Chair


For those of you who just like to avoid using your regular furniture, for like, whatever reason, you can now have the complete luxury of smacking down, right in the middle of your living room floor, on a slice of bread. Yes, you heard me: bread. Basically this is a chair, without legs, that sits on your floor and quite simply, just looks like a slice of bread. Why? I don’t know. This bread chair is adjustable as well. So if you’ve always wanted a chair that looks like a slice of bread, here is your chance.

2. Armpit Fan


Wearing deodorant got you down? Or are you looking for a way to just be a little more high tech about the whole body odor thing. Well, which ever way you look at it, this technological marvel is just made for you: The armpit fan. Easy to use, as you simply attach your little pit fans to the underside of your shirt, and proceed to aerate those damp little pits. No more spending a dollar for a stick of deodorant at the local corner store. Instead, you simple purchase these fans, attach and let the winds blow where they may.

1. Scream Absorbing Vase


Having a stressful day? Is life chewing at your heels? Then take a look at this next invention, the Scream Absorbing Vase. Indeed, it has been said that yelling a long, primal scream into the night, helps to alleviate the stress of the day. But how can you yell without being heard? Well, someone in Japan thought of that. For those days when you just can’t seem to get by without screaming an obscenity or two into a vase, we’ve got you covered. Simply lift the vase and scream into it, and all is well with the world.

There you have it, some of the more curious inventions found in Japan. Creative, unique and wonderfully fun and curious, these are part of our culture, our journey to seek out different ways to solve new and age old problems with a little flair and individuality. I think they’ve succeeded.

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