Top 10 Most Expensive iPhone Apps in App Store

iOS is a versatile operating system which has been created and sold by the celebrated tech organization Apple Inc. The applications which are produced to work in iPhones are known as the iOS Apps. The applications are put away in the App Store, from where the general population can purchase the Apps. First started in 2013 October, currently there are more than 1 million applications exhibited on the App Store. So let us just jump into the iOS world and check out ten of the most expensive apps and be sure to check them out, if you are interested.

Here is the list of Top 10 Most Expensive iPhone Apps

10. Barcelona vs. Madrid

barcelona vs madrid, Top 10 Most Expensive iPhone Apps in App Store 2018

Barcelona and Madrid are known for their extraordinary matches and frantic fan base. The two are among the most well-known football clubs from Spain. El-Classico is the name given by the fans when these two teams play a match against each other. The lone reason to build up this application is to fortify the sentiment a fan and make a lot of money doing it. The application has incredible realistic elements which will amaze its user. The application is evaluated around $350. This is the most expensive game in this list.

9. Tap Menu


The Tap Menu application is a unique picture-based application that helps us to make our own menu. It is broadly utilized at eateries and lodgings. The application helps the user to communicate with the hotels and make a customized menu that suits him. Thus eliminating the wastage of food. The cost of this application is around $350. In the long run, it saves a lot of money for its user.

8. Mighty Brace Pro


Mighty Brace Pro is an application made for children; particularly made with the intention of inculcating good oral habits among young ones. This application gives youngsters vivified video guidelines on eating habits and oral cleanliness. Mighty Brace Pro is an educational application. It makes learning a fun for both kids and the senior individuals. The application is evaluated around $499.99.

7. The Alchemist SMS


Try not to get it wrong, the Alchemist SMS is not a customized SMS sending app. SMS can be abbreviated into Scrap Management System. It is a utility application which people in the scrap Industry use to make a lot of profits by decreasing different type of expenses. It also helps people who are in the metal business. These expenses may include the cost of this application is around $499.9 and. Since having this app gets you a lot of profits in return. It is totally worth it. But to the normal population, this is utterly useless.



Much the same as Mighty brace pro, Even this application is made with an aim of spreading awareness among the general population about good dental habits. The organization built up this application mainly for Dental experts. The only reason this app is developed was to spread good hygiene among its user. It helps the dentists to clarify the patients about their conditions, medications, and techniques .Though it was developed for dentists, It can be used by the normal person as well. This application comes with price tag of $500. Which is a lot of money for a normal middle-class guy, but to a dentist, it is a must have. It is one amongst the Top 10 Most Expensive iPhone Apps 2017.

5. BarMax CA


This is a great educational app, especially for people who are trying to pass their Bar exams. One of the graduates of a law school built up this effective app. It offers complete California audit course and many other courses as well. The reason behind building up the application was to permit the general population to pick up learning at whatever point they need to. The cost of this application is $999.99. The price may seem too steep since a lot of apps offer the same content at a free cost.

4. VIP Black


This application is created with the sole motivation of arranging luxurious ways of life for rich individuals. The general population utilizing VIP Black get an exceptional treatment at all its accomplice scenes. So as to purchase this application, clients additionally need to affirm that they have cash or resources worth more than 1 million dollars. With the cost of $999.99. This app is additionally renowned as “The Millionaire App”. On purchasing this application you could literally change your lifestyle.

3. Alpha Trader


Alpha Trader is a stock exchanging application which is exceptionally intended for the population who are in stock markets. This application not only just gives common assets data, for example, present variation in money markets, additionally the connection between the assets, ordered resources and the hazard measuring information as well. With this application, we can reduce the loss that we may face, by following what it says. The cost of this application is around $1000. But you could make a hell lot more, with this application.

2. Agro


Agro is an application developed mainly for the horticultural reason. As the name demonstrates, it lets the client deliver and make sound nourishment to his agricultural produce.. Agro will make your agronomy-filled life somewhat less demanding. Agronomists can record their customer’s yields and any irritating pests tormenting them, email field examination gives an account as soon as possible, and get in contact with nearby product providers so they can assemble the fundamental chemicals early. This application would cost around $1000. For a normal household use, Agro may seem useless. But to an agriculturist, it is a dream come true.

1. MobiGage NDI


MobiGage is extremely useful in the manufacturing industry. This IOS app can be used for the inspection of manufactured parts and assemblies. Thus eliminating the defects of the manufactured products. It is mainly developed to connect the users with NDIMS (Northern Digital Industrial Measurement System). MobiGage Ndi is priced around $1000. It helps the manufacturers to save the reputation of their company, at a significant low cost. Thus with this we can conclude that MobiGage NDI is the most expensive iOS app that is currently available in the App Store.

This was the list of the Top 10 Most expensive iPhone apps available in the App Store 2017.

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