Top 10 Most Expensive Apps

The scope of apps were advent with the introduction of smartphones. Smartphone users can download a huge number of applications from Google Play and App Store which includes paid and free applications. Here we are discussing the paid applications that are offered by different engineers who trust that their applications must be obtained because of its unfathomable choices when various free applications are accessible.

So we traversed all of the stores to find the most expensive apps for both Android and iOS platforms.

Here is the list of the Top 10 Most Expensive Apps of the world

10. Peek

Peek Top 10 Most Expensive Apps 2017

This application was initially created by Jesus David Gulfo Agudelo, however, his nation didn’t bolster paid applications at the time. Francisco Franco wound up distributing the application at low cost. At the point when paid applications had strong foundations in Agudelo’s nation, he republished the application under his own particular name. To keep individuals from purchasing the application twice, Francisco Franco increased the cost of Peek to $200 and evacuated the free form. The official variant of the application isn’t accessible in the most of the countries, making the super costly Peek the one and only that US occupants can see. Overall It’s a very expensive iPhone app. But In certain countries, users can download the 2$ version. Thus it’s an expensive app with a loophole in it.

9. Boffo Fun Time Game Pax 2

Boffo Fun Time Game Pax 2 Top Most Expensive Apps 2017

At the cost of Boffo Fun Time Game Pax 2, you’d be in an ideal situation making your own game. $300 will give you get an accumulation of four games that are absolutely unremarkable. The designer is Ubiquitous Muffin, the similar studio that wrote the similarly unremarkable Water Globe. A “highlight” in the amusement is Clown Bop, which essentially requests that you punch a joker like looking punching sack. So this game is quite expensive for what you can do. The only thing that you are allowed to do is, punch him.

8. Agro

Agro Top Most Famous Expensive Apps 2018

Are you that kind of person who hates doing paperwork? , or somebody who likes to realize that everything has been automatically rounded off? In either case, the relevantly titled Agro will make your agronomy-filled life somewhat less demanding. For $300, agronomists can record their customer’s yields and any irritating pests tormenting them, email field examination gives an account as soon as possible, and get in contact with nearby product providers so they can assemble the fundamental chemicals early. Thus making your life a lot easier. As of now, it is only available on iPhone.

7. Secure Voip Calls

Secure Voip Calls Top Most Popular Expensive Apps 2018

On the off chance that you utilize your iPhone to make calls, particularly on the grounds that you don’t accept they’re sufficiently secure, Safe Session gives an extremely costly answer for your issue. This $300 application will ensure your telephone calls with voice encryptions, guaranteeing your discussions stay as secure as could be expected under the circumstances. There is one little issue, however receiving a call needs Safe Session installed on their iPhone. So you can’t stop once you get it on your iPhone, you must make sure that your friends and colleagues have it too. Those developers have a clever game plan.

6. Virtual Snow Globe App


Do you remember the snow globe that is available in the market?, For $350 you’ll get a computerized variant of that same ledge knickknack that you purchased for $15 in a local shop. The only difference is that you are allowed to customize a few factors of the Water Globe world, including snowfall and set the application to work as the lock screen on your iOS gadgets like iPhone and IPad.

5. Mobile Cam Viewer


This app can be availed on App Store for Iphone and Ipad. MobileCamViewer’s dashboard shows up to 25 cameras that you can control remotely from your handheld device. It even works with webcams and gives you the alternative of sharing footage specifically from your device. A yearly membership costs $350. It is one amongst the Top 10 Most Expensive Apps 2017.

4. The Most expensive app


There are really a huge amount of these “most expensive apps” manifestations, however, this stands out among its competitors. Like the vast majority of these applications, it is comedic and the application does actually nothing aside from showing a photo of a precious stone. Be that as it may, this specific application doesn’t demonstrate to you the jewel in the screenshots that are posted on the play store. Rather, the screenshots in the Google Play posting show content to demonstrate to you where the precious stone will show up on the off chance that you get it.

3. Abu Moo Collection


Engineer Abu Moo has taken costly to an entire diverse level. Rather than having one “most expensive application”, he has discharged a progression of six applications, each one of them hitting the roof with regards to cost in the Google Play Store. The applications are just names of valuable pearls. Each application accompanies a one by one estimated widget that does only demonstrate the jewel on your home screen. Let’s just say it, it’s just dumb.



DDS GP is made in view of dental practitioners and is intended to go with their clarification of conditions, medications, and techniques to patients. In case you’re not a dental specialist, this application isn’t for you, and that is not a direct result of the $500 asking cost. That isn’t to say the normal individual couldn’t download the application. This app is currently only available in App store for iPhone and IPad.

1. Gun Bros Apathy Bear In-app purchases


App designer Glu Games is famous for releasing costly additional add-ons to their games. GunBros is one of those amusements that can be played without spending a penny. You can pile on points to make in-game buys or you can spend lavishly on Apathy Bear, an extraordinary character that’ll cost you around $600. Apathy Bear will shoot 11 projectiles in at once and every slug will level a 4,000 point harm. This App is available for Iphone, Ipad.With a cost of $660 for a single add-on, without any doubt, GunBros Apathy Bear is the most expensive app of the year.

This was the list of the Top 10 Most Expensive Apps for 2017. It is very much advised that don’t go for any pirated or patched apps as that doesn’t give any justice to the hard work and effort of the App developers.

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