Top 10 Most Dangerous Weapons Ever Made in World

Living in the world that we are currently living in, there are bound to be a couple of reasons that people do not agree. The misunderstandings that occur as a result of the above may lead to people having fall outs and may result to war between different groups of people. This is what resulted in different groups forming and people making weapons either for the offense or the defensive party. The weapons that are made are either to harm or some are just for the scaring away of people that mean you harm. Some groups of people have taken this as a task for making weapons that are dangerous and can make great destructions to either humans or to their possessions.

Here is a list of some of the greatest and by far most dangerous weapons that were ever made

10. RPG (Rocket propelled grenade launcher)

RPG (Rocket propelled grenade launcher) Top Famous Dangerous Weapons 2019

This is one of the most dangerous weapons that was made in the current Soviet Union. The weapon was first introduced to the world in the year 1961 by a man that was known as Bazalt. The weapon has been in use since the year 1961 and is still currently in use in most of the wars that are still on going. The manufacturers for this weapon at the time of introducing was a company that was known as Bazalt and Degtyarer Plant. The company was responsible for the production of over 9 million pieces at the time. The launcher has the ability to fire effectively to a range of 200 metres and has a maximum capacity of firing to a distance of 920 metres away.

9. Accuracy International (AWM)

Accuracy International (AWM) Top 10 Most Dangerous Weapons 2017

In reality, this is a sniper riffle. The gun that is sniper in nature was first introduced by people from the United Kingdom. It was first made by a company that is known as Accuracy International hence the name. It was first introduced to the market in the year 1996 and since the day of introducing, it has been in use to date. There are two different pieces that were made namely the Winchester and the Lapua magnums. The two differ in terms of their weight and the firing ranges. The Lapua is heavier weighing 15.1 pounds compared to the Winchester that is 14.3 pounds. As a result of the weight it is more accurate having a firing range of 1500 metres away compared to that of the Winchester that is 1100 metres away.

8. Flammenwerfer


As the name suggests, this is a flame thrower in nature. The ammunition was used in the current day Germany in the years between 1935 to the year 1945. This was during the Second World War era. The gun was made by different companies within the same country. It was as a result used by the German army. It was quite heavy having a weight of about 78.9 pounds. It was as a result of this that it had a firing range that was about 30 metres away. The weight was as a result of carrying 3 gallons of a component called gasoline that acted as fuel for the flame. The gun had a tank that contained nitrogen and as a result was a propelling agent for the flame.

7. Schwerer Gustav


Just as the name suggests, this was a machine that was used and built in the current day Germany. The machine was a railway gun that was similarly used in the Second World War. It was built in the year 1941 and was used from this time to the year 1945. There were a total of 2 units that were built. The people that were responsible for this artillery were a company called Krupp. The machine weighed a total of 1350 tonnes. It had the ability to support 250 people whose work was to assemble the gun and this task took a total of 3 days. It also had to have 2 battalions on board at all times to protect it from any aerial attacks. It could fire to a range of about 47000 metres away.

6. Seawolf Class


This is a nuclear submarine in nature. The weapon was first introduce to the market by a country that is known as the United States of America. It was built through the years between 1989 to the year 2005. To date still in use. The submarine can survive under any conditions and as thus the period of stay in it is only limited by the amount of food that is contained within it. It has the ability to travel at a speed of about 37Km/hr while it is silent but under harsh conditions it can travel faster with the maximum speed rated at 65Km/hr. it has the ability to hold a total of 50 missiles that are Tomahawk in nature.

5. Nimitz Class Aircraft carrier


This war machine was used and designed by people from the current United States of America. It was commissioned on the 3rd of May in the year 1975. In terms of length, the aircraft carrier was a total of 332.8 metres long. The machine had the ability to travel as fast as 56Km/hr or even faster. It could carry a total of 5000 people or even more who worked within it. It had the ability to hold 85 to 90 helicopters as well as fixed wing crafts. The machine has the latest sensors as well as systems for processing to enable it control the crafts better.

4. Zumwalt class destroyer


This is a machine that is for guiding missiles to its intended targets. It was first introduced to the market in the year 2016. It had a length of about 186 metres long. The machine had the ability to hold a total of 140 men who act as the crew members. The machine can carry a total of 80 missiles that are Tomahawk in nature as well as other missiles from other companies.

3. UGM-133 trident II- SLBM


The people that were responsible for this amazing creation were the United States of America as well as the United Kingdom. The two ensured that the weapon was commissioned in the year 1990. The company that was responsible for the making of the weapon was one that is called Lockhead Martin Space Systems. The company started producing the weapon in the year 1983. The weapon could operate at a range of about 12000 km away from where it was launched. It could travel at a speed of about 29020Km/Hr. it also had the ability to receive updates via the use of GPS.

2. R-36M2 ICBM


The people from Soviet Union and Russia were also not left behind in the making of the missiles. The missile in topic was made by a company that is known as Yuzhny Machine Building Plant in the year 1974. The missiles that were built in this time have since been used to date. The missile in topic has the ability to travel at a speed of about 30 knots or even faster. It has the ability to travel to a distance of about 10200km to 16000km from the point of origin. It does not reach the ground as it explodes in the air causing massive damage.

1. TSAR Bomba


This is also another bomb that the people form the current day Soviet Union are responsible for. There was only one single unit that was built for this bomb. It was a thermonuclear bomb in nature. It was 8 metres long. The bomb was designed by a number of people namely: Andrei Sakhrov, Yulii Borisovich, Victor Adamsky, Yuri Smirnov, Yuri Babayev, Yakov Zeldovich and finally Yuri Trutnev. The above people fit a total of 57 Megaton TNT in one unit to act as a bomb.

All the above units have the ability to cause massive damage to property over wide ranges and some do not have to be fired from close range.

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